Tra Que Vegetable Village Hoi An – An interesting tourist destination

Tra Que Vegetable Village Hoi An , an eco-tourism destination that takes visitors from one surprise to another. If one day you are stressed and need to rest, go back to Tra Que Hoi An vegetable garden to recharge. Pocket good Hoi An travel experience .

Introduction of Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An

300 years ago, in Nhu Que village in Hoi An , there were famous herb gardens used to promote the king. That is Tra Que vegetable village today.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An is a large vegetable growing area up to 40ha . These are the same spices and herbs, but Tra Que vegetables have a special flavor than other vegetable growing areas.

 The secret lies in the soil and traditional farming methods of the people. Tra Que vegetables are fertilized with organic fertilizers made from algae and clean water from the Co Co river.

The closed farming process is environmentally friendly and very healthy. Therefore, visitors enjoy clean vegetables right at the garden.

Fun activities at Tra Que vegetable garden

You have a day at Tra Que vegetable garden in Hoi An , what will you do? Please use that time to participate in the following useful fun activities!

Visiting the vegetable garden

The vegetable village is large and planned by the villagers in a straight line. Between the vegetable gardens is a clean concrete path.

There are a lot of seasonal vegetables here. Visiting a vegetable garden is a way to enjoy a peaceful moment, inhaling the natural fragrance emanating from vegetables.

Farmer experience

For many adults or children living in the city, spending a day as a farmer is always an expected activity with an interesting experience. For tourists who used to be farmers, this is an opportunity to learn useful vegetable growing experiences.

Anyone can participate in the experience of being a farmer . The challenge is that you will have to overcome all the work of farming and growing vegetables of Tra Que people.

One day as a vegetable farmer in Tra Que vegetable garden, there was a drop of sweat and pain in the body. In return you get loads of fun and lots of useful lessons.

ake a virtual photo with a vegetable garden

Do you dare to take part in the challenge of taking virtual pictures in Tra Que vegetable village ? The virtual team will love this challenge.

What about those of you who don’t know how to take pictures? You also have a chance to win. Because in the vegetable village, there are many cool shooting angles . Even if you are not a professional photographer, you still have a beautiful picture. The main proof is here:

Take a cooking class

Hoi An cuisine brings the very own flavor and spirit of the people of Quang. Whether you like or dislike Hoi An food , join a cooking class at Tra Que vegetable village once.

For 5 hours, professional chefs guide you to make local specialties. These are pancakes, Quang noodles, chicken rice or Cao Lau and filter cake, etc. As a result, you have a hearty meal and cooking skills on hand.

What to note when traveling to Tra Que vegetable village

Some tourists come back from Tra Que vegetable village in Hoi An and think that the trip is not interesting, nothing to play. For many tourists, the trip is extremely fun. The secret lies in the following important notes:

  • Plan your trip in detail. In addition to the vegetable village, you can combine other attractions such as Hoi An old brick kiln and Hoi An museum during the day, return to the old town at night to drop Hoi An lanterns .
  • Visiting times are from February to August and in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Means of transportation to the vegetable village: bicycle if you stay in Hoi An ancient town (very cheap cost), motorbike or car if you go in a crowd. The distance from the old town to Tra Que vegetable village is only about 3km.
  • Prepare enough luggage but need to be compact (hat, sunscreen, personal papers).
  • Comply with the regulations of the tourist area.

Tra Que Vegetable Village Hoi An is not a new tourist destination, but an attractive destination, each visitor has his own way of discovering and experiencing. Vietnam Car Rental will help you.

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