Ticket prices for Han River cruises in Da Nang 2024

Taking a cruise to admire the city at night on the romantic Han River is an experience that tourists absolutely love every time they travel to Da Nang. Every evening, there are dozens of cruise ships operating, making it easy for you to choose to enjoy. However, there are currently many different types and prices of tickets for Han River cruises in Da Nang. Tourists should carefully research the reviews of Han River cruises to prepare if they intend to participate in this exciting activity.

The ticket prices for Han River cruises in Da Nang 2024 vary depending on the type.

Cruising on the legendary Han River will allow you to see a more sparkling and mystical image of the tourist destination Da Nang. If you want to admire and experience this beautiful city from a different perspective without standing on fishing platforms or on the riverbanks, try taking a cruise on the Han River. Imagine letting yourself float with the current and feeling the cool breeze from the river, you’ll feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Depending on each transportation company, the prices vary, ranging from 150,000 VND to 200,000 VND. Please see the specific prices for Han River cruises in Da Nang in the next section.

How much are the tickets for Han River cruises in Da Nang 2024?

The listed price for Han River cruises in Da Nang is 150,000 VND per ticket for adults, but if you contact the authorized distributor, you can purchase them at a discounted price of 120,000 VND. However, if you buy more than 10 tickets, the price will be further reduced to 100,000 VND.

Below this article, DanangPrivateCar.com will share with you reputable distributors and promotional prices for easy contact. Meanwhile, here are some interesting experiences when you go on a cruise that are worth considering.

Tickets for cruises on the Han River are divided into 2 types: tickets without dinner and tickets with dinner. Each type has its own characteristics, and of course, the prices differ.

The price of a Han River cruise ticket in Da Nang without dinner included will be 150,000 VND per person

The listed prices for Han River cruises

For cruises without dinner, there are usually 4 trips during the day, each lasting about 45-60 minutes. The ticket prices for Han River cruises set by the city of Da Nang apply to all ships:

  • For adults: 150,000 VND per ticket per person per trip
  • For children from 1 – 6 years old (<1.3m): 100,000 VND per ticket per person per trip
  • For children < 1m: Free of charge

The specific schedule of the cruises running during the day is as follows:

  • Trip 1: From 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM
  • Trip 2: From 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM
  • Trip 3: From 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM
  • Trip 4: From 9:00 PM to 9:45 PM

The ticket prices for Han River cruises with dinner

As mentioned, if you want to have a romantic and unique dinner experience, you can consider purchasing tickets for cruises with dinner, although the price will naturally be significantly higher. These cruises are designed luxuriously with restaurant areas, bars, and various dining tables (shared tables, private tables). The specific ticket prices are as follows:

  • For adults: 500,000 VND per ticket
  • For children aged 1 – 6 years old (< 1.3m): 350,000 VND per ticket
  • For children under 1m: Free of charge
If you want to have dinner on the cruise, the price will be higher

There are 3 dinner cruises each day, and each cruise lasts for 90 minutes. During this time, you can travel with family or friends, enjoy various dishes, have conversations, and admire the scenery to your heart’s content. The schedule for the cruises is as follows:

  • Trip 1: From 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  • Trip 2: From 7:45 PM to 9:15 PM
  • Trip 3: From 9:30 PM to 10:45 PM

Note: Based on my experience, with only 45-60 minutes, it’s best to spend your time sightseeing, taking photos, and capturing short videos for memories. Waiting for food to be prepared and eating will take up too much time, so having dinner before boarding the cruise would be more practical.

Ticket prices for Han River cruises in Da Nang include what?

The ticket prices for Han River cruises include: Boarding pass, seating, onboard entertainment programs, travel insurance, and food and drinks for tickets with dinner.

Ticket prices for Han River cruises do not include: 10% VAT if tourists require an invoice, food and drinks (for regular tickets), and additional orders (for tickets with dinner) are not included in the listed ticket prices. Personal expenses outside the program are also not included. Tourists should be aware of this to avoid confusion.

Where to buy tickets for Han River cruises in Da Nang?

Cruises are a booming tourism service in the city of Da Nang with dozens of cruises in operation. You can easily purchase tickets to experience this activity through the following methods:

Buy tickets for Han River cruises directly at the pier

This is a method that many people used to choose. Purchase Han River cruise tickets at the Da Nang cruise pier located at 34 Bach Dang, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, or at the Dragon Bridge tail area. There, staff will guide you to purchase tickets, then you can pay directly in cash or via bank transfer. However, note that sometimes you may have to queue, especially during major holidays or weekends when there is a large number of visitors, and tickets may sell out quickly if sold close to the departure time.

Purchase tickets for Han River cruises through the cruise website

To provide convenience for tourists and save time and transportation costs. Many cruises have built their own websites with online booking sections, where tourists can go to check and book tickets. Then receive an electronic ticket code via email or WhatsApp easily and quickly. However, this method also requires tourists to be somewhat tech-savvy.

Buy tickets for Han River cruises in Da Nang at authorized agents

Tourists have another option when wanting to purchase tickets for Han River cruises in Da Nang, which is to contact authorized agents. The advantage of buying from agents is that the prices are listed at the original price, and if purchased in large quantities, there will be attractive discounts. After purchasing the ticket, a ticket office staff member will deliver it to your location. Whether buying tickets at an agent or at a ticket counter, the quality is the same.

Buy tickets for Han River cruises at hotels

If tourists still do not feel comfortable buying tickets online or through agents, they can ask the hotel reception, homestay, or wherever they are staying for assistance. Many hotels now provide this service to meet the needs of tourists. Or if not, they will help you arrange ticket purchases. Buying at hotels will definitely be more expensive, with ticket prices fluctuating around 150k VND or a few tens of thousands higher.

Buy tickets for Han River cruises through VnCarRentals.com

When you use the private car service in Da Nang from VnCarRentals.com, our drivers will help you purchase tickets as quickly as possible. Additionally, our online support staff can also assist in purchasing tickets for you.

Tips for buying Han River cruise tickets in Da Nang

When is the best time to take a cruise on the Han River?

Han River cruises operate on all days of the week, so you can join in at any time. However, choose sunny days without rain, and it’s best to go on Saturdays and Sundays. This is because weekends attract more people, and both sides of the river are bustling with activity, with sparkling lights. Moreover, weekends offer the unique view of the Dragon Bridge spouting fire and water.

If you happen to go during the fireworks display, that would be ideal.

Whether you go on weekends or weekdays, the ticket prices for Han River cruises usually remain the same as the listed prices. Except for a few special occasions such as holidays, Tet, or days with international fireworks events, prices may increase slightly. The view from the cruise allows you to capture the beautiful fireworks displays. This is also arguably the most beautiful time.

Which cruise should you choose for a Han River cruise?

As mentioned, there are at least 10 cruises operating at the pier, ranging from budget to upscale, and some are newly established. With so many options, tourists have more choices and don’t have to worry about tickets running out as before. However, for a complete experience, you should choose tickets from reputable, high-quality cruise companies.

You should choose the cruise that has the best reviews from people

You can consider some of the most popular cruises nowadays such as Phu Quy cruise, Du Khang cruise, Han River Dragon cruise, Happy Land, etc. Each cruise will differ slightly in design, services, and itinerary. Ticket prices range from 120 to 150k VND. However, remember to research thoroughly before making a choice.

How to get to the Han River cruise pier in Da Nang

The cruises are permanently docked at the pier, and after purchasing tickets, tourists should move to the pier on time to start their journey. If you’re not sure which route to take to get to the Da Nang Han River cruise pier, here are some suggestions:

  • If coming from the airport, head straight to Nguyen Van Linh Street, go all the way to the tail of the Dragon Bridge. From there, turn left onto Bach Dang Street, drive about 1 km, and the cruise pier will be on your left.
  • If coming from the seaside, drive towards Vo Van Kiet Street, cross the Dragon Bridge, then turn right and drive straight for another 1 km to reach the cruise pier.

In addition, to save time and costs, using the private car rental service with drivers in Da Nang from VnCarRentals.com will meet all your needs. With a team of professional drivers with many years of experience, they will ensure you have the best trip possible.

Some interesting things when buying Han River cruise tickets in Da Nang

Perhaps travelers will be very surprised when with just a cheap Han River cruise ticket in hand, they will experience many interesting things that are not available everywhere, specifically:

Admire the most famous bridges in Da Nang

Da Nang is famous for its 4 “Four Great Masterpieces” bridges crossing the Han River, but viewing them from the riverbank is not complete. The cruise will take passengers gently gliding on the river to sequentially check-in and fully appreciate the beauty of these bridges. The bridges you will pass through are:

  • Han River Bridge: This bridge is used as the symbol of the city of Da Nang, as a pride of the locals. Although it is not too grand, it is very special because of its ability to rotate 90 degrees for boats to pass.
  • Dragon Bridge: Completed and inaugurated in 2013, the Dragon Bridge with its unique design of a giant golden dragon reaching out to the East Sea as if longing to reach out to the world of the people of Da Nang.
  • Thuan Phuoc Bridge: The largest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam, although quiet, its exquisite and modern beauty also attracts many tourists to admire.
  • Tran Thi Ly Bridge: Resembling a sail, Tran Thi Ly Bridge adds to the sparkling beauty of the livable city. This is also a famous tourist destination in Da Nang beloved by tourists.

SPECIAL: At 9:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday, when cruising, tourists also have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of the Dragon Bridge spewing fire and water continuously for 15 minutes from the best viewpoint. This is an activity that tourists find extremely exciting.

Watch the spectacular Cham dance performance right on the cruise.

Instead of going to My Son Sanctuary to see traditional Cham dances, just buying a Han River cruise ticket in Da Nang, you can enjoy it. Professional dancers will perform graceful and exquisite Cham dances together. Guaranteed, tourists will not be able to take their eyes off and will feel exhilarated, swaying and dancing along with the joyful music.

The graceful Cham dances captivate tourists, making it impossible for them to take their eyes off

Enjoy a romantic dinner with many enticing dishes

Most cruises on the Han River are designed like restaurants with dining spaces and small bars. Here, a variety of foods are served for you to enjoy freely. You can choose for yourself specialties of Da Thanh land such as rolled pork with rice paper, savory pancakes, Quang noodles, fish noodle soup,… or meticulously prepared fresh seafood. If you are traveling with family or loved ones and haven’t had dinner yet, then have a romantic dinner on the luxurious cruise ship, which will surely be unforgettable.

Relax and check-in with the vast scenery

Sitting on the cruise, you can admire the beautiful night view of the city while having time and space to relax and enjoy the breeze. The feeling of swaying on the river, watching the lights of the urban area or the bright buildings, restaurants, and bars along the river, and enjoying the cool breeze is indescribable. Especially, if you are a fan of “living virtually”, don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to check-in with many styles from the view on the cruise.

Moreover, there is also a program of singing for each other on the cruise, where tourists can participate in exchanges to make their trip more enjoyable.

Some other important notes to know when buying Han River cruise tickets in Da Nang

To enjoy a fun trip with family and friends on the cruise and avoid potential issues, before purchasing Han River cruise tickets, you should consider the following:

  • You should explore various cruise companies, compare prices and the services they offer, see which one is more affordable and convenient, and has good reviews from people before booking tickets. Additionally, pay attention to the operating hours and specific itinerary of each cruise.
  • Although the cruises are modernly designed, sturdy, and ensure absolute safety for passengers during the experience, it’s best to also adhere to general regulations. Remember to wear a life jacket from the moment you depart the pier until the end of the tour.
  • You should arrange to arrive at the port at least 15 minutes early to complete the check-in process to avoid missing the cruise. As the boats operate on a schedule and won’t wait for late passengers.
  • Limit bringing valuable items on board and keep personal belongings with you at all times to avoid them falling into the river or being stolen.
  • Prioritize wearing sandals, sneakers, and neat clothing, avoiding high heels or elaborate dresses to ensure convenient and comfortable movement.
  • Make sure to fully charge your mobile phone or camera to ensure it always has enough power to take photos without interruptions.

It can be said that with a Han River cruise ticket, you will experience the best services of the livable city at night. There’s nothing better than after a long day of exploring Da Nang, immersing yourself in the water to admire the scenery on both sides of the Han River, admire the legendary bridges, and breathe in the fresh, cool air… It’s cheap, so don’t miss this activity if you have the opportunity to come here!

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