Suoi Tien Hue – Wild, Attractive Tourist Area

Suoi Tien Hue is a famous place that more or less everyone has heard of. So, where is Suoi Tien, what is there? The most convenient way to Tien stream? What’s interesting here? Let’s explore this unique place with us!

Brief about Tien Phu Loc stream in Hue

Suoi Tien is one of the most popular streams in Hue ever, especially for tourists. When did the name “Fairy Stream” come from? From time immemorial, people have passed on the story of wild flowers by the stream. Flowers bloom beautifully and brilliantly, stretching over the rocks. It looks exactly like a fairy descending to earth with long, silky hair.

In 2020, Suoi Tien will be invested and repaired and built into a complex. Fully equipped area. There is both a yacht and a stream. Specifically, there are: 2 marinas, 2 waiting houses, 1 central food court, 5 motels and 9 spring beaches.

Geographical location of Fairy Stream in Hue

Suoi Tien has an address in Loc Thuy, Phu Loc, Thua Thien Hue. It is about 50 km south of Hue city center, Tien stream is hidden behind Thuy Yen irrigation lake, at the foot of Hai Van mountain. To reach the stream, visitors will cross the lake bed with clear blue water.

Looking at the photo above, you can imagine how splendid the whole Fairy Stream landscape is.

How to go to Tien Hue stream tourist area?

The road to Tien Hue stream tourist area is quite easy. From the direction of Hue to Da Nang, go through Phuoc Tuong tunnel about 500m and then turn right about 5km.

After that, we will go to Thuy Yen Reservoir, crossing the lake bed which is likened to “Little Ha Long Bay”. Finally, you will admire the beauty of Fairy Stream right in front of your eyes.

Besides, on the way there are signs to help visitors orient to enter Tien stream. Upon arrival, guests are picked up and served from the pier. Visitors can cruise on the lake, surf by canoe.

What’s so beautiful about Suoi Tien?

This is one of the beautiful streams in Hue with the most wonderful scenery, airy and peaceful environment. The bathing position is also suitable for both adults and children. Especially holidays and weekends. On weekends, the number of visitors here is quite crowded. If you go with a large scale, you can book in advance to serve groups of up to 200 guests.


What’s so beautiful about Suoi Tien? One thing is for sure that you will be extremely surprised and delighted to witness with your own eyes schools of fish, green rocks, colorful dragonflies, …

The feeling of setting foot in the stream is like being massaged, extremely relaxing and comfortable.

In addition, you can also explore upstream streams or natural forests. The red-leaf and yellow-leaf trees intermingled with the immense green of the mountains and forests… All of them are very clean, very beautiful, very unspoiled.

What’s delicious in Tien Hue spring?

Traveling to Hue, you can enjoy a lot of regional dishes here. In particular, you can enjoy specialty dishes such as eel, grilled chicken, stream fish, gecko, etc. Service prices here are also clearly listed, you absolutely do not have to worry!

And when coming to the stream in Hue, you can go along the stream to catch snails, fish… to process into unique dishes according to your preferences. What a wonderful experience, isn’t it?

How much is the Fairy Stream ticket?

The ticket price for Tien stream per person on a boat to Tien stream is 35,000 VND.

Fees are listed: Fees for transporting guests through the wharf and transporting guests across the stream by boat cost 30,000 VND/pax, insurance 5,000 VND/person.

In addition, keep motorbikes 2,000 VND, cars: 12,000 VND/car.

What should you pay attention to when going to Tien Hue stream tourist area?

If you are a thoughtful person and to add to the fun experience, you can also prepare your own food or buy ready-made ingredients for both cooking and entertainment here.

In addition, there are natural forests, streams, if visitors want to explore more, arrange to go during the day, go in large groups to support each other, minimize risks may happen.

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