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Speaking of Da Nang tourism , we will immediately think of a dynamic city, with countless interesting entertainment places and beautiful landscapes. Not only attracted by poetic beaches, luxurious resorts, but Da Nang also has amazingly beautiful virtual living places. One of them must be the 3D painting museum in Da Nang . So where is this museum located? How much is the ticket price and what’s interesting about it? Now we will explore together.

Overview of the 3D painting museum in Da Nang

3D Painting Museum is an extremely famous tourist attraction located at Lot C2 – 10 Tran Nhan Tong, Son Tra District, Da Nang City . This is the 6th member of the worldwide famous Art in Paradise Global family.

Da Nang 3D Painting Museum has an extremely large area up to more than 3000 square meters. The entire museum has more than 130 works of vivid 3D pages, divided into 9 different areas, each area will follow a special owner. To make these hundreds of paintings, nearly 20 artists from Korea had to work for many months.

Visiting the 3D museum in Da Nang , you will feel like you are lost in a vivid and colorful fairy world. Each picture is not only for viewing but also becomes the ideal virtual live background for you to release amazing albums.

How to go to the 3D painting museum?

Located very close to the city center, moving to the 3D painting museum in Da Nang is also quite easy. From the center, you keep going straight along Ngo Quyen street across Han River bridge. At the 3rd fork, turn left onto Chu Huy Man street, go through two more intersections and continue to turn right on Tran Nhan Tong street, run a little more and you will come to the 3D painting museum.

Ticket prices and opening hours of Danang 3D painting museum

The 3D Painting Museum is open from 9am to 8pm every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

Da Nang 3D Painting Museum, the ticket price is currently being applied at 90,000 VND / 1 person. Children under 1 meter tall will be free of charge.

Areas not to be missed at Danang 3D Painting Museum

Explore the museum’s first floor area

Topical Area – Virtual Image


The Topical virtual photo area is where visitors will admire and take pictures to check in with lifelike 3D paintings. It can be said that the artists are extremely ingenious when skillfully combining colors and light to create impressive and unique paintings that make anyone admire.

Classic – Classic Zone

The classic area is a delicate and ingenious combination between 3D space and visual art. That is the reason why this place is considered one of the most unique areas at the 3D painting museum in Danang . Here, you will be able to show your acting talent when creating pictures with vivid pictures.

Aqua Area – Ocean

All of the paintings sold here are ocean-themed such as aquariums, sharks, ships, etc. The special thing is that they all look like the real thing.

Safari area – wild animals

Stepping into the Safari area, you will feel like you are lost in the middle of a jungle. Surrounded by large-format paintings, with images of wild animals lifelike, make you excited and admiring.

Fantasy area – fairy world

If you want to go back in time to your innocent childhood years, come to the Fantasy area. There are dozens of paintings of famous fairy-tale characters in childhood.

Explore the 2nd floor of the museum

Egyption Zone – Ancient Egypt

Egyption is like a miniature Egypt. You will be free to admire vivid paintings or transform into a legendary pharaoh.

World Zone – the world

This area recreates a series of famous architectural works as well as natural attractions in the world.

Mysterious room

This is always an area that many tourists love when coming to Danang 3D painting museum . You will really be surprised when admiring the skyscrapers painted in an incredibly realistic way.

A few notes when visiting Danang 3D painting museum you need to know

  • The museum does not allow visitors to bring outside food in.
  • Remember to leave your shoes outside.
  • In each area, there will be instructions for beautiful shooting angles. You can follow along or feel free to pose the way you like.
  • In the museum there are many different colors. So you should wear bright colors to always stand out in each frame.

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