Review of Hon Kho island in Quy Nhon: A wild place with a strange attraction

Attracting tourists by its fine sand, clear sea and beautiful virtual wooden bridge, Quy Nhon Islet is becoming one of the hot tourist destinations in Binh Dinh. The following article provides some information about Hon Kho Quy Nhon island tourism , hopefully will be useful for you in your upcoming trip.

Where is Hon Kho Island in Quy Nhon?

About 20km from Quy Nhon city center, Hon Kho island or Hon Kho island is located in Hai Dong village, Nhon Hai commune. Along with Ky Co, Eo Gio and Cu Lao Xanh, this is one of the four tourist attractions that many tourists visit when coming to Quy Nhon. Google Maps

Instructions on how to move

After moving to Quy Nhon, you can choose from many vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, taxis or take a joint tour to go to Nhon Hai fishing village.

However, Quy Nhon’s weather in the summer is relatively hot, so you need to be careful when choosing a means of transportation.

From Nhon Hai fishing village, you can choose a boat or canoe to the island.

  • Going on a wooden boat is about 100,000 VND / 2 times, renting a private boat (10 seats) is about 500,000 VND / train / 2 times.
  • Joining canoes costs about 200,000 VND / 2 times, renting a private canoe (15 seats) is about 1,200,000 VND / 2 times.

Note: The time when many tourists can join the boat is from about 8-10am. Outside of this time frame, you often have to rent a private boat at a higher cost.

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The right time to go to Hon Kho island in Quy Nhon

According to Quy Nhon travel experience, the ideal time for you to visit Hon Kho Island is around March to September every year. This is the time to enter the dry season, with little rain, the sea is usually calm and calm.

What to do on Hon Kho Island?

Go to the beach

Going to Hon Kho Island without swimming is really a waste. The sea here is clear and jade green, the waves are light, so it is relatively safe.

After bathing, you can admire the wild and natural beauty of the island. Along the coast in Hon Kho is a beautiful long rocky beach. A lot of stone blocks scattered with different shapes and colors look eye-catching.

Dive and see coral

In the area of ​​Hon Kho island, there are many places to see beautiful corals, no less than Pineapple beach, Scar island in Ky Co – Eo Gio. Moreover, the diving location is not too far from the shore for visitors to save travel time.

However, you have to rent a boat to the island to see the coral, the price is about 350,000 VND / trip.

Coco Camp Experience

As one of the famous restaurants in Quy Nhon, Coco Camp owns an attractive sea view, beautiful decoration and delicious food.

Watch the sunset on the sea

Watching the sunset from the big rocks, from the beach or from the Cococamp restaurant mentioned above is extremely worth the experience.

Check-in the famous wooden bridge

The pictures of checking in Hon Kho island will become incomplete if you miss the wooden bridge on the island. The bridge is built on a large rocky beach, both rustic and strangely beautiful.

Beautiful road on the sea

When the tide recedes, a rocky cliff mixed with sand gradually emerges, creating a sea route of more than 500m leading from Nhon Hai fishing village to the extreme island. This is a sea road that is rarely found anywhere else. However, it is not always possible to see this mysterious sea route due to the water level rising and falling depending on the season.

Experience super speed canoe on the sea

As an activity that many tourists like to do when coming to the island, driving a speedboat will make you “coffee” and vent all your worries.

The price for this experience is about: 200,000 VND/time

What to eat when traveling to Hon Kho Quy Nhon?

Cuisine at Hon Kho Island is also a highlight in the island discovery trip. Seafood on the island is extremely rich, diverse and quite fresh.

Do not miss the attractive dishes to mention such as: sea urchin eaten raw with mustard, grilled sea urchin with salt and pepper, sea urchin porridge, grilled sea urchin, etc. sweet and rich.

Where to stay on Hon Kho Island?

Usually, visitors to Hon Kho Island will have a day of experience, after that, will return to Quy Nhon city to rest and explore the next places.

However, if you want to experience the night of sleeping on Hon Kho island, you can choose Hon Kho island homestay :

  • Nhon Hai Horizion Beach

Address: Hai Nam village, Nhon Hai beach, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh

Tel: 098 330 01 02

  • Here Home

Group 5, Hon Kho, Hai Bac village, Nhon Hai commune, Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh


Tel: 093 367 77 64

Hon Kho island tour Quy Nhon

Tour 2 islands Hon Kho – Cu Lao Xanh 1 day

  • 07h30: From Quy Nhon city to Nhon Hai. Crossing Thi Nai Bridge, you can check in
  • 8:00: Arrive at Nhon Hai fishing village. Put on a life jacket and prepare to get on the boat to the island
  • 8h20: Get on a canoe to Cu Lao Xanh island to visit Thao Nguyen rocky beach – Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse – National flagpole
  • 11:00: Return to Nhon Hai fishing village for lunch
  • 13h00: Get on a canoe to Hon Kho Island; Check-in the way to cross the sea, diving to see corals and swimming
  • 16h: Get on the canoe back to the mainland. After that, if you still have “”power”, move to Eo Gio to explore.

Note when traveling to Hon Kho island

  • If you get seasick, remember to bring medicine
  • The sun in the central region is quite intense, you should wear sunscreen.
  • There are many mosquitoes at night, please pay attention to bring and use mosquito repellent
  • ID card is a necessary document for you to deposit a boat or rent a motorbike.

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