Explore the Paradise Cave in Quang Binh with its incredibly majestic scenery

Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is one of the attractive destinations for this summer. If you are planning to travel to Quang Binh and want to explore the enchanting beauty of this cave, let’s discover more details with VnCarRentals.com’s in the article below.

Overview of Paradise Cave, Quang Binh

The opening time of Paradise Cave

The tourism activities at Paradise Cave started in 2009. Since then, it has been the most visited attraction in Quang Binh province.

Where is Paradise Cave located?

In addition to large caves like Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is also considered one of the caves in the Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park ecosystem. To reach this cave, you need to travel along the western branch of Ho Chi Minh Highway for 16 km to Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province.

The enchanting beauty of Paradise Cave in Quang Binh

Paradise Cave was discovered by experts from the British Royal Cave Association in 2005, with a length of 31.4 meters. It is regarded as one of the beautiful caves in Quang Binh due to its vast and intricate cave formations, as well as the stunning natural landscape surrounding the cave. Paradise Cave officially opened in 2009 and has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Ideal time to visit Paradise Cave

Quang Binh is a province in the North Central region, and its weather is influenced by the tropical monsoon climate. The climate here is divided into two main seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. According to VnCarRentals.com, the ideal time to explore Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is from early April to late August. This period falls during the dry season, providing dry and sunny weather, suitable for travel and outdoor activities.

Ticket Prices for Paradise Cave Exploration

The ticket prices for exploring Paradise Cave are considered reasonable and affordable. The specific details of the ticket prices for Paradise Cave are as follows:


  • 250,000 VND per person per entry

Children with a height between 1.1m and 1.3m

  • 125,000 VND per person per entry

Children with a height below 1.1m

  • Free of charge

How to get to Paradise Cave

Most international tourists often choose to fly to Da Nang or Hue before seeking transportation to Paradise Cave. Here is a guide from VnCarRentals:

From Da Nang and Hue to Quang Binh

  • Quang Binh is approximately 360 km from Da Nang and about 180 km from Hue. If you are coming from Da Nang or Hue, you can use various transportation options such as cars, motorcycles, or public transportation to get to Quang Binh. You can find more details in the article on how to get from Da Nang to Phong Nha, Quang Binh.
  • Additionally, for a quick and comfortable journey, you can use the private car rental service in Da Nang provided by VnCarRentals.com. With fast service and door-to-door transportation, it will ensure the most comfortable trip. Book your private car trip from Da Nang to Phong Nha or Car Rental Hue to Phong Nha today.

From the Center of Quang Binh to Paradise Cave

  • After arriving in Quang Binh, you can use local transportation such as taxis, private cars Rental in Quang Binh, or tourist shuttle services to reach Paradise Cave.
  • The travel time from the center of Quang Binh to Paradise Cave may take around 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.

Note: Renting a car or using private car can be a convenient option for freedom of movement and exploring the surrounding areas.

What makes Paradise Cave, Quang Binh, so appealing?

Paradise Cave is formed by the ancient karst geology, dating back 350-400 years. The cave has a small, moderately sloping entrance. Upon reaching the cave floor, you encounter a cave bottom area approximately 15 meters long, adorned with sparkling stalactites. As you proceed further into the main cave, you experience a vast space with a width of up to 200 meters, high and broad vaulted ceilings.

The cave is acclaimed as the longest dry cave in Asia

It’s no wonder that this cave has garnered so much attention. The beauty of Paradise Cave has long been praised by prestigious magazines worldwide, such as CNN. Let’s explore what makes this cave so captivating with VnCarRentals.com.

Conquering over 500 stone steps

To officially visit Paradise Cave, you must ascend more than 500 artificial stone steps. These steps wind around the mountain ridge, leading to the cave entrance. These steps were constructed after the cave’s discovery to make it accessible for many people. Due to the challenging and distant path to the cave, Paradise Cave continues to attract more and more travel enthusiasts.

The pathways made of stone are extremely sturdy

Crossing the underground river

After conquering the 500 stone steps, you need to navigate the cave by using available kayak boats. These boats come with guides to steer and ensure a fascinating and peaceful boat ride within the large cave.

The underground river system inside is incredibly long and wide

Exploring the impressive stalactite system

Stepping into Paradise Cave, you will be impressed by the sparkling beauty of stalactites and stalagmites that have existed for thousands of years. Diverse formations and sharp angles reflect light throughout the cave, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The cave’s vault is adorned with beautiful layers of stalactites, promising moments of tranquility and relaxation.

The deeper you go into Paradise Cave in Quang Binh, you will be able to admire countless unique stalactite formations

Notably, the cave features cultural symbols of the region and various stone formations representing terraced fields, Champa-style stalactites, and unique structures like the Quang Han Palace, where stalactite blocks cascade like a curtain. Additionally, the Lotus Tower showcases distinctive shapes, each providing a unique perspective. These formations are considered rare and captivating, formed by irregular water droplets.

Exploring the Skylight area in Paradise Cave, Quang Binh

When visiting Paradise Cave, you also have the opportunity to explore the Skylight area. This is where the earth meets the sky, and you’ll feel the warm, bright rays of sunlight penetrating through the cave ceiling. Don’t forget to include this location in your travel itinerary.

What could be more wonderful than the feeling of sunbathing inside a large cave, right?

What sets Paradise Cave in Quang Binh apart from other caves?

Paradise Cave possesses several distinctive features that make it stand out within the cave community. This cave is highly acclaimed by experts for the following characteristics:

  • It is the longest dry cave in Asia, with an artificial wooden bridge system spanning its interior to ensure safety during cave exploration.
  • The 1000m-long wooden bridge system is also recognized as the longest cave bridge in Asia at present.
  • The cave is adorned with sparkling and enchanting stalactite and stalagmite formations, which many experts consider to be the most beautiful in Asia.

Notes when exploring Paradise Cave

  • When traveling to Paradise Cave in Quang Binh, it’s advisable to bring a camera and a flashlight if you wish to capture beautiful moments during the cave exploration. Additionally, as this is a natural ecological area, there are no eateries or restaurants. Therefore, prepare some drinking water and light snacks to sustain yourself during the cave experience. Also, bring cash, necessary personal items, and identification documents for ticket purchases at the entrance. Furthermore, during the tour, pay attention to the following:
  • If you visit Paradise Cave during the rainy season, bring a flashlight, move slowly to clearly see the stone steps, and avoid slipping. If you have small children, carry them and observe them carefully.
  • Be mindful of general hygiene, do not litter inside the cave to prevent environmental pollution and preserve the beauty of the tourist area.
  • Ensure good, stable health and the ability to withstand the deep, dark space for an extended period.
  • Wear shoes or sandals with good traction for easier movement. Avoid wearing cumbersome or entangling clothing.
  • To make the trip complete, consider booking a hotel in advance for the most comfortable rest.
  • Additionally, you can also explore the beautiful Nhat Le Beach in Quang Binh.

Paradise Cave in Quang Binh is truly a mystical and captivating cave, perfect for those seeking a unique experience. More than just a large cave, Paradise Cave is a destination with many mysteries and fascinating aspects waiting for you to discover. VnCarRentals.com’s hopes that you will have a joyful and comfortable journey at this tourist spot.

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  1. […] Paradise Cave, with a length of over 31.4 km and varying in width from 30 to 100 meters, boasts its widest point at 150 meters. The cave’s height from its floor to the ceiling ranges from approximately 60 to 80 meters. Recognized by the Royal Cave Association of the United Kingdom as the longest dry cave in Asia, Paradise Cave is one of the most spectacular caves explored by expeditions worldwide. Its magnificent and enchanting structure leads explorers to imagine a celestial realm within our earthly plane. […]

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