Cable Car Ticket Prices for Fansipan Sapa 2024 Latest Promotion Information.

Conquering the “roof of Indochina” has always been a dream for many, especially for travel enthusiasts and adventurers. This aspiration becomes even more attainable with the operation of the Fansipan cable car, making the journey to the glorious peak simpler than ever before. With the ticket prices for Fansipan cable car, people of all ages, from the elderly to young children, can set foot on this legendary mountain summit.

A Brief Introduction to the Fansipan Cable Car.

Construction of the Fansipan cable car project began in November 2013, taking nearly 3 years to complete and officially opening on February 2, 2016. The project was designed and constructed by the Sun Group conglomerate. The modern 3-rope cable car system, along with a fleet of 33 sturdy cabins, can transport 2,000 passengers per hour.

Each cabin is designed with 6 tempered glass sides for a vivid view and can accommodate between 30 to 33 passengers at a time. The architectural lines and decorative details inside the Fansipan station are a miniature representation of the culture of the Northwest region. This harmonious blend was carefully crafted by the world-renowned architect Bill Bensley through indigenous motifs of the local people.

The modern 3-rope cable car system can transport 2,000 passengers per hour.

After its inauguration, the Fansipan 3-rope cable car system achieved a Guinness World Record as the longest 3-rope cable car in the world, with a total length of 6,292.5 meters from Mường Hoa Station to the peak of Fansipan. The Fansipan cable car is considered one of the world-class projects and the first of its kind in Asia.

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The Best Time to Visit Fansipan Peak.

The weather at Fansipan changes throughout the day, experiencing all four seasons, making any time of the year suitable for conquering the “roof of Indochina.” However, the beauty of Fansipan varies depending on the season, and each traveler may have their own preferences.

According to travel experience in Sapa, the best times to visit Fansipan with the driest weather and minimal rainfall are from February to April or from October to December. However, the choice ultimately depends on personal preferences, as the summer season offers a more spacious view from the summit, while visiting during the coldest winter days showcases the mountain covered in beautiful snow.

Fansipan can be conquered at any time.

Sapa experiences four distinct seasons throughout the year, each with unique vegetation that adds to the beauty of the Northwest mountains. Lucky visitors who take the Fansipan cable car during the spring when the water flows and the rhododendron flowers bloom across the hills can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Northwest forest flowers and the hard work of the local people. On the other hand, those who visit during the autumn when the rice fields turn golden will be captivated by the cascading terraced fields.

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How to Reach Fansipan | Various Ways to Conquer Fansipan.

To reach the “roof of Indochina,” travelers used to be mainly young and physically fit individuals who could trek through the forests and streams to reach the summit. However, since the Fansipan cable car system was put into operation in 2016, people of all ages, from the elderly to children, can easily reach the summit by cable car.

Each method of reaching Fansipan offers a different experience and sense of accomplishment, depending on the traveler’s preferences. However, for a great and safe experience, most travelers choose to take the cable car to the summit.

Conquering Fansipan by Hiking.

Exploring Fansipan by hiking is a challenge for many adventure enthusiasts who want to conquer it with their own two feet. Those who choose to hike typically start their journey early, around three hours before dawn, in cold and dark conditions to reach the summit before the cable car opens, experiencing the thrill of conquering the highest point in Indochina alone.

Many young people choose mountain climbing as a way to conquer Fansipan.

The hiking journey can take either 2 days and 1 night or 3 days and 2 nights, depending on the group’s fitness level. Hikers can choose the route via Tram Ton Pass for a quicker ascent or the trail passing through Sin Chai village, which offers beautiful scenic views along the way.

Local H’mong guides often accompany hikers on this journey, and hikers need to carry camping gear, food, and warm clothing for overnight stays in the forest. Before embarking on the journey, hikers should train their fitness and prepare their supplies to ensure a successful and fulfilling trek.

Taking the Cable Car to Fansipan.

Conquering Fansipan via the cable car takes only 20 minutes compared to the nearly 3-day hike and costs 750,000 VND for the ticket. Travelers can reach the cable car station using three transportation methods of their choice. One option is to walk for about 30 minutes from the Stone Church towards Thac Bac Road, then turn at the Thac Bac intersection onto Nguyen Chi Thanh Road. Alternatively, travelers can rent a car or motorbike for a 10-minute ride, with service prices ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 VND.

The cable car is the fastest mode of transportation

Additionally, to reach the cable car station, travelers can choose to take the Mường Hoa train, experiencing the first mountain-climbing train in Vietnam while enjoying the safe and enjoyable view of the Mường Hoa Valley.

To reach the Fansipan cable car station, travelers have three transportation options, each offering a unique experience and feeling tailored to individual preferences. However, to reach the summit of Fansipan, travelers need to purchase cable car tickets, and if you haven’t already, you can find detailed ticket prices and additional support information in the section below.

Fansipan Cable Car Ticket Prices | Latest Update 2024

Currently, Sun Group’s service offers two pricing tiers for the Fansipan cable car, one for tourists from outside the province and a discounted rate for residents with a household registration in Lào Cai. Similarly, this discount pricing structure is also applied to the Bà Nà cable car in Đà Nẵng by the Sun Group conglomerate. Compared to the costs and challenges of trekking to the top of Fansipan, the cable car prices are much more affordable while ensuring safety and providing travelers with a panoramic view of Cat Cat village and the terraced fields of Sapa. Below are the latest cable car ticket prices for various types of travelers:

Ticket prices at Sun World Fansipan Legend are applicable from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024

Fansipan Cable Car Prices for Non-Province or International Tourists:

Unlike the discounted rate for residents with a household registration in Lao Cai, the cable car prices for non-province or international tourists are higher. However, compared to the costs and challenges of hiking to the roof of Indochina, the cable car prices are quite reasonable, offering safety and an enjoyable experience. Here are the specific cable car ticket prices for non-province tourists:

  • Adult ticket price: 800,000 VND.
  • Children between 1m – 1.4m in height: 550,000 VND.
  • Children under 1m in height: Free of charge.

Fansipan Cable Car Prices for Lao Cai Residents:

In order to encourage local tourists, Sun Group’s service implements discounted cable car ticket prices for residents with a household registration in Lào Cai. Below are the cable car ticket prices for different age groups of Lào Cai residents:

  • Adult ticket price: 550,000 VND.
  • Children between 1m – 1.4m in height: 350,000 VND.
  • Children under 1m in height: Free of charge.

Muong Hoa Mountain Railway Ticket Prices:

Introduced as a new tourist attraction in 2018, the Muong Hoa Mountain Railway quickly attracted a large number of travelers visiting Sapa, eager to experience this unique journey. Traveling by mountain railway reduces the distance to Fansipan station to just a 6-minute journey, with a one-way ticket priced at 100,000 VND. This is known as the “6-minute magical journey” that brings visitors closer to the summit of Fansipan and offers a breathtaking view of the Muong Hoa Valley.

The Mường Hoa mountain train is a means of transportation that offers you many experiences.

Fansipan Mountain Railway Ticket Prices:

Named after a beautiful flower that blooms in Sapa during spring, the DO Quyen Railway Station is also the name of the mountain railway station on the top of Fansipan. After the cable car journey, travelers will continue their ascent with a 600-step climb to reach the highest point in Indochina. For those who prefer not to trek, there is an option to take the mountain railway at a ticket price of only 70,000 VND per one-way trip.

Quick and Cost-Effective Ways to Purchase Fansipan Cable Car Tickets:

There are several convenient ways for travelers to purchase cable car tickets to Fansipan. Tickets can be bought directly at the ticket counters at the station or through the convenient and cost-effective online ticket sales platform of Sun World Fansipan Legend. Additionally, tickets can also be purchased at various restaurants and hotels with ticket-selling support.

Moving up with the mountain train costs only 70,000 VND per one-way ticket.

What Will You Experience When Buying Fansipan Cable Car Tickets?

Setting foot on the summit of Fansipan is a big goal and a dream for many who aspire to conquer it at least once. Now, travelers only need to sit in the cabin and enjoy the scenery, as the cable car has made the journey to the “roof of Indochina” much more accessible. For just 750,000 VND, anyone, whether young or old, can experience this dream.

On the cable car journey, you will have the opportunity to admire the landscapes of the Northwest mountains and forests.

When purchasing the Fansipan cable car ticket, travelers will also experience the transportation provided by the 3-rope cable car system, which holds a Guinness World Record. Sitting inside the cabin with its 6 tempered glass sides provides a vivid view of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the cable car allows travelers to admire the scenic beauty of the Northwest mountains and the mist-covered town of Sapa, offering an ideal panoramic view from above.

Some Tips When Taking the Fansipan Sapa Cable Car.

During the cable car journey to conquer Fansipan, there are some important considerations for travelers to ensure a complete experience and maintain their health.

  • Avoid carrying too many unnecessary items or luggage when taking the cable car, as it can be tiring and uncomfortable.
  • Prepare warm, thick clothing with high collars because it gets very cold at the summit of Fansipan. Consider bringing a convenient raincoat as well, as there is often thick and damp fog at the summit.
  • Wear comfortable athletic shoes to reduce fatigue, keep your feet warm, and facilitate movement.
  • When riding the cable car, stay seated to enjoy the scenery and take souvenir photos. Do not move around, jump in the cabin, or open the ventilation window, as it can be dangerous and cause the cabin to shake.
  • If you’re afraid of heights, try to look straight ahead and avoid looking down, as looking down from the cabin at the high altitude can induce dizziness.

With this information,’s has shared everything you need to know about Fansipan cable car ticket prices and related details for your journey. We hope that these tips will be helpful and contribute to an enjoyable trip to Fansipan, fulfilling your dream of conquering the peak.

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