How much is the ticket price of Tam Coc? Latest Update 2023

Tam Coc is famous for its poetic beauty of rolling mountains, charming rivers, beautiful caves and unique ancient pagodas. Many tourists like to come to Tam Coc not only to admire the romantic natural scenery but also to discover the long-standing cultural values. You are also planning to go to Tam Coc but don’t know how much is the ticket here? Join Vietnam Car Rental to discover the latest Tam Coc ticket prices as well as interesting things here.

About Tam Coc

With its moving beauty, Tam Coc is known as “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong” or “Ha Long Bay on land”. Tam Coc belongs to Trang An – Tam Coc landscape complex, a dual world heritage recognized by UNESCO, and also ranked as a special national monument by the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Previously, this place was the sea, later under the natural erosion of the waves created strange shaped cliffs, so it was named Tam Coc, meaning three caves.


Tam Coc scenic spot is located in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province , with a large area, up to 350.3 hectares. This place impresses visitors with its peaceful beauty, captivating people. The highlight of Tam Coc scenic area is the magnificent caves with unique shapes. The poetic natural scenery with soft roads, winding around the limestone mountains, looking out at the charming mountains will surely leave you with an unforgettable aftertaste.

Ticket price to visit Tam Coc

Tam Coc ticket prices will vary depending on your age and the service you choose.

  • Ticket price for adults is 120,000 VND / person / time.
  • Ticket price for children under 1.4m tall is 60,000VND/person/way.
  • Children under 3 years old will be free of charge.


If you want to rent a boat to fully explore the caves and ancient temples, it will cost 150,000VND for a boat. One boat can carry 4 Vietnamese and 2 foreigners.

  • For domestic guests, adding a 5th person will be surcharged VND 40,000 for adults and VND 20,000 for children.
  • For foreign guests, the 5th person surcharge is VND 75,000 for adults and VND 35,000 for children.

How to get to Tam Coc

Tam Coc is about 100km south of Hanoi. Therefore, you can choose many means of transport to come here such as cars, motorbikes, coaches. If you choose to go by car, you should follow the Ninh Binh – Hanoi highway. When crossing Day river, you turn right, follow Tran Nhan Tong street to DT491C street. Continue moving along this road and you will reach Tam Coc.


If you choose to ride a private motorbike, you go in the direction of National Highway 1A through Phu Ly and then turn right onto road 491. Go to the roundabout crossing Sao Khe river, turn right to enter DT491 street, keep going straight, you will reach there. Tam Coc. To save money, you can choose to take a bus at Nuoc Ngam, My Dinh, Giap Bat and Luong Yen stations. When you arrive at Ninh Binh bus station, you can hire a taxi to get to Tam Coc or rent a motorbike for 100,000 to 120,000 / day.

What’s attractive about Tam Coc tourism?

After finding out about Tam Coc ticket prices, you should also discover what attractive this place has to prepare for the upcoming trip.

Take a cruise to discover Tam Coc

To visit all the places in Tam Coc tourist area, you have to go by boat. Cruises in Tam Coc are currently exploiting main routes such as Van Lam wharf – Ngo Dong river – Tam Coc route, Xuyen hydrodynamic route, Thach Bich route – Nang valley. With cruise lines in Tam Coc, you will depart from the central wharf.


When taking a Tam Coc cruise, you will be able to go down the romantic Ngo Dong River and admire the famous caves here. The scenery on both sides of the river will change according to the rice season, including green rice, ripe rice and silver water season. The poetic riverside scene combined with the clear water reflecting the mountain makes the space of Tam Coc more fanciful and beautiful.

Explore caves and ancient temples

Tam Coc tourist area includes 3 caves: Ca cave, Hai cave and Ba cave, formed by Ngo Dong river flowing through limestone mountains. Ca cave is the largest cave, has a cool climate and many eye-catching stalactites. Next is Hang Hai with a length of about 60m and Cave Ba with a length of 50m. Each cave will have a different shape, honed by nature like a sophisticated sculpture of a talented artist.


On the way to the cruise, you will discover Thien Huong Cave in the middle of Dong Vo mountain. Passing through the cave, you will visit the shrine dedicated to Tran Thi Dung, wife of King Ly Hue Tong. Besides, you also have the opportunity to visit the peaceful and pure Thai Vi Temple. This is the place to worship King Tran Nhu, King Tran Thanh Tong, General Tran Hung Dao, Tran Quang Khai, etc.


Experience when coming to Tam Coc tourist area

When coming to Tam Coc tourist area, in addition to finding out Tam Coc ticket prices, you also have to pocket the following experiences:

  • You can travel to Tam Coc in the spring for spring sightseeing or temple festivals at the beginning of the year.
  • If you want to avoid the crowded time and mainly enjoy the natural beauty, you should go in the ripe rice season around May and June to enjoy the space filled with yellow.
  • To admire and take pictures of Tam Coc from above, you can talk to the boatman so that they can stop at a convenient place for you to climb the cliff.
  • When sailing, you are required to wear a life jacket and avoid playing around to ensure safety.
  • You should depart early in the morning to avoid the hot sun. Don’t forget to bring a hat, hat, sun visor, sunscreen.
  • It is recommended to wear flat shoes, sports shoes or soft sandals for convenient movement and visit many places

Tam Coc is always an ideal destination for those who are passionate about the peaceful natural scenery as well as the ancient beauty of the Vietnamese people. Hopefully the information about Tam Coc ticket prices will help you have a complete trip. Don’t forget to follow Vietnam Car Rental for more useful travel information!

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