How is the weather in Ba Na Hills like four seasons in 24 hours?

Finding out information about Ba Na Hills weather is the preparation for the most complete Ba Na Hills trip. So, what’s so special about the weather at the top of Chua Mountain that is different from other places? Check out the article below!

General special features of Ba Na Hills weather

Possessing a number of nearly 1487m above sea level, combined with a temperate climate, the weather on Ba Na is cool all year round. Here, the highest temperature is around 25-30 degrees Celsius and the lowest is only 0-2 degrees Celsius, it seems cool and lower than Da Nang city center 7-8 degrees Celsius.

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With such Ba Na Hills weather, it often appears mists with the unique beauty of Ba Na mountain peaks. In particular, the distinct appearance of two seasons:

  • Rainy season: from October to February (solar calendar) the weather seems to be colder, rainy and surrounded by fog.
  • Dry season: from March to September (calendar) it seems that this is the right time for tourists to do a cheap 1-day Ba Na Hills tour with extremely pleasant and cool weather.

Discover Ba Na Hills weather in 24 hours

If visitors choose the Da Nang tour to Ba Na in the dry season, they will fully explore the four-season weather in 24 hours here.

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Good morning to a beautiful sunny morning like spring

In the early morning, the temperature here is about 14-16 degrees, the humidity is high, so there is fog surrounding the mountain like spring. The scene at this time is hidden and now looks mysterious like a fairyland.

When the sunlight began to appear gradually, somewhere green sprouts of pine buds appeared. Until 9am is the time for you to enjoy the impressive climate and beautiful photos.

Ba Na weather at noon is like the summer sun changing

By noon, the sun was somewhat shining, melting the dew drops on the branches. It is likened to a summer that comes after a chilly morning.

The afternoon sun is somewhat hotter than the morning, but not as harsh, mainly at 19-24 degrees. This is the right time for visitors to enjoy playing, exploring and checking in.

Autumn comes when the shadow is late

The weather started to turn to Autumn and suddenly there were gentle breezes passing by. The scenery is somewhat quiet, suitable for visitors to have the opportunity to walk and watch the sunset gradually fall.

Hunt for photos right now on Ba Na to get many beautiful albums like pictures. It can be said that the extremely beautiful scenery makes visitors flutter and bewildered.

Ba Na weather at night like Winter comes

When the sun gradually disappears, it is when the night covers the top of Chua mountain, adding a bit of chill like the cold winter. The cold at this moment seems to penetrate each layer of skin, mixed with the beauty of the shimmering lights, creating a sense of peace and a little more romance.

Many couples, or small families choose to stay overnight on Ba Na to enjoy and give each other a sweet evening together. What are you waiting for without doing a trip to Ba Na?

Suggest some tips to make the trip to Ba Na more attractive

Probably, the tourist trip of tourists has many great differences before the trip to admire the beautiful scenery of 4 seasons in 1 day on Ba Na. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare carefully for the journey of discovery, contemplation and experience.

  • Update the weather here to choose the right time for your trip
  • Clothing is the key to taking the best photos
  • Prepare some more cosmetics and accessories to suit the weather of Ba Na Hills
  • Full power electronic devices to record the good memories of the trip

The above article, suggests to visitors the weather of Ba Na Hills to have a perfect travel trip here. Refer to Ba Na tourism articles for more information before departing for the journey. Hope everyone has the best trip!

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