Experience going to the Zoo and Botanical Garden – the park has many amazing VIRTUAL LIVE corners

Zoo and Botanical Garden is known as the largest zoo in Saigon. In recent years, this zoo has become a tourist destination that is both cheap and beautiful. Let’s find out with Vietnam Car Rental to see what’s interesting inside the Zoo and Botanical Garden !

Where is Botanical Garden located? 

In the heart of crowded and noisy Saigon, the Zoo and Botanical Garden is considered a green lung of the city. This place is located right on Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, the center of District 1, so it is often visited by many people. Previously, this park seemed to have been forgotten, but few people would have expected that, since the reopening of the Zoo and Botanical Garden, it has quickly become an attractive tourist destination, especially for tourists. young friends.

Where is Botanical Garden located?


Instructions on how to move to the Botanical Garden

There are quite a few ways to get to this park. The simplest way is that you can use personal vehicles such as motorbikes and cars. With personal vehicles, you park your car at the side gate (100m from the main gate). Prices range from 5 to 20k depending on the type of vehicle.


In addition, to avoid rain and sun damage to your vehicle, you can also choose to park your car inside the cellars of apartment buildings near the Botanical Garden. Or you can also hire a taxi or Grab. If you want to use public transport to protect the environment, you can refer to the following bus routes:

  • Bus route number 05: Cho Lon bus station – Bien Hoa bus station
  • Bus route number 06: Cho Lon bus station – Nong Lam University
  • Bus route 14: Mien Dong Bus Station – Mien Tay Bus Station
  • Bus route number 19: Ben Thanh – VNU HCMC
  • Bus route 42: Cau Muoi Market – Thu Duc Farmers Market
  • Bus route number D1: September 23 Park – Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Bus route number 52: Ben Thanh – VNU

All of the above bus routes go through the Zoo and Botanical Garden, the fare is only from 7 to 10k / person. Please note, the bus lines only operate until 9pm.

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Ticket prices and opening hours

Ticket prices for the Zoo and Botanical Garden in 2021 are updated as follows:

• Adults and children over 1m3 tall: 50,000 VND
• Children from 1m to 1m3 tall: 30,000 VND
• Children under 1m tall: Free


In addition, the park also has many ticket incentives for students and students. With a group of over 20 people and wishing to hire a local guide to explain more about the park, the rental price is also very “cheap”, only about 100 – 150k / time. You can directly contact the hotline: (028) 3910 0885 for support and more details!

About opening hours, currently the Zoo and Botanical Garden will be open from 5 am to 18.30 pm every day of the week from Monday to Sunday and not closed on Public Holidays and New Year’s Day.


What’s attractive inside the Botanical Garden?

Visit the only zoo in Saigon

Currently, Zoo and Botanical Garden is not only a zoo but also the largest plant and animal conservation park in Saigon. Here 1300 animals are raised in a large campus. It is noteworthy that there are many rare species such as yellow-cheeked gibbon, clouded leopard, star pheasant …


In addition to animals, the flora at the park is also very rich with more than 900 different species of plants. Up to now, the park has more than 2500 trees. The Zoo also has an area for raising wild animals such as Indochinese Tiger, Bengal White Tiger and Lion… At 3pm every day, visitors can admire the park’s staff feeding these wild animals. . The scene will be extremely special with the image of them instinctively grabbing food.


Watch exciting shows

At Zoo and Botanical Garden, there are 2 special and free shows that you should not miss. That is:

  • Music performance: usually takes place at the main stage on Saturday and Sunday from 10am. Only on Sundays, there is also a concert at 4 pm at the main stage
  • Elephant show: at 9am every Saturday and Sunday. On New Year’s Days, the organizers will have an extra show at 2pm in the elephant sanctuary.


Look at the cute mini animals

In the Zoo and Botanical Garden, there is a garden dedicated to super cute baby animals such as lambs, baby goats… This is the area that receives great love from young people. Especially every Saturday and Sunday, this garden will be open for free from 8 am to 14 pm. This is an opportunity for the little ones to experience playing, petting and feeding the little animals. It can be said that this is an extremely rewarding and impressive activity.


See the rich flora

As mentioned above, the Zoo and Botanical Garden owns more than 2500 trees, including a huge system of hundreds of years old trees. Therefore, on hot summer days, these trees shade an area. This is also an ideal place to both avoid the sun and admire the rich flora.


Another impressive information is that Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden is a conservation place for plants and animals with the 8th longest life expectancy in the world. The plants here are not only for sightseeing, shading but also very useful for the study and reproduction of green trees by botanists.

Countless magical virtual checkin corners

As a place shady with trees, it has countless virtual living corners. Make sure you have thousands of likes on social media. Because the campus is green,Vietnam Car Rental advises you to choose contrasting colors such as red and yellow with many textures to highlight. Or if you want a classic photo, you can choose a white, beige or brown suit. Check out the awesome photos below:




Note when going to the Botanical Garden

When traveling here, you should keep a few things in mind:

  • Bring drinking water and insect repellent cream
  • Bring hats, umbrellas, especially for families with young children
  • Do not throw garbage indiscriminately, damaging the environment
  • Do not tease, throw stones, or throw garbage at animals, especially wild animals
  • Respect the rules of the park management.


With some of the above information, Vietnam Car Rental wishes you to have a fun visit to the Zoo and Botanical Garden with family and friends!

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