Hanoi Creative City – An extremely cool place to ’cause a fever’ for young Hanoians

An extremely prominent destination that makes young people “break out” and is making a splash on social networking sites today is Hanoi Creative City . This is an address that is not too new to young people in Ha Thanh, but the interesting thing here never stops. Let’s explore with VnCarRentals.com to see what’s so special about this place!

1. About Hanoi Creative City

Hanoi Creative City is a model of creative and artistic ensembles. Referring to Hanoi Creative City, we can imagine two words: personality and rebellion. For those who are followers of photo check-in, this address must be saved right in the virtual living notebook. Group photography here is also a smart choice. Surely, the pictures after “out of the oven” will make you fall in love.

With the aim of becoming the first creative arts center in Hanoi. This is the place where many organizations, businesses, individuals, products and services gather, and even the most outstanding activities of Vietnam’s creative industry. Many guests who come to visit and experience here have had deep impressions.

2. How to get to Hanoi Creative City?

Because in Hai Ba Trung district, the way to move is quite easy and convenient. You can use Google Map to go to Hanoi Creative City building at 1 Luong Yen. You will easily recognize when right outside the amusement park has stood out with many beautiful colors and vivid shapes.

For those from outside the province who want to move to Hanoi Creative City, you must first arrive in Hanoi. You can choose to travel in many ways such as plane, car, passenger car, etc. Depending on the distance or proximity and individual economic conditions, choose for yourself the most convenient means of transportation. .

After being present in Hanoi, now moving to Hanoi Creative City will be much easier. You can rent a motorbike or a car afterwards to experience driving on the streets of the capital. Or if you don’t want to have to drive yourself, you can hire a taxi. For students, students with limited financial resources can take the bus. It’s both convenient and extremely cheap, right?

3. Space at Hanoi Creative City

Hanoi Creative City was built on a large scale in a 20-storey building surrounded by many amusement parks. From a distance, the building stands out with its graffiti stretching along the side of the wall, facing outwards. The outside space is a “creative square” with many special programs. Besides, there are coffee shops, drinks made from containers.

From the 1st floor to the 3rd floor, there will be a combination of fashion and art areas. Particularly on the 4th floor are Golden Gate’s restaurant chains. In which 3 main brands are Gogi House, Kintaro Udon and Daruma. And the place that is expected to attract the most young people is the indoor play area on the 6th and 7th floors. With a modern design style and vibrant colors, Hanoi Creative City is an impossible place. more wonderful for you in the upcoming occasion.

4. What’s attractive about Hanoi Creative City?

Some entertainment activities

Coming to Hanoi Creative City, you will have the opportunity to experience extremely interesting entertainment activities. The outside space will be the place for children’s activities such as playing to he, painting, painting, painting statues, tram cars, slides, etc. There are also animal mask products with many shapes for sale. different for the little ones to choose freely.

This is also the place where street artists perform. Bringing viewers extremely unique works that are not “in touch” with anywhere. The colorful art version of the stairs. Or the Amsterdam neighborhood is one of the creative and highly artistic works here.

In addition, at the indoor play area on the 6th and 7th floors, extreme sports are also organized. For young people who are passionate about discovery and love to conquer, this is an ideal place. In which, artificial climbing and skateboarding are two subjects that are “hunted” quite a lot. In particular, all are always guaranteed for safety, so you can comfortably play without worrying.

The booths at Hanoi Creative City

Speaking of Hanoi Creative City, it is definitely worth mentioning the colorful and multi-style stalls here. The chain of stalls stretches with a lot of products for you to see and choose to buy. The prices here are also very reasonable and fit the pocket of many customers. For students and students who are looking for “beautiful – unique – strange” items at a “chestnut” price, you should not miss this place.

The most popular are fashion stores and accessory and jewelry stores. The first impression when you come here is a lot of diverse and unique models. Most of all, they are all so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off them. Not only for women, but also for men. From young to old, from modern to traditional, there is enough. If you buy it as a gift for a friend or relative, it will be very meaningful!

5. What to eat when coming to Hanoi Creative City?

After having fun, remember to drop down to the lower floors to do a “food tour” to warm your stomach. Special food stalls from many parts of the world. It will definitely help you experience the most unique and attractive culinary flavors.

Those who are “addicts” of Udon noodles must definitely visit Kintaro Udon. This is a famous brand for thick noodles that are processed in many different ways. For those who love Korean barbecue, visit Gogi House. This dish is very popular with young people, the taste is even more undisputed. And finally, Japanese food at Daruma. Here you will enjoy delicious food at extremely cheap prices. Guaranteed to finish eating will make you full and go home to see.

In addition, at Hanoi Creative City, there are also many cafes, bars, fast food shops, etc. Helping you to rest and relax after a long time playing and experiencing. It promises to be a great place to stay. What are you waiting for, come here to experience it right away.

6. Some notes when coming to Hanoi Creative City

  • In Hanoi Creative City, there is an extremely spacious and comfortable parking area for cars and motorbikes. So you can safely park your car here without having to go far.
  • The space of the play area is very large, with a large capacity to serve the entertainment and entertainment needs of families and groups of friends. So you don’t have to worry about running out of space.
  • However, on holidays and weekends, it will be quite crowded. If you arrive late, there is almost no parking space left. And it will be a bit troublesome when you have to park your car elsewhere.
  • The amusement park is open from 08:00 to 22:00 on weekdays. However, on days with events or concerts, they will open later than expected.
  • There are a lot of fun and entertainment activities here, so you need to have a reasonable “schedule” to be able to experience all the activities here!

Above are the basic information about Hanoi Creative City that VnCarRentals.com wants to send to readers. If you are still wondering about this place, try to visit and experience it!

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