On the first day of the Lunar New Year, during the Tet Nguyen Dan celebration, vibrant fireworks displays are undoubtedly an essential part of the festivities. So, where and when will the Lunar New Year 2024 fireworks take place in Danang? Let’s find out together with’s right now.

Location of Fireworks for the Lunar New Year 2024 in Danang

Bach Dang Square

  • Address: Intersection of Binh Minh 6 – Bach Dang Street, Danang

This year’s fireworks schedule to welcome the Lunar New Year will take place at three locations, including Bach Dang Square. The program is set to start at midnight on February 10, 2024, to mark the New Year’s Eve. The square is located next to the Han River on Bach Dang Street, so you can choose a spot across from Tran Hung Dao Street or near the bridges such as Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, or Dragon Bridge to enjoy the most beautiful fireworks.


Alternatively, high-rise cafes, hotels, and restaurants with distant views are excellent choices to witness the fireworks during Tet. Celebrating the New Year’s Eve with your family, watching the spectacular fireworks displays, will be a meaningful moment for the first day of the year.

Area within the Kim Long Nam project

  • Address: East of the Administrative Center of Lien Chieu District

For those residing in remote areas of the city, such as Hoa Khanh, you can come to this location to celebrate the New Year’s Eve and watch the fireworks. This area is also close to Nguyen Tat Thanh Beach, making it convenient for you to choose a beautiful spot. The fireworks display is scheduled to begin at midnight on February 10, 2024.

Administrative Center of Hoa Vang District

The third fireworks display location for the Year of Wood Dragon 2024 celebration in Danang is the administrative center of Hoa Vang District. It is an excellent venue for residents of Hoa Vang who prefer not to travel to the city center. The program will create a colorful atmosphere at the stroke of midnight, taking place on February 10, 2024.

In summary, the fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve will occur at three main locations as mentioned above, evenly spread across the city for the convenience of residents. This ensures easy mobility and allows people to choose a beautiful spot to celebrate Tet with their loved ones while enjoying the fireworks.

Suggestions for Beautiful Fireworks Viewing Spots for Lunar New Year 2024 in Danang

In addition to the three predicted locations for the Lunar New Year 2024 fireworks in Danang mentioned above, you can consider some other fantastic spots to admire the fireworks:

  • Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Dragon Bridge, and Han River Bridge: These three bridges are free-of-charge locations to watch the fireworks and offer incredibly impressive views. From atop these bridges, you can enjoy watching sparkling fireworks in various vibrant colors light up the sky.
  • Memory Lounge: This is a unique restaurant and bar located along the Han River. With spacious surroundings and breathtaking views, Memory Lounge is undoubtedly one of the top places to watch fireworks in Danang.
  • Sky 36: This rooftop bar provides an open space with a direct view of Nguyen Van Troi Bridge. Here, you can easily observe the fireworks without any obstructions blocking your view.

Some important notes when going to watch fireworks in Danang:

  • Maintain a safe distance when watching fireworks to protect your eyes (it is advisable to stay at least 200 – 500 meters away from the fireworks location).
  • Safe Viewing Locations: Choose approved viewing locations that are ensured to be safe for spectators by local authorities. Avoid restricted or dangerous areas.
  • Traffic Conditions: Check the traffic situation before moving to the fireworks viewing location. Plan ahead to avoid congestion and ensure you arrive on time.
  • Food and Drinks: Bring enough food and drinks to sustain you throughout the waiting and fireworks-watching period. If you arrive early, consider bringing a picnic.
  • Public Transportation: If possible, use public transportation to reduce traffic load and difficulties in finding parking.
  • Personal Safety: Always prioritize personal safety. Avoid places with signs of danger and adhere to basic safety rules.
  • Fully Charged Mobile Phone: Bring a fully charged mobile phone for communication or emergencies.
  • Weather: Check the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear such as raincoats or warm clothing depending on weather conditions.
  • Organizer’s Notes: Regularly check announcements and notes from the event organizers regarding any changes in schedule or location.

hope that, with the information provided in the article, you have been able to somewhat envision the areas and locations for the Lunar New Year 2024 fireworks in Danang. Don’t forget to use the private car rental service with drivers in Danang from’s for the best experience in Danang.

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