Binh Ba Island is singing more and more about the beauty and “playability”, this place is known as “the island nation of Lobster”. If you want to change the atmosphere and find a quiet place, this is the place with fresh air, beautiful scenery, captivating thousands of tourists.

Coming to Nha Trang Tourism, Binh Ba Tourism is a perfect choice for those who love to explore the sea and islands. It possesses unspoiled charm with clear blue beaches and long stretches of white sand. Along with an extremely rich culinary background, bringing many wonderful experiences. That is the reason that this “lobster island nation” is chosen by many families and young people to explore for weekends and holidays.


Binh Ba is a small island located on Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa. 20km from the mainland and 60km from Nha Trang city. If we want to go to Binh Ba island , we must go to Ba Ngoi port. Ba Ngoi Port is 15km from Cam Ranh airport.


The most ideal time to go to Binh Ba Island is from February to July of the year because there is no rain at this time and the sea is calm. If you go in October and November because it is rainy or stormy, the sea is rough, the water is cold, so it is not convenient to move outside the island as well as to visit, explore, take pictures.



It is the favorite and only destination on Binh Ba island where you can watch the sunrise. The scene of the sun gradually rising and red in the sky, creating an extremely poetic and romantic scene in the early morning.


Nom Beach

As the most beautiful and widest beach on Binh Ba island , this place is often chosen by tourists as an ideal stop for swimming and walking on the pure white sand. Here you will enjoy the fresh air and enjoy immersing yourself in the clear blue sea.


Old House Beach

This place is famous for its dense coral reefs and the clear blue of the sea. The water here is so clear that just sitting on the shore and facing down, you can admire all the green and rich beauty of the sea and islands when you see schools of small fish frolicking on the seabed.


Turtle Island

It is called Turtle Island because when viewed from afar, there is a small rocky outcrop protruding into the sea that looks exactly like a turtle swimming towards the ocean. This is a beautiful sight in Binh Ba Island but usually people only see Turtle Island from above. At this coordinate, you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Cam Ranh Bay.


Swimming in the sea to see the coral

If you have traveled to Binh Ba island without swimming, it is a mistake to be with nature. If you want the most comfortable swimming, Nom beach is a great choice for you. The sea water here is clear, clean and cool.

The coral here is very diverse and rich, very beautiful, colorful with many fish species living to create an extremely interesting picture under the sea.

Scuba diving is an activity that many tourists are most eager to experience when coming to Binh Ba Island. Says diving to see the coral but actually you don’t need to dive, just wear a life jacket and lie on the float, wear swimming goggles and face down in the water to be able to see, the water is so clear that you can see its color and shape. Or at that time you are lazy and do not want to go into the water, you can go to Bai Nha Cu, when the tide is low, you will see coral reefs exposed in the sun, spoiled for viewing. However, this way is unlucky and not as interesting as diving.


Water motorbike

This is a thrilling fun activity on Binh Ba island that many tourists participate and enjoy. The way to tame is not too difficult, so you can get used to it and tame it in a few minutes. Experience this exciting game with your family, relatives and friends, it will definitely make you feel excited when you can control the motorbike yourself and surf the waves.


Banana float

A banana-shaped float that will be pulled by the canoe will give you a very refreshing feeling when you are surfing on the sea surface at high speed.


Rent a motorbike and explore Binh Ba island

You can rent a motorbike to explore the whole island of Binh Ba from sunrise to sunset. There are many places that will give you very beautiful views and a full view of Cam Ranh Bay, watching Turtle Island, coastal patrol boats, small fishing boats, old relics such as bunkers, magic gun pedestals public, mountainside tunnels…


Catch seafood yourself, prepare and enjoy

On Binh Ba island, there are many restaurants and eateries, but many tourists still like to fish for fish, shrimp, squid… and process them into dishes that they have caught themselves.




Binh Ba Island is also known by many people as the lobster island nation because on the island there are many households raising this type of shrimp. Lobster here is very big and delicious, there are many ways to cook lobster such as baking, steaming, boiling, cooking porridge but the best is still grilled. When grilled, shrimp meat is very chewy, sweet and fragrant, making sure you will remember its rich flavor forever.


Grilled scallops with onion fat

Shellfish is a type of seafood that contains many nutritious ingredients that are good for health, has the effect of enhancing flexibility, providing energy for the body. There are many types of oysters, but the easiest to find on Binh Ba island is scallops. This type is grilled with onion fat, adding a little roasted peanuts, making sure you can’t resist.


There are also other types of seafood such as steamed crabs with very firm and delicious meat, sweet and fragrant fried squid, grilled snails with fat, onions, salt and pepper, sea urchins…

Apricot fish salad

The apricot fish salad is very elaborately processed, in order to get a delicious salad, one must choose really fresh fish, just caught in the sea. Then remove the bones and re-wash with vinegar, mix with herbs, onions, roasted peanuts.


Seafood pancakes

When traveling to Binh Ba, you will enjoy seafood pancakes filled with shrimp and squid. Crispy, hot seafood pancakes, when eaten can be eaten with rice paper or eaten without, dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce, herbs and sliced ​​mango. The sweet and crunchy taste mixed with the sour and spicy taste in each piece of cake will make you remember forever.


Seafood cake

Banh Can in Binh Ba Island is not the same as Banh Can in other places. The cake here is soft, fleshy, greasy and still has the aroma of fragrant rice. Next is the cake, Binh Ba island cake has 4 basic types of fillings: shrimp, squid, egg and anchovies. This is the second best snack when traveling to Binh Ba island, even more delicious when served with minced mango, herbs and sweet and sour sauce.


Grilled rice paper with fish sauce

Grilled rice paper is available everywhere, but grilled rice paper with fish sauce is only available on Binh Ba island . Rice paper here uses sesame rice paper, flexible and fragrant, when baked, it is crispy. To have a delicious grilled rice paper with fish sauce, it must go through many stages and need many ingredients such as eggs, scallions, butter, pate, fried onions, chili sauce, fish sauce. The grilled rice paper here is very special, it has fish sauce, so it is very fragrant, adding a little spicy and fragrant chili fish sauce is extremely good.


Binh Ba salted lemon

Lemon is not grown on Binh Ba island, but thanks to a separate processing, it creates an attractive Binh Ba salted lemon dish. Salted lemon is not soaked in whole fruit, but sliced ​​very thinly, soaked with salt and sugar, left in the jar for about a month until the salt and sugar mixture dissolves, penetrates deeply, and blends in with the lemon flavor. A cup of salted lemon is very simple, just take 2 tablespoons of salted lemon, add water, add ice and that’s it, but everyone will love it, especially on a hot summer day.



– Binh Ba is an important military area, so foreigners are not allowed to visit even Viet Kieu.

– When traveling to Binh Ba island, you need to bring identification documents.

– When going to the island, you will definitely swim in the sea, so don’t forget to bring swimwear, swimming goggles, sunscreen, and hats.

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