The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is an impressive destination for art enthusiasts. Let’s explore the unique architecture and countless intriguing secrets inside this museum with!

Introduction to the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Where is the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum located?

  • Address: 78 Le Duan Street, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.
  • Opening hours: 08:00 – 17:00
  • Contact phone number: 0236 3865 663
  • Website:

Established on July 29, 2014, the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is a place dedicated to preserving and showcasing the artistic heritage of numerous artists from the Central Highlands and Central Vietnam regions. Currently, it exhibits over 1,000 artistic works ranging from folk to modern art, attracting a large number of tourists visiting Da Nang.

The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is a place dedicated to preserving and safeguarding the artistic heritage of countless artists

Since its establishment, the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum has received a myriad of valuable artworks and artifacts from various painters and sculptors. Therefore, it is not only a regular tourist attraction but also known as a place for artistic exchange and camaraderie among the art community.

Entrance Ticket Prices

Reference ticket prices: 20,000 VND/person (Students: 10,000 VND/person;)

Note: These are reference ticket prices as updated by as of January 2024 and may be subject to change on holidays and during Tet (Vietnamese New Year).

Free admission for the following groups:

  • Individuals eligible for cultural enjoyment benefits as stipulated in Article 2 of Decision No. 170/2003/QD-TTg dated August 14, 2003, by the Prime Minister regarding “Cultural Enjoyment Benefits Policy.”
  • Persons with disabilities holding a disability confirmation document according to the provisions of Decree No. 28/2012/ND-CP dated April 10, 2012, by the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of certain provisions of the Law on Persons with Disabilities.
  • Elderly individuals as defined in Article 2 of the Law on the Elderly, being Vietnamese citizens aged 60 and above.
  • Individuals under 18 years old.

Directions to Get Here

Getting to the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is not too difficult. You can travel by motorcycle, car, or choose public transportation. Below is the route to the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum that you can refer to for a smoother journey. Please note that the museum closes at 5:00 PM, so it’s advisable to arrive early to have enough time for exploration and “Instagrammable” check-ins.

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Explore the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum – What’s Interesting?

Floor 1 – Exhibition Space for Modern Artworks

The Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is divided into three floors, each with the purpose of displaying various art pieces. With an area of up to 390 square meters, the first floor is designed with spacious surroundings. Here, a multitude of modern artworks is exhibited, covering themes related to life, livelihoods, the land, and humanity. The genuine beauty and simplicity of the Vietnamese people are vividly portrayed through each piece of art.

Floor 1 of the museum exhibits various contemporary artworks

In addition, the first floor also features a special short-term exhibition area that is particularly appealing to children. This section displays award-winning artworks from various national children’s painting competitions. Consequently, the first floor often attracts young visitors interested in exploring these exhibitions.

Floor 2 – Display of Unique Artworks

As the repository and exhibition space for five modern art themes, the second floor of the museum leaves many visitors in awe from their first step inside. Built on an expansive area of 412.5 square meters, the second floor showcases numerous unique lacquer, sculpture, and oil paintings—each one distinctive and outstanding. All of these pieces are depicted in a novel and creative manner, captivating art enthusiasts.

Floor 2 is where many unique and innovative artworks are displayed, stimulating the curiosity of viewers

The abstract nature of each artwork stimulates curiosity and fascination among viewers. Just stepping foot here once, you might feel as if you’ve entered a completely separate world from modern life outside. This floor is also a popular check-in spot in Da Nang, favored by the younger generation.

Floor 3 – Repository of Folk Artworks

The final floor of the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is constructed on an area of 383 square meters. The third floor opens up a traditional space, rich in the cultural essence of various ethnic groups, with many outstanding artworks. On this floor, you can admire numerous handicrafts created by the skilled hands of artists from the Central Highlands and Central Vietnam.

The traditional space, rich in the cultural essence of ethnic groups, is vividly showcased on Floor 3 of the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Not stopping there, the third floor of the museum also offers a specialized exhibition on decorative arts on jewelry, traditional costumes, textiles, and more. All works related to tradition and the cultural identity of ethnic groups are preserved and displayed here.

Unique Check-In Point Attracting Art Enthusiasts

Finding a check-in point in Da Nang is not difficult, but capturing a unique photo with a distinctly artistic background is not so easy. Besides the mural art street in Man Thai Ward, you can also visit the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum to capture stunning photos for your social media.

Exploring the Vicinity of the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum

Situated in the heart of the city, a visit to the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum not only offers a profound artistic experience but also serves as a gateway to discovering nearby attractions that enrich the overall journey. Here are some noteworthy places in close proximity to the museum:

  • Con Market Da Nang: Just a short distance from the museum, Con Market Da Nang beckons with its vibrant and bustling atmosphere. This traditional market is a sensory delight, where visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture, sample diverse culinary delights, and peruse an array of goods, from fresh produce to handicrafts.
Han River Bridge has flexible rotating schedules
  • Han River Bridge: The Han River Bridge, a symbol of Da Nang’s development, is a picturesque location offering panoramic views of the city. As an iconic bridge, it is known for its mesmerizing lighting displays at night, creating a breathtaking scene along the Han River waterfront. Strolling along the riverbanks provides a serene escape, offering glimpses of local life and the city’s evolving skyline.
Dragon Bridge Da Nang is a bridge connecting the two districts of Hai Chau and Son Tra.
  • Dragon Bridge Da Nang: Not far from the museum, the Dragon Bridge is a marvel of modern architecture. This iconic bridge, shaped like a dragon, comes to life in vibrant colors during its weekly fire and water breathing performances. It’s a must-see spectacle that encapsulates the fusion of traditional mythology with contemporary design, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

  • Love Bridge Da Nang: Love Bridge Da Nang is a charming pedestrian bridge adorned with countless love locks. Couples from near and far come to this bridge to express their love and commitment by attaching locks to its railings. The bridge not only offers a romantic ambiance but also panoramic views of the Han River and the city.

Just stepping foot into the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum, you will surely be amazed by its unique space. More than just a typical tourist attraction, the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is considered a repository of many cultural and artistic values spanning various periods. If you are an art enthusiast, you definitely wouldn’t want to miss this destination. Don’t forget to note down the address of the Da Nang Fine Arts Museum in your travel guide!

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