Da Lat village: ‘coordinates’ to watch the most beautiful sunset in Da Lat

Dreaming Da Lat always cherishes romantic things to send to distant tourists when they have the opportunity to visit this place. Da Lat has thousands of places that are both love and poetic, but perhaps the most impressive must be mentioned in Leo village. Right here, let’s explore the village of Leo Da Lat with Vietnam Car Rental to see what this place has that makes so many people so fascinated!

Locate the coordinates of the village of Leo Da Lat?

If someone asks where is the best place to watch the sunset in Da Lat, it is definitely Leo hamlet. The name of Leo Da Lat village sounds both rustic and close and dear.

Located at the beginning of Trai Mat, Ward 11, City. Da Lat, about 10km from the city center. This is a super ideal stop for people who like to dream and love romantic things.


Located peacefully on an ideal height, Leo village in Da Lat has a beautiful view. In particular, this place is very suitable for you to sip delicious glasses of water, watch the sunset and enjoy the unique things that only belong to the dreamy land of Da Lat.

How to move to Dalat village?

Although it is quite far from the city center, the way to get here is extremely convenient and easy. The road surface is 100% concrete, so visitors can choose to travel by car or motorbike.

The distance to Leo hamlet is quite easy and easy to find. The way to move to Leo hamlet is as follows:

Starting from the center of Da Lat city, you move towards National Highway 20, run all the way to Hung Vuong Street and meet Trai Mat roundabout, then you turn into Huynh Tan Phat Street. Continue to see a slope. Moving up this slope will bring you to Leo hamlet.


Located only 10km from Da Lat market, you can arrange the time to move to Leo hamlet at about 16:00 – 17:00 to be able to catch all the wonderful moments of sunset at this place!

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What does Xom Leo have that make visitors so fascinated?

Previously, Leo hamlet was very deserted and few people noticed. Xom Leo only caused a fever when photos of the sunset here appeared on social networks and were widely spread. Coming to Leo village in Da Lat, you will be overwhelmed by the extremely impressive scenery with a view of the vast valley of lights and the vast sky of Da Lat.


Xom Leo has simple, popular, familiar shops, and there are more ‘luxury’ shops at the top of the road. But to enjoy the impressive beauty of Da Lat, the “sidewalk” style bars are always a great choice.

Sitting at the water stalls in the village of Leo and watching the scenery of Da Lat from above will surely make you feel strangely peaceful.


In addition, the cloudy background and the valley of lights in Leo hamlet bring a “one-of-a-kind” virtual living spot. Even in Leo hamlet, there is also a tourist car decorated as a lovely landscape to serve the needs of “virtual living” of tourists.

Just pay the fee of 20k / person, you can freely take pictures with this lovely car. If you have the opportunity to come to Da Lat, don’t forget to visit this place, maybe you can “hunt” a super “genuine” photo album!


Be in awe of the sunset in Leo village

Xom Leo attracts visitors by the beautiful sunset scene. Only in a short period of time in the late afternoon, from the location of Leo hamlet, visitors can admire a masterpiece of art that the Creator has bestowed on Da Lat.

It is the round, red sun and the clouds with enchanting colors. From the blue of the sky, to orange, then to crimson, the layers of floating clouds continued to reach the horizon.


Besides, when the “performance” of the sunset of Leo hamlet ends, the beautiful scenery of the valley of lights reappears. The light from the cage houses in the valley brings an unexpected shimmering and romantic space.


It can be said that Leo village in Da Lat is one of the great tourist and virtual living addresses that tourists cannot miss when they have the opportunity to visit Da Lat. This place promises to bring you unforgettable moments and experiences. Don’t forget to follow Vietnam Car Rental to update the latest tourist destinations and the most detailed travel experiences!

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