Beautiful Cafes for Tourists in Dalat

In addition to the fresh, cool air that makes visitors feel comfortable when traveling to Dalat , Dalat coffee is also something that visitors will always remember in their minds. Cafes in Da Lat have also since been opened more to welcome visitors to the city of thousands of flowers. Da Lat has countless beautiful cafes with different designs that give visitors beautiful spaces to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Let ‘s take a look at the beautiful cafes that visitors can come to enjoy a cup of coffee in a great atmosphere in Da Lat .


Suggesting famous coffee shops in Da Lat for tourists

Me Linh Coffee Garden

It is a place that many Dalat tourists love and do not mind to come here. Me Linh Coffee Garden has a very beautiful scene, with a fresh and airy atmosphere that is very suitable for sitting and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. Everything tired in life will also disappear, sitting and watching the mountains and the dreamy white cloud sky in Da Lat. The space of the cafe is very airy, spacious and simple, a space here will help visitors feel the breath of nature, making visitors completely separate from the busyness of the busy city. . Around the hills, tea mountains, and pine forests in Da Lat is a cool green space with a wonderful cold air to take beautiful pictures to save memorable moments here.

Dalat Golf Cafe

Dalat Golf Cafe has a beautiful view, a very poetic and romantic scene that tourists should choose when coming to Da Lat on this tripComing to Dalat Golf Cafe, visitors will be able to see the whole scene of the romantic Da Lat city in the distance. No matter where you stand at the shop. The views at the restaurant are also very beautiful. Not to mention the virtual living corners here are also something extremely attractive for photography enthusiasts who want to have their own photos of a lifetime in Da Lat.

The space of Dalat Golf Cafe is very elaborately decorated with a beautiful space, quite professional and meticulously invested. From the outdoor campus to the indoor campus, guests will have the best experience when they come to the restaurant.

Big Bag Cafe

The space of the restaurant is mainly located outdoors, so it can be a bit sunny at noon, but you can still choose for yourself seats under the trees, swings to see the top of Langbiang or the top of Hon Bo. The most attractive feature at Bag Mo Cafe is a garden decorated with white daisies. You can come to this Mo To Bag Cafe to rest your feet to enjoy the slow and quiet atmosphere in Da Lat.

Coffee shop in March

At Coffee Shop in March, coffee-based drinks make up more than 80% of the menu. Various types of beans come from many places, many different roasters with the desire to be able to meet the experience of enjoying the best cup of coffee when coming to Da Lat. Although the coffee shop in March is not a coffee shop with too special things, but with all the passion and desire to serve tourists the best quality coffee available in Dalat . Therefore, the restaurant should pay special attention to the selection of ingredients for preparation. The shop always prioritizes high-sugar coffee beans from coffee beans that are picked when ripe, roasted at a light level to keep the characteristic acidity of coffee beans.

Still Café

Bearing the Japanese architectural style, Still Cafe is decorated in a very simple way like the simple Japanese philosophy of life, mixed in with the very retro classicism of a very unique old Da Lat. brings a very special feeling to visitors when coming to the restaurant. With the deep brown tones of the wood as the main color, embellished with the green of the trees, Still brings a sense of nostalgia but contains peace. There are boards with Japanese handwritten words neatly, there are walkways with Koinobori carp flags – a symbol of the unique culture of the country of cherry blossoms.

Perhaps the trip to Da Lat of any visitor is indispensable for the experience of sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere in the city of thousands of flowers. Hopefully, the above article has given you the right suggestions to be able to travel to the city of thousands of flowers and have the most interesting experiences here.

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