8 must-try games when traveling to Ba Na Hills independently

Ba Na Hills tourism has a lot of things to explore and enjoy, but below are 8 games you must try when traveling to Ba Na Hills independently.

When traveling to Ba Na Hills, you will surely find many things to discover from the experience of riding cable cars, admiring flowers, taking pictures… but certainly, especially if you are young, the games on Ba Na Hills are activities you must participate in and immerse yourself in. For me, this is the place that helps me relieve stress, forget about thoughts and worries outside. And below are 8 games (activities) you must try when traveling to Ba Na Hills independently.

Free Fall Tower.

This is a game that you must, must, must try, especially if you are young and enjoy adventure games. I am normally afraid of heights, but I really enjoy this game, and I have to play it again to be satisfied.

The Free Fall Tower at Ba Na Hills used to be the highest free fall tower in Vietnam, but now it has been overtaken by a free fall tower in an Asian theme park. However, it is still enough for you to enjoy the feelings that you will remember for your trip.

WARNING: This is a very dangerous adventure game for those with heart problems or high blood pressure, so if you have health issues, please don’t attempt it!

You are wanting to go to Bana Hills to explore the games and are looking for transportation to get there. Don’t hesitate anymore, rent a private car with a driver from Da Nang to Bana Hills.

Mountain Climbing Adventure.

A game that is also worth trying for young people, especially for those who want to test their willpower and physical strength, and above all, want to have a chance to challenge themselves. Compared to other mountain climbing game models in Vietnam today, the height at Ba Na is extremely worth testing your strength.

Of course, this is a very adventurous game, but if you listen and follow the instructions of the guide, it will be very safe. Oh, and if you plan to climb, wear comfortable clothes, because when I went, I wore jeans and it was very difficult to climb!

Wild West Shooting.

This is a game integrated into the 5D cinema room. I didn’t know anything about it, but I was curious when I heard about the 5D film, so I lined up for a long time before being able to play it. It turned out to be a kind of 3D with a shooting experience integrated into it. It was really fun to play. And I was a little proud because even though I have poor eyesight, I got the highest score. I took a picture and posted it.

Tube Sliding.

An outdoor game located outside the Fantasy Park, definitely worth trying. Of course, you have to wait in line for a long time to be able to play it.

Dinosaur park (Jurassic period park).

This is probably most suitable for families with children, they will love to see it. The dinosaur models not only look beautiful and very realistic, but also move, bringing excitement to the children in the family.

Tiny Explorer House.

This area is entirely a small playground for kids. This is where kids can freely play with cute and funny games. Make sure to take your kids here.

Gift-grabbing game.

You’ve probably seen this game a lot, but I think if you go with someone you love, play it directly, and get a gift to give to that person, it will be even more fun. Remember to try and grab a gift.

NOTE: This game requires buying an additional coin to play and is not included in the package ticket.

Wax museum.

The wax museum is also a place where you need to buy an additional ticket (100,000 VND), not included in the package ticket, but it will definitely not disappoint you.

Ba Na Hills brings you the first wax museum in the country, featuring over 40 famous artists, politicians, and athletes from all over the world. It’s a place where you have the chance to “meet” and take photos with your idols.

In addition, there are many other exciting games and activities for you to explore at Ba Na Hills that I can’t list all of them, but I just want to say one thing… Come to Ba Na Hills to enjoy the fresh air, admire the masterpieces of nature and human, and most importantly, participate in a world of extremely fun games! I’m ChatGPT, thank you for reading and wish you a happy and memorable trip to Ba Na Hills!

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