Visitors to Da Nang in 2023 certainly cannot miss the DIFF international fireworks festival. After 2 years of pandemic disruptions, the festival will officially return this summer, along with many other exciting events. Right now, let’s find out the specific schedule of the Da Nang international fireworks festival 2023 with Helio.


When mentioning Da Nang, you will surely remember the fireworks festival, which is considered a trademark event of the city. Held every 2 years, the festival has attracted many domestic and international tourists to visit and admire. It aims to promote the image of the city to tourists from all over the world and stimulate domestic tourism.

Da Nang fireworks festival schedule in previous years

2008 27-28/3 Dance of Saigon River

2009 27-28/3 Echoes of Han River

2010 27-28/3 Legend of Han River

2011 29-30/4 Sparkling Han River

2012 29-30/4 Colors of Da Nang

2013 29-30/4 Love of Han River

2015 28-29/4 Da Nang – Symphony of Colors

2017 29/4-24/6 Illuminating Marble Mountains

2018 30/4-30/6 Legend of Bridges

2019 1/6-6/7 Tales of the Rivers

The most recent festival took place in 2019, and due to the pandemic, it will not be held until this year. Specifically, the international fireworks festival 2023 will take place in the summer, starting from June 3 to July 8, 2023.

Fireworks location in Da Nang

The fireworks location is the same as in previous years, which is at the Han River Port area. The grandstand has a capacity of around 17,000 seats for tourists to enjoy the performances. The theme of the 2023 fireworks festival will be “A world without distances.”


This year’s festival will feature the participation of 8 teams, including Vietnam and 7 other countries, who will perform fireworks on 5 different nights. Each performance will last from 20 to 22 minutes for each team, according to the theme set by the competition. The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival this year promises to bring tourists unforgettable experiences for this summer. With investment in image, infrastructure, and program content

The latest updated schedule for the 2023 fireworks competition.

This year’s fireworks competition will feature teams from 7 countries: Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Poland – the UK, Finland and the host country Vietnam. The schedule for the 2023 fireworks displays is as follows:

2023 fireworks schedule Participating teams.

June 3, 2023: Finland and Vietnam

June 10, 2023: Canada – France

June 17, 2023: Australia – Italy

June 24, 2023: Poland – the UK

July 8, 2023: Grand Finale night.

Topic and schedule of DIFF 2023

Here is an update on the topic and schedule of the teams participating in the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2023. This is a unique international event that has made a name for tourism in Da Nang in particular and Vietnam in general. Each performance night will have a different theme and message to convey.

With the theme “The world without borders”, DIFF 2023 will take place from June 2-6 to July 8, 2023, including the Fireworks Display Competition and accompanying activities.

The Fireworks Display Competition consists of 7 international teams and the host team of Vietnam, performing over 5 nights. Each team will perform for about 20-22 minutes (not less than 20 minutes and not more than 22 minutes).


Night 1 (June 2) will feature performances from 2 Vietnamese and Finnish teams with the theme “Peace for humanity”;

Night 2 (June 10) will feature performances from 2 Canadian and French teams with the theme “Love without borders”;

Night 3 (June 17) will feature performances from 2 Australian and Italian teams with the theme “Conquering dreams”;

Night 4 (June 24) will feature performances from 2 Polish and British teams with the theme “The dance of nature”;

The final night will take place on July 8 with the theme “The world without borders”.

Evaluation criteria and awards

The competition prizes include: The Champion team will receive a prize worth 10,000 USD, a cup, and a certificate; The Runner-up team will receive a prize worth 5,000 USD, a cup, and a certificate.

The evaluation criteria for the performances include: The idea, diversity, and theme of the performance; The richness and diversity of colors; The uniqueness and quality of the performance; The scale and quantity of effects; The synchronization between the sound (background music) and the fireworks images; Adherence to the theme and expression of the theme’s significance in DIFF 2023.

Accompanying activities are expected to be organized on both sides of the Han River and along the main roads. According to the plan, the activities will be large-scale, rich in content, attractive, and highly interactive with the festival.

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