Van Long Lagoon Ninh Binh – a famous eco-tourism destination you can’t miss

Van Long Lagoon is one of the fascinating destinations for those who set foot in Ninh Binh. The pristine beauty and diverse ecosystem are undoubtedly attractive to many travelers. The tranquil eco-tourism area of Van Long amidst the picturesque landscape of mountains and rivers has captured the hearts of countless people. People love the tranquility, the blue sky, the harmonious scenery of mountains and rivers here. Let’s explore the beauty of Van Long tourism through the following article!

General Introduction to Van Long Lagoon

Where is Van Long Lagoon located?

Van Long Lagoon is situated within the administrative boundaries of Gia Van commune, Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. It is located just 80 kilometers away from the capital city of Hanoi. The Vân Long wetland nature reserve in Ninh Bình attracts a multitude of tourists for exploration and experiences.

The ecosystem of wetlands and limestone karst forests are the two primary ecosystems in the Van Long tourist area. Additionally, there are other ecosystems like rice fields, meadows, farmland, and villages. With an area of nearly 3,500 hectares, Vân Long Lagoon serves as a habitat for various animal and plant species, as well as aquatic life. This includes the critically endangered Delacour’s langur, a unique species native to Vietnam that requires conservation efforts.

Van Long Lagoon is located in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province.

This area is the largest wetland nature reserve in the North Red River Delta. Van Long’s ecological area features various landscapes, caves, and cultural relics. The beauty of Van Long becomes even more enchanting when the human presence is felt. Somewhere on the tranquil water surface, you can spot someone calmly paddling a simple wooden boat, adding a touch of romance to this ecological zone.

The water here has a crystal-clear appearance, allowing you to see the creatures below. Gazing down onto the reflective water, you can appreciate the picturesque sky, the lush green hills, and the occasional sight of white and red egrets searching for food. The serene and idyllic green environment here brings a sense of peace and relaxation.

Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh appears as a vivid landscape painting, featuring pristine natural beauty. It was once chosen by the renowned film studio Legendary Entertainment as one of the filming locations for the famous movie “Kong – Skull Island.” Through the stunning cinematography, the beauty of the lagoon is showcased, making Vân Long a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh and Some Tips Before Exploring

When is the best time to visit Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh?

With its diverse ecosystem, Van Long Lagoon is beautiful year-round, so you can visit the eco-tourism site at any time of the year. However, if you want to witness the blooming lotus season, be sure to come in the summer. During this time, the entire ecological area seems to be filled with the fragrance of lotus flowers. The lush green surroundings adorned with the vibrant pink of lotus flowers make it a perfect spot for tourists to capture memorable photos.

Alternatively, you may consider a trip during the dry season, which typically runs from November of the previous year to April of the following year. This is the ideal time to enjoy the beauty of various flora and fauna. It’s best to avoid the rainy season due to gloomy weather that can make travel difficult.

The most suitable time to visit here is probably during the summer

What time of day is best for exploring the Van Long nature reserve? The answer is early morning or late afternoon. In the morning, the air is fresh, and dewdrops still cling to the leaves.

The feeling of tranquility and coolness is beyond words. This time is perfect for those who want to get close to nature and escape the hustle and bustle of urban life. The gentle sunrise scene awakens the landscape.

In the late afternoon, visiting Van Long to admire the sunset is a delight. The scenery is breathtaking, and it lives up to your expectations. During this time, you can also observe flocks of birds soaring in the sky as they search for food and return to their nests.

Admission Prices for Visiting Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh

Van Long Lagoon is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. The pristine and natural beauty of this lagoon attracts a large number of visitors from various places. The cost of visiting Van Long Lagoon is quite affordable, so you can rest assured. The specific admission fees are as follows:

Scenic Spot Admission Ticket:

  • Adults: 20,000 VND per person
  • Children under 1 meter in height: 10,000 VND per person
  • Senior citizens (age 60 and above): 10,000 VND per person

Boat Ride Ticket:

  • Adults: 50,000 VND per trip
  • Children under 1 meter in height: 25,000 VND per trip
  • Senior citizens (age 60 and above): 25,000 VND per trip

Transportation to Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh

Situated just under 100 kilometers from Hanoi, the distance to Van Long Lagoon is not too far to travel. The main transportation options to reach Van Long Lagoon include trains, passenger buses, self-driving cars, and motorcycles. Except for trains and passenger buses, where you must go to the designated stations, traveling by self-driving vehicles provides more flexibility.

If you prefer a quick and convenient mode of transportation that picks you up directly from your hotel, the airport, or anywhere in Hanoi, the car rental service in Hanoi from’s can meet your needs. With a team of professional drivers with years of experience, they will ensure you have the easiest and most comfortable journey. Book a car rental service from Hanoi to Ninh Binh today to explore Van Long Lagoon to the fullest.

How long should you visit Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh?

Just like the famous attractions of Trang An or Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Van Long Lagoon in Ninh Binh has so much to explore. It’s advisable to dedicate a full day to leisurely enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, if you have limited time, you can spend the first half of the morning exploring a few other points of interest and then head to Van Long Lagoon. In the afternoon, the atmosphere here is quite lively as it’s the time when the birds return to their nests after foraging.

Take plenty of time to explore all the beauty of the lake

What’s Interesting About Visiting Van Long Lagoon?

Traveling to Van Long Lagoon – Boat Ride and Lake Tour

A small boat takes you gently across the emerald waters, leaving all your worries behind, and allowing you to immerse yourself in the refreshing breeze. As the boat floats along, you can admire the natural beauty of Van Long Lagoon. The rugged mountains, clear waters, the songs of local birds, flocks of storks in flight, and the vibrant flora—all of these elements create a sense of simplicity and a deeper appreciation for life.

Go on a boat ride to admire the beauty of Van Long

Traveling to Van Long Lagoon – Exploring Spiritual and Historical Sites

Besides its picturesque landscapes and mystical caves, Van Long Lagoon is also home to numerous temples and pagodas that serve as spiritual and pilgrimage sites. Visitors come here not only to explore but also to seek blessings and well-being. The ancient architecture of these temples and pagodas holds many historical stories passed down through generations. When visiting Van Long, you can stop by places like the Thanh Mau Temple, Thanh Son Pagoda, Dich Long Pagoda, and more.

Traveling to Van Long Lagoon – Visiting Caves

The Van Long Nature Reserve is captivating for its numerous caves, formed by limestone formations with unique and picturesque shapes. These caves also provide shelter for various wildlife. You can explore intriguing caves like the Bat Cave, Fish Cave, Turtle Cave, and more.

Explore the caves

Other Attractions

In addition to the aforementioned places, visitors can also see a 600-year-old tree, pass through vast rice fields, or admire rock paintings on the cliffs of Meo Cao Mountain. Countless scenic views in the Van Long eco-tourism area await your exploration and discovery.

Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset at Van Long Lagoon

Visiting Van Long in the early morning or late afternoon allows you to witness the dreamy countryside of Ninh Binh. The blue smoke wafts through the air, and the birds gracefully soar and circle above, gliding across the river to hunt for food. It’s a peaceful and serene experience.

Watching the sunset and sunrise at Van Long Lagoon

Van Long Lagoon – A Global Green List Designation

In 2020, the Van Long wetland nature reserve in Ninh Binh was officially approved and certified for inclusion in the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Green List.

Van Long wetland nature reserve is the first natural conservation area in Vietnam and Southeast Asia to achieve the prestigious Green List designation.

Being officially recognized and certified by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on the Green List will serve as a significant motivation for Van Long Nature Reserve and all stakeholders to put more effort into conserving the Delacour’s langur population and promoting the sustainable development of the limestone karst ecosystem and the largest wetland in Vietnam.

This achievement also contributes positively to the future development of tourism in Ninh Binh province. Van Long Lagoon is currently a pristine and renowned destination in Ninh Binh, attracting millions of domestic and international visitors each year.

Vietnam joined the IUCN Green List program in 2016 with registered units including Van Long wetland nature reserve (Ninh Binh), Con Dao National Park, Cat Tien National Park, Pu Mat National Park, and Cuc Phuong National Park.

Places near Van Long Lagoon

When you have some extra time, you can combine your visit to Van Long with exploration of other fascinating nearby attractions. Here are some options:

  • Kenh Ga Hot Spring (approximately 11 km away): Discover the relaxing hot springs in Kenh Ga, a natural wonder that provides a unique and soothing experience.
  • Bai Dinh Pagoda (about 19 km away): Visit the majestic Bai Dinh Pagoda, one of the largest Buddhist complexes in Southeast Asia, featuring grand architecture and serene surroundings.
Bai Dinh Pagoda has a history of nearly 1000 years
  • Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex (around 20 km away): Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Trang An, known for its limestone karst formations and tranquil riverboat rides.
  • Chau Son Monastery (19 km away): Experience the spiritual and serene ambiance of Chau Son Monastery, a tranquil place for reflection and meditation.
  • Hoa Lu Ancient Capital and Bich Dong Pagoda (17 km away): Step back in time by visiting the ancient capital of Hoa Lu and the picturesque Bich Dong Pagoda, set amidst stunning natural scenery.
  • Tam Coc Scenic Landscape (25 km away): Journey to Tam Coc and be captivated by the beauty of the landscape, where boat rides take you through serene waterways surrounded by karst formations and lush greenery.

These nearby attractions offer a rich variety of experiences, from cultural and historical exploration to natural wonders, ensuring that your trip to Van Long and its surroundings is both diverse and rewarding.

What to Eat in Van Long Lagoon?

When visiting Van Long Lagoon, or Ninh Binh in general, you can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes. You can savor some of the famous local specialties such as “Cơm cháy Ninh Bình” (Ninh Binh crispy rice), mountain goat meat, “gỏi cá nhệch” (snakehead fish salad), “bún cá rô đồng” (freshwater fish noodle soup), “ốc núi” (mountain snails), and countless other unique local dishes.

Things to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Van Long Lagoon

  • When visiting Van Long Lagoon, make sure to prepare all the personal essentials, such as hats and caps.
  • When taking a boat tour in Van Long Lagoon, it’s advisable to have no more than 3-4 people per boat for safety reasons. Avoid overcrowding on the boat.
  • Maintain a friendly attitude towards the boatmen. They will take you to all the important spots within Van Long Lagoon.
  • Take care of the environment by not littering and leaving trash in the lagoon area. Additionally, avoid hunting or disturbing the local wildlife.

Appreciating the stunning natural landscapes at Van Long Lagoon is a source of serenity for many travelers. If you’re feeling tired from the daily hustle and bustle, or simply seeking a peaceful and tranquil place, Van Long Lagoon is an excellent choice. The harmonious landscape and the unspoiled beauty of Van Long promise to provide you with a memorable and peaceful experience.

When you visit Ninh Binh, there is certainly no shortage of places to explore. Van Long Lagoon is one of the eco-tourism destinations that meets all the criteria for a beautiful location, fresh air, and convenient transportation. It is undoubtedly a must-visit spot for those who love to explore and discover new places.


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