Mui Ne Sand Dunes is a familiar tourist destination for tourists who love to experience and explore the land of Phan Thiet cape. Being gifted with a unique landscape… What’s so attractive about the place? Where is the address? How’s the way? Explore with Vietnam Car Rental in the article below.

Introduction to Mui Ne sand dunes

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is a famous place attracting tourists when visiting and exploring the coastal city of Phan Thiet. This is actually the common name according to the geographical location of the sand dunes with many unique features such as flying sand dunes, golden sand dunes, red sand dunes, etc.

Compared to a miniature Sahara, coming here you will admire the pristine beauty of shrubs, succulent plants and feel the sun like a fire pan on the sandy desert.


However, unlike desert sand, Mui Ne sand dunes are only natural minerals created by sea waves over time. And when walking on the sand dunes for a long time, feeling the extreme heat and dryness, in front of your eyes, you will see a natural illusion or the blue sky and sea at the foot of the clouds.

Maybe it’s the image in the imagination like beggars in the desert or the beautiful dreamlike Mui Ne beach. Whether it is an illusion or a real scene, the beauty of the sand dunes is always wonderful and magical.


The scorching heat on the sand dunes of Mui Ne not only does not make tourists afraid, but also attracts those who like new experiences and especially stimulates young people who love to explore, or participate in activities. outdoor playing. The vast sandy beach space with many colors and diverse terrain will be an ideal playground for young people.

Address and directions to move to Mui Ne sand dunes 

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is located on Quarter 5, Vo Nguyen Giap Street in Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. Having existed for a long time, with an area of ​​about 50 hectares stretching from Binh Thuan province to Ninh Thuan province, the sand hill is about 2km from the market, the route is also quite easy to find.

If you are a local tourist, you can move from the center of Binh Thuan city to the sand dunes through many popular means such as taxi, grab car, bus, etc. If using a personal vehicle, you can use Google Maps for specific routes.

Foreign tourists or international visitors can choose the means of transport such as bus, train, plane. If you take a plane, you will land at Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City or Cam Rang airport in Nha Trang and then book a car to the resort. When arriving at the center of Binh Thuan province – Phan Thiet city, visitors continue to take a taxi, motorbike taxi or bus to move back to Mui Ne – where there are flying sand dunes. Bay Sand Dunes is located on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ward 5, Mui Ne Town.

Besides, you can book a tour bus to be served with luxurious rooms and a private car service to take you to tourist attractions. Mui Ne Sand Dunes are included in many resort tours, you can refer to Tico Travel ‘s booking pages for more details.


Ticket price to visit Mui Ne sand hill 

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is a famous scenic spot, completely molded by mother nature’s hands, so the ticket price is relatively cheap. Excluding commercial elements, you can choose from 2 types of admission tickets:

  • Adult ticket price: 15,000 VND / ticket
  • Child ticket price: 7,000 VND / ticket

All services here are very cheap, including the cost of meals or car rental. Therefore, a trip to Mui Ne sand dunes will not cost too much of your travel budget. You only need to prepare some necessary personal belongings to be able to comfortably have fun.

What’s attractive about Mui Ne sand dunes?

Explore the unique landscape

Climbing up the burning sand hill to see the sea and sky in the distance is one of the interesting experiences that visitors love. From above, you feel like hugging the clear blue sky, resting your head on the floating clouds. Looking towards the vast ocean with pristine coconut palms, your soul will be soothed, strangely light.


Sitting in the middle of the sand desert, you still enjoy the fresh ocean breeze every morning. Then the sunrise scene climbing from the shimmering silver sea through the multicolored sandy peaks or the sunset on the golden sand hill of Mui Ne , all create a splendid and glorious scene.

Admire the amazing natural phenomenon

Mui Ne sand dunes are not only beautiful because of the sea view, but even on the sand, there are many unique natural beauties. The sand here is gathered into large and small forts with thousands of colors, but according to archaeologists, there are 3 main types of sand dunes:

  • White Sand Dunes Mui Ne : White sand dunes formed near the sea, because ocean waves have washed away all impurities and pigments on the surface, leaving only pure white color.
  • Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes : Because it is located on an ore mine close to the neck, the color of the sand here has a characteristic red color. Near Suoi Tien, the sand mixed with alluvial soil turns pale pink. At the Bong Lai section of Mui Ne, the sand mixed with mud changes its characteristic red and black color.
  • Mui Ne Golden Sand Dunes : The color of iron ore mixed with the earth’s color is partially washed away by natural water, leaving a brilliant golden copper color in the sky. This is a sandy beach that has caught the eye of many famous photographers because of its glorious beauty that casts its shadow every afternoon.

The breeze from the sea blows in, making the sand blocks blend to create a variety of different shades. The winds collide to form tornadoes that sweep through each small fort, leaving sand grains of many fancy and impressive shapes. The area with high winds often forms sandstorms on the sea, so people also call this sand dune Bay Mui Ne .

Then the phenomenon of erosion caused the sand mountains to have many strange shapes, undulating and winding. Standing at this sand dune and walking to another sand dune, it was thought that only a few steps were taken but never came.

That’s because before we can step forward, the wind has blown the sand dunes far away, or sometimes when we are walking to the pink sand section, the sky suddenly bursts with a storm, covering the space with a black color, in the blink of an eye. I can’t see the pink sand in front of me.

Just exploring the sand dunes of Mui Ne is like walking in a magic circle, the color of the sand continuously changes color magically and mysteriously. The sand dunes keep hiding, escaping is extremely interesting, stimulating curiosity, the feeling of wanting to conquer.

Take a photo to check in on the magical Mui Ne sand dunes

In the movement of that unpredictable nature, you can capture many memorable moments in videos or unique check-in photos. Every morning, the sandy sea is soaked with shimmering mist, magical in the sun.

In the late afternoon, the sunset light mixed with the colorful yellow of the flying sand dunes, resonates to create a brilliant space that attracts both photographers and artists to work.

With the “multi-angled” beauty of the sand dunes of Mui Ne , whether you are a professional photographer or not, you can bring back magical pictures like bold artwork.

Join fun activities on the sand dunes

Coming to Mui Ne sand dunes in the tourist season, you will be able to participate in many interesting entertainment activities, with typical 1-0-2s such as:

  • Sliding sand


Here you will be able to participate in a very interesting sand slide game. With 10,000 VND ticket price, you can choose the hills you like to be steep or gentle, as long as you feel happy.

Usually, you will choose the steepest sand hill to increase the challenge, freely scream to release emotions. But if you are still afraid, you can choose the gentle sand dunes. Rest assured to have fun because just through one amazing skateboard, you will forget all your worries, and forget your fear.

  • Ride an off-road vehicle to explore the sand dunes

If sandboarding is still not enough, then go to the terrain vehicle area, this place will certainly not disappoint you. Driving a motorbike on the burning sand has a cool feeling.

Riding around the terrain of sand dunes in the basin to try the steering wheel, conquering the huge sand ranges are extremely interesting experiences. Even when the corner has to be in a deep hole, the sled is tilted, the sand is splashed, the multi-colored sand grains in the magical golden sunshine can make you fall in love.

Note when visiting Mui Ne sand dunes 

Share Tips to prepare travel luggage

To have a perfect trip, you need to prepare carefully before each trip, and so is Mui Ne sand hill tourism . First you need to prepare some basic luggage such as:

  • Travel clothes: Because coming to Mui Ne sand dunes, you will walk on the sea of ​​sunny sand to explore nature, so you need to bring long sun protection clothes, hats and protective shoes. When it is windy, it can be accompanied by sandstorms, so bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and dust.
  • Sunscreen cream, milk: The sun in the sand dunes of Mui Ne is not much less than the desert sun, so remember to bring sunscreen for the whole body. Even if you wear long-sleeved clothes, the harsh sunlight can also penetrate the layers of fabric, causing damage to the skin. So, apply a lot of sunscreen to protect your body from UV rays.
  • Snacks, pure water: With a large sandy sea space with unique terrain, you may enjoy the recreational activities here that lead to the loss of energy when playing sports. Therefore, a little snack in the bag will be very useful to energize, you will not be interrupted when you return to the tourist accommodation to get things.

When is the best season to travel to Mui Ne sand dunes?

Mui Ne Sand Dunes each season has its own beauty, attracting a large number of tourists. The mid-year seasons from about April to September, when the sun is shining like fire, attract groups of visitors who love to explore experiences and art paparazzi, hoping to capture the most brilliant pictures in the moment of sand dunes. natural beauty show.

This is also the time when many fun activities and festivals take place. In the remaining months, the weather is somewhat cooler, suitable for resort guests to admire the landscape.

Some hotels and resorts near Mui Ne sand dunes 

To explore Mui Ne sand hill tourist area, you will definitely need a quality accommodation to energize your travel journey. Let’s refer to some of the resorts below with Tico Travel to have wonderful relaxing moments.

Centara Mirage Beach Resort Mũi Né

  • Address: Huynh Thuc Khang, Quarter 4, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan
  • Phone number: 0943 333 333


With a typical architectural core of the Mediterranean style, Centara Mirage Beach Resort Mui Ne designs impressive dome villas. In total, there are 984 fully furnished resorts with modern and high-class design according to international standards. The resort will surely satisfy those who love the spaciousness and harmony with nature.


Pandanus resort

  • Address: Nguyen Huu Tho, Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province
  • Phone number: 098 247 9999


Coming to Pandanus resort, you will be immersed in the calm music of the vast ocean with the romantic sea and sky scenery. With elegant, elegant architecture, this Mui Ne resort allows visitors to enjoy wonderful relaxing moments. At Pandanus, you will live every moment in nature, sea and sky in Phan Thiet.

Mui Ne Bay Resort

  • Address: Quarter 14, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province
  • Phone number: 025 7777 7777


Mui Ne Bay Resort brings in the peaceful beauty of a coastal fishing village but still exudes modern and sophisticated features. The resort offers a system of luxurious and high-class facilities combined with elegant and natural room space, giving visitors the most comfortable and relaxing feeling. Therefore, visitors to visit and explore the sand dunes of Mui Ne often choose to stay at this 4-star Mui Ne resort.

Check-in pictures of tourists at Mui Ne sand dunes 

Tourists coming to visit Mui Ne sand dunes will be comfortable taking pictures to check in with the unique sand dunes and flying sand scene. Here are a few photos of visitors during their very interesting trip.

How To Get From Ho Chi Minh To Mui Ne

There are many way to Rent A Car With Driver Ho Chi Minh To Mui Ne such as: train, bus, public taxi… But those are not the most comfortable way because you will miss the most beautiful road side sceneries. You will have opportunity to enjoy many beautiful site from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne with Private Car Rental With Driver Ho Chi Minh To Mui Ne. On the way Rent A Car With Driver Ho Chi Minh To Mui Ne, you can stop for take pictures or take a rest not only any time but also anywhere.

Read More: Car Rental With Driver Ho Chi Minh To Mui Ne

Above are all the experience reviews for tourists who are planning to visit and explore Mui Ne sand dunes . Hopefully through the article, Vietnam Car Rental brings you great knowledge and experiences to have more journeys to discover colorful nature. Finally, Vietnam Car Rental wishes you and your family always have memorable trips together.

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