Top Famous Tourist Attractions in Quang Ninh: The Most Sought-After Places and Landmarks

Quang Ninh is a city in the Northeast of our country, blessed with nature’s gifts of mountains, rivers, and sea islands. The tourist destinations in Quang Ninh have been and continue to attract the attention of travelers from all directions. Each destination in this city possesses a unique and irresistible charm.

Where should you go in Quang Ninh? Let’s explore the top famous tourist attractions in Quang Ninh that are most searched for on’s to choose the destination that suits you best.

Quang Ninh Beach Tourism Destinations

With the advantage of being a coastal province owning two-thirds of the country’s islands and two large island districts, Van Don and Co To, beach tourism in Quang Ninh has become one of the most prominent activities here. If you are unsure about which coastal area to choose for your upcoming trip, let’s explore the following 6 outstanding tourist attractions with DulichToday.

Halong Quang Ninh Tourism

Halong City can be said to be the most bustling tourism center in Quang Ninh because it owns many amusement areas in Halong for young people. Among them, three extremely famous tourist areas must be mentioned:

Visiting Halong Bay

Visiting Halong Bay will take tourists to admire the beautiful natural scenery of more than 1,900 small and large limestone islands and experience interesting tourism activities such as overnight cruises, seaplane flights, and more.

Visiting Ha Long Bay with Over 1,900 Limestone Islands
Visiting Ha Long Bay with Over 1,900 Limestone Islands

The majority of first-time visitors to Halong Bay often choose the Halong Bay day cruise program, a 4-6 hour program that takes visitors to famous tourist spots in Halong Bay: TiTop Island, Surprising Cave, Thien Cung Cave, and Dau Go Cave.

Sun World Park Quang Ninh in Bai Chay

Halong Park, or Sun World Park, is currently the largest amusement park in the North. The amusement park boasts two adventure parks, the largest water park in Southeast Asia, and the world’s highest Queen cable car along with a giant Quang Ninh Sun Wheel.

Tuan Chau Tourism Area

Located just 20 minutes from Bai Chay tourism area, visitors come to Tuan Chau Island to explore the modern artificial beach, watch impressive dolphin and water music shows, or simply take a leisurely walk to admire the most beautiful yacht port in Vietnam.

Island of Quan Lan

  • Address: Van Don District, Quang Ninh

Quan Lan is one of the few islands that has retained its pristine beauty to this day. It bears the typical characteristics of the Bai Tu Long Bay region, with calm waves, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and shallow waters.

When you visit Quan Lan, you can explore 3 prominent beaches – Quan Lan, Son Hao, and Minh Chau. Among them, Minh Chau is considered the most beautiful beach in Quang Ninh on the island, as it has not been commercialized and remains uncrowded. Additionally, you can visit Quan Lan Temple, a structure built in the 18th century with intricate ancient carvings.

Review of Quan Lan Beach Tourism – Quang Ninh: Due to its relatively undeveloped nature, the quality of services here may not be very high, and they can be quite expensive. However, the island is easily accessible, and the calm seas make it suitable for weekend beach getaways with family, including the elderly and young children.

If you are in Hanoi and looking for a trip to Quang Ninh,’s car rental service in Hanoi can help you with that. With quick and convenient services, including pick-up and drop-off, you can have the safest and most comfortable trip.

Tra Co Quang Ninh Tourism – Exploring the Northeastern Corner of the Country

  • Address: Mong Cai, Quang Ninh

Located in the northeastern corner of the country, Tra Co is famous for having the longest coastline in Vietnam, spanning over 17 kilometers. The beach here is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh’s northern region, with high sand dunes covered by lush casuarina forests, distant mountain ranges, and brackish eco-forests. All of this creates a poetic and idyllic landscape.

In addition to beach activities, visitors can also explore various tourist attractions such as Tra Co Church and Tra Co Temple. Especially, if you visit Tra Co during the end of May and early June, don’t forget to participate in the Tra Co Temple festival, a unique cultural activity of the people in the Red River Delta.

Review of Quang Ninh Tra Co Tourism: Tra Co is calm, peaceful, and uncrowded, making it suitable for relaxing vacations. Accommodation and dining services on the island are of reasonable quality.

Please note that if you are traveling from Hanoi, the journey can be a bit long (approximately 6-7 hours by car), and there are hilly roads, which may be tiring, especially if you or your companions are prone to motion sickness or have young children.

Co To Island – One of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in Vietnam

  • Address: Co To, Quang Ninh

In recent years, Co To Island in Quang Ninh has become more popular than ever due to its clear blue seas, affordable recreational activities, and convenient accessibility (if departing from Hanoi, it takes about 4 hours by car).

Young people flock to Co To to take Instagram-worthy photos at beautiful beaches such as Van Chay, Hong Van, and Thanh Lan Island. Additionally, you can rent bicycles, motorcycles, or tuk-tuks to explore the island’s attractions, including Cau My Stone Beach, the Love Road, Co To Church, Uncle Ho’s Statue area, and the lighthouse to enjoy the sunset.

Review of Co To Quang Ninh Tourism: Co To Island not only offers beautiful scenery but also boasts charming homestays and resorts, making it suitable for young groups who enjoy exploration or honeymoon couples seeking wedding photos. Furthermore, when visiting Co To, don’t forget to take a boat trip to Co To Con Island (Thanh Lan Island), where you can find pristine beaches, primeval forests, and stunning coral reefs for diving enthusiasts.

Van Don Quang Ninh Tourism

  • Address: Van Don, Quang Ninh

Van Don island district is only about 4 hours’ drive from Hanoi and includes many small islands scattered around Bai Tu Long Bay. This region offers the perfect combination of sea and forest, with azure waters, sky-high sand dunes, lush mangrove forests, distant mountains, and brackish eco-forests, creating an inviting and picturesque seascape for travelers near and far.

Van Don is an ideal travel destination for those who appreciate gourmet cuisine. The area is renowned for its diverse seafood, including razor clams, sea cucumbers, finger-shaped snails, and marine worms. Additionally, Bai Dai Van Don Quang Ninh is a beautiful beach, well-known in the northern region, where many couples choose to take wedding photos.

Van Don will be an ideal tourist destination for those who love gastronomy. The land is famous for its rich seafood source like razor shell, sea cucumber, snails, worms, etc. Besides, the beach Bai Dai Van Don now develops well with many resorts and sea recreation activities such as beach volleyball, kayaking, water scooters, etc.

Review of Quang Ninh Beach Tourism – Van Don: If you only visit Bai Dai Van Don, you can spend a weekend there. The prices of services here are diverse and not too expensive. Moreover, travelers can also combine beach tourism with urban tourism and explore the mountains, visit Cai Bau Pagoda, and Quan Lan Pagoda with a grand festival held in June lunar calendar every year.

Cam Pha – “The Coal Dust City” with Man-Made Beaches

  • Address: Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

The last Quang Ninh beach tourism destination that would like to introduce is Cam Pha, the “Coal Dust City,” which is gaining popularity due to its attractive artificial beaches and new tourist areas.

Visitors to Cam Pha can choose to explore one of the prominent Quang Ninh tourist areas, including Thẻ Vàng Island Tourism, Vũng Đục Tourism, Quảng Hồng and Lương Ngọc artificial beaches. Among them, the Vung Duc area and Quang Hong Beach are the closest to the city center, providing convenient access to a variety of services. Meanwhile, Lương Ngọc and Thẻ Vàng Island are more remote and isolated, making them suitable for resort vacations.

Review of Quang Ninh Beach Tourism – Cam Pha: As Cam Pha is only located in the southern part bordering the sea, visitors can combine both beach tourism and urban tourism, along with mountain exploration. Furthermore, travelers can visit Cua Ong Pagoda as well.

Spiritual Tourism Destinations in Quang Ninh

For spiritual travelers, recommends 5 temples and pagodas – famous Quang Ninh tourist destinations that you shouldn’t miss.

Ba Vang Pagoda

  • Address: Ba Vang, Quang Trung, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh
  • Ba Vang Pagoda’s Chrysanthemum Festival in Quang Ninh: 9th day of the Lunar Calendar every year.

Located on the Thanh Dang mountain range, Ba Vang Pagoda is a place of worship for the Three Jewels and the largest wooden temple in Vietnam. Beyond its spiritual significance, Ba Vang Pagoda is also a beautiful tourist destination in Quang Ninh, offering a picturesque landscape – with a river in front, mountains at the back, and lush pine forests on both sides, making it ideal for sightseeing.

In addition to the temple buildings, visitors to Ba Vang Pagoda should explore the ancient well and drink its water. It is believed that the water from this well brings health and cures various illnesses. There is also a miniature mountain, a lake with a pavilion, a museum, and a library.

Review of Quang Ninh Tourism – Ba Vang Pagoda: Ba Vang Pagoda is particularly suitable for spring pilgrimages. The architecture is not only beautiful but also exudes a solemn and serene atmosphere. Notably, there are no beggars or street vendors to disrupt the tranquility. If you climb to the mountaintop, you can get a panoramic view of the entire city, making it perfect for spring excursions.

Furthermore, since Yen Tu Pagoda is quite close to Ba Vang Pagoda (about 10 km), you can combine visits to both places for a 2-day, 1-night Quang Ninh tour.

Yen Tu Tourism Area, Quang Ninh

  • Address: Thuong Yen Cong, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh
  • Spring Festival: From the 10th day of the first lunar month until the end of the third lunar month every year.

When talking about Quang Ninh, it’s impossible not to mention Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Monastery, the spiritual center of Vietnamese Buddhism. Yen Tu is a complex of historical and architectural relics, including 11 temples and hundreds of shrines, towers, statues, and ancient trees, scattered at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level within the Dong Trieu mountain range.

The 6,000-meter road to the summit is an intriguing experience for mountain enthusiasts and Buddhist pilgrims. If you’re not up for the climb, you can take a cable car, which offers both convenience and a chance to admire the natural beauty of the Northeastern region from a high vantage point.

Review of Yen Tu Pagoda, Quang Ninh: The Yen Tu complex holds great spiritual significance, attracting a large number of tourists, especially during the spring festival season. However, if you visit Quang Ninh in the autumn or winter, you will experience a more serene and meditative Yen Tu, free from the crowds. You can book a one-day Yen Tu – Quang Ninh tour starting from just 750,000 VND.

Cai Bau Pagoda – The Most Beautiful Seaside Pagoda in Quang Ninh

  • Address: Hamlet 1, Van Don, Quang Ninh
  • Lantern Floating Festival (Great Vu Lan Festival): Around the 22nd day of the 7th lunar month every year.

The next spiritual tourism destination in Quang Ninh is Cai Bau Pagoda, also known as Truc Lam Giac Tam Zen Monastery. It is known for being the most beautiful seaside pagoda in Quang Ninh, situated with its back to the mountains and its face overlooking the sea. Due to its remote location from the city center, the number of visitors to the pagoda is usually not too large, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and make offerings without feeling crowded.

From the monastery courtyard, you can gaze out towards Bai Tu Long Bay with its rocky peaks. Remarkably, you won’t find street vendors or stalls selling offerings here, maintaining a tranquil atmosphere with only the sounds of the waves, temple bells, and occasional chanting, all harmonizing with the scent of natural mountain forests.

Review of Cai Bau Pagoda, Quang Ninh: True to its name, “Zen Monastery,” the pagoda is enveloped in a serene and peaceful atmosphere. In addition to pilgrimage and sightseeing, don’t forget to try some vegetarian dishes at the pagoda, which offer a genuine experience of Buddhist spirituality.

Cai Bau Pagoda is close to the Quang Ninh Bai Dai Tourism Area (about 3 km away), so you can combine these two activities for a weekend trip with your family.

Cua Ong Temple

  • Address: Cua Ong, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh
  • Cua Ong Temple Festival: From the 2nd day of the 1st lunar month to the end of the 3rd lunar month every year.

When you travel to Quang Ninh to visit Cua Ong Temple (formerly known as Cua Suot Temple), you’ll have the opportunity to explore one of the most famous architectural relics from the Tran Dynasty in the Northeastern region. The temple offers a view of the vast coal mines of Cam Pha and Bai Tu Long Bay from a high hill.

Visitors come to Cua Ong Temple to pay homage and preserve the cultural and historical values of our country from the Tran Dynasty in the 13th century, especially by participating in the large festival at the beginning of the year. The Cua Ong Temple Festival is a grand celebration, attracting a significant number of visitors, sometimes reaching up to 100,000 people who come to participate and make offerings.

Review of Quang Ninh Tourism – Cua Ong Temple: Cua Ong Temple is renowned for its spiritual significance, dating back to when it was a small shrine. If you’re traveling from the North to Cua Ong Temple, you can combine a 2-day, 1-night Quang Ninh tour that includes a visit to Yen Tu Pagoda and Ba Vang Pagoda first before heading to the temple. If you’re on a day trip, you can also visit Cai Bau Pagoda in Van Don, which is only about a 30-minute drive from Cua Ong Temple.

Ecotourism to Loi Am Pagoda

  • Address: Dai Yen, Ha Long, Quang Ninh
  • Loi Am Pagoda Festival: Around the 27th day of the 1st lunar month.

Loi Am Pagoda is situated on the Loi Am mountain, which is 503 meters high, making it the highest hill on the Halong Bay coast. This pagoda is famous for its spirituality, linked to numerous folk legends and the history of Vietnam from the time of King Le Thanh Tong through the French resistance period. Visitors come here not only to make offerings but also to enjoy the beautiful mountain and forest landscapes, in a small-scale ecotourism setting.

To reach the pagoda, visitors must take a boat ride across Yen Lap Lake. The water in this lake is crystal clear and surrounded by hills covered in lush forests. In addition to the pagoda itself, be sure to visit famous sites like the Fairy Well, Giải Oan Stream, and the Cau Pavilion.

Review of Loi Am Pagoda Tourism, Quang Ninh: Loi Am Pagoda is a destination for nature-loving travelers. When you visit the pagoda, you embark on a spiritual journey combined with ecotourism. The boat ride across Yen Lap Lake is peaceful, and you’ll see untouched forests and hike through green pine valleys, creating a serene atmosphere complemented by the sounds of sea waves, temple rituals, and the natural mountain forest fragrance.

Other Tourist Destinations in Quang Ninh

In addition to the sea and spiritual sites, tourists in Quang Ninh can also visit famous areas like Cam Pha, Uong Bi, Tien Yen, and Binh Lieu. Let’s explore the highlights of each location with to make the best choice for your upcoming trip.

Thac Mo Eco-Tourism Area

  • Address: Thac Mo, Minh Thanh, Yen Hung, Quang Ninh

Originating from the Mo stream flowing from Yen Tu, Thac Mo waterfall is located in Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh province. This eco-tourism area attracts visitors every year with its unspoiled landscape featuring forests on both sides, and the cascading white water creating clear, pristine pools.

Tourists who come here can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in the forest on both sides, leisurely swimming in the waterfall, and experiencing various services at the eco-tourism area, including swimming in the pool, karaoke, and savoring local specialties like hill chicken.

Review of Quang Ninh Tourism – Thac Mo: This place is close to nature, has a cool climate, and is an ideal weekend destination for families with children during the summer. Moreover, the entrance fee is quite affordable (around 5,000 VND per person). However, you should prepare your own drinks and food, as there are limited dining options available at the site.

Uong Bi Tourism in Quang Ninh

  • Address: Phuong Dong, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh

Yen Trung Lake is the largest lake in Quang Ninh, and visitors can enjoy the romantic and dreamy beauty of this place, often referred to as a “mini Dalat.” The vast blue water is nestled in a valley surrounded by hills, and pine forests cast their shadows on the clear water.

Tourists can engage in various activities here, such as renting bikes to explore the lake, camping overnight, team building, renting boats for sightseeing on the lake (around 30,000 VND per hour), or enjoying the “Instagrammable” moment at the Love Bridge.

Review of Yen Trung Lake Tourism, Quang Ninh: Visitors often praise the picturesque scenery of this place, which seems like something out of a movie. While it has been developed for tourism, it doesn’t get too crowded, offering a private, tranquil, and clean environment. This is a highly preferred destination for picnics and weekend camping trips.

Please note that there are limited services around the lake, with only one restaurant, so it’s a good idea to bring your own food, drinks, and essential items before visiting.

Luong Xanh Tourism Area – Quang Ninh

  • Address: Quang Trung, Uong Bi, Quang Ninh

Unlike the serene Yen Trung Lake, Luong Xanh Waterfall is located just about 7 kilometers away but offers a majestic landscape with tall mountains, skies, and natural cascading water flowing over rocky terraces.

Visitors have to climb a portion of the mountain to reach the waterfall. On the way, you’ll pass through a pristine forest, immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the mountains and hills, and witness unique rock formations. Notably, there’s a fine white sandy beach under the stream that looks like a miniature seaside.

Review of Quang Ninh Tourism – Luong Xanh Waterfall: This place is perfect for weekend fun, especially during the summer, and is convenient to reach. The entrance fee is affordable (5,000 VND per person). Additionally, you can combine your trip with spiritual tourism by visiting Ba Vang Pagoda (just 3 kilometers away) and Yen Tu (about 25 kilometers away).

Explore Tien Yen and Discover Regional Culture

  • Address: Tien Yen, Quang Ninh

Travelers who come to Tien Yen, Quang Ninh have the opportunity to explore scenic landscapes, from mountains and rivers to famous attractions. Some notable places include the vast mangrove forest in Dong Rui and Dong Ngoo, or Mui Long Vang, Pac Sui Waterfall in its pristine and tranquil setting.

In addition, you can take a spiritual tour to visit famous historical sites like Khe Tu, Dai Vuong Temple, Linh Quan Pagoda, or visit Mui Chua Quang Ninh – a large port in Tien Yen that provides a panoramic view of the sea.

Review of Tien Yen: Traveling to Tien Yen is suitable for those who love to explore the local culture of the region. Tourism services are not as developed as in Halong or Van Don, which gives this place its own unique charm with an untouched and down-to-earth atmosphere.

Binh Lieu – Quang Ninh’s Adventure Destination

  • Address: Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

As a mountainous district in the northeastern region, tourists in Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh have the opportunity to admire picturesque landscapes such as winding hills, pristine waterfalls, terraced fields, small villages, and stunning white reed flower fields.

Some remarkable tourist spots in Binh Lieu include Cao Ba Lanh peak, Cao Xiem peak, Luc Na Temple, Hoanh Mo border gate, Pac Sui waterfall, Khe Van waterfall, and especially the thrilling adventure along the border route near China with white reed fields.

Review of Binh Lieu Tourism: This destination is suitable for adventure enthusiasts, especially young travelers who enjoy exploration and the thrill of conquering high mountains.

Have these top famous tourist destinations in Quang Ninh helped you choose the ideal destination for your upcoming trip? Don’t forget to share your experiences with if you have the opportunity to visit any of these places by leaving a comment below.


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