If you are looking for a place near Ho Chi Minh City, where you can immerse yourself in pristine nature and experience a simple life for a day, then come to Can Gio. Below, VnCarRentals.com’s will suggest the top 6 tourist attractions in Can Gio that are suitable for a day trip.

Top 6 unique and beautiful attractions in Can Gio suitable for a day trip

Monkey Island Can Gio

Monkey Island is an interesting destination that you cannot miss when visiting Can Gio. With a ticket price of 35,000 VND per person, you can admire over 1,000 monkeys, watch animal performances, and immerse yourself in the fresh and cool air of the saltwater mangrove ecosystem.

Explore Monkey Island in Can Gio with fascinating experiences

Additionally, you can observe hidden crocodiles under the mud, visit the historical memorial site of the Sac – Can Gio forest. Note that you should be cautious with your belongings as the monkeys can be mischievous and snatch items from tourists.

Hang Duong Seafood Market

Hang Duong Seafood Market is not only an interesting place to buy fresh gifts but also a place where you can enjoy seafood right on the spot. Unlike the quiet atmosphere at other tourist spots, Hang Duong Market always attracts great attention from locals and tourists, mainly from Saigon. In the morning, the market takes place in a lively and bustling setting with vendors calling out prices and bargaining.

You can indulge in a myriad of seafood dishes at Hang Duong Seafood Market

The market offers various delicious seafood at different price ranges, including snails, fish, squid, crabs, mantis shrimp, octopus, and more. Prices range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of VND. Besides choosing fresh seafood, if you cannot cook on the spot, you can buy pre-prepared dishes to enjoy immediately or take them to the beach to relax and savor.

Vam Sat Ecotourism Area

Vam Sat Ecotourism Area is located in Ly Nhon commune, Can Gio district. This place is considered one of the ideal green destinations for young people from Saigon to “escape the sun” and relax on weekends.

Vam Sat is the most sustainable developed ecotourism area in the world in Vietnam recognized by the World Tourism Organization. The Dam Doi area has a beautiful natural landscape like a painting. In the midst of the blue rivers are images of birds searching for food. Venturing inside, you will encounter bat flocks, hidden in the branches of tall bamboo.

Reconnect with nature at the Vam Sat Ecotourism Area in Can Gio

Visiting the Vam Sat ecotourism area, you will explore many mangrove forest areas, visit the Doi Nghe conservation area, enjoy recreational crab fishing, conquer the 26m high Tang Bong tower, walk through the forest path, visit the natural zoo, fish for crocodiles, sway on hanging bridges, visit the bird conservation area, and enjoy a variety of delicious seafood at Vam Sat ecotourism area.

The entrance fee is 35,000 VND, crocodile fishing is 35,000 VND, and visiting Dam Doi is 40,000 VND per person. In addition, you can buy a package ticket from 350,000 to 550,000 VND per ticket depending on the number of individual or group visitors. This package ticket includes services such as entrance tickets, boat tickets to explore the Can Gio saltwater mangrove forest, visit the Doi Nghe conservation area by rowing boat, recreational crab fishing, walking through the forest path, visiting the wild deer, visiting the crocodile farm, learning about the crocodile egg incubation process, fishing for crocodiles by boat, conquering the Tang Bong tower, and challenging the hanging bridge.

Nam Hai Bridge

In Can Gio, tourists can visit Phuong Nam Pearl Resort (Duong Hai, Long Hoa, Can Gio). After exploring and relaxing at the resort, enjoying moments by the large swimming pool, you can visit the Nam Hai Bridge leading to a seaside restaurant. Walking along this bridge, taking pictures, and admiring the sea is a very interesting experience here.

Nam Hai Bridge is built to take tourists to the seaside restaurant. However, young people often call it the love bridge because many choose this place for photoshoots.

Traveling along Nam Hai Bridge, you can capture moments and admire the sea, making it a very enjoyable experience here

Phuong Nam Pearl Resort is a unique seaside ecological resort that brings you and your family high-class and convenient services. Located in an ideal position, next to the famous 30/4 beach with a vast and windy pine forest. The resort’s large campus, harmoniously combined with the fresh natural scenery, abundant flowers and grass, creates a relaxed and comfortable feeling for resort guests.

Can Thanh Town

Can Thanh Town is quietly located in the suburbs of the city. Stepping in here, you can already feel a different world—gentle, peaceful, and quiet. All fatigue and worries naturally disappear. The road to Can Thanh Town is shaded and adorned with yellow flowers from the dipterocarp trees on both sides. In the dipterocarp flower season, this road is as romantically beautiful as the streets in Ho Chi Minh City.

The seaside town is stunning and breathtaking

In Can Thanh, there is a small park overlooking the sea. It is a place where you can rent a hammock to lie down and admire the gentle Can Gio sea under the summer sun. What could be better than a noon lying under the trees, listening to the rustling wind, and letting the sea lull you to sleep with the sound of the waves?

Thanh An Island

Thạnh An Island is located in Can Gio district, more than 50 km east of the center of Ho Chi Minh City and about 8 km from Can Gio district. While still part of Saigon, Thạnh An is like a girl nestled by the noisy flow of the urban area. About 5,000 people live here, mainly making a living by fishing for marine products and salt production.

Thanh An Island, lush green against the gentle blue sea

Because this island is not a tourist destination, you will immerse yourself in the simple life of the islanders when you come here. Thạnh An does not have many tourist services or luxurious amenities like in Saigon, but if you come here for a trip, you will never regret it because of the peaceful scenery, simple and genuine people, and especially delicious, fresh, and affordable food.

Reasonable Time to Visit Can Gio

Can Gio, located in the southern part of Vietnam, experiences two distinct seasons: a rainy season from May to October and a dry season from November to April the following year. However, any season is suitable for your trip to Can Gio as the temperature remains stable.

Getting to Can Gio

Can Gio is a unique coastal district adjacent to the southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. It is about 50 km away from the city center, and the journey from Saigon to Can Gio takes less than 2 hours. The area is renowned for its diverse mangrove ecosystem with unique coastal flora and fauna. Surrounded by an intricate network of rivers, Can Gio has become an isolated and distinctive “island.”

For an optimal experience, it is advisable to start your journey to Can Gio early in the morning for a cooler and more comfortable ride. This will also give you extra time to explore this beautiful coastal district.

Directions: Depart from the center of Saigon heading towards Tan Thuan Bridge. When you reach Nguyen Van Linh, turn and enter Huynh Tan Phat. From there, drive towards Binh Khanh ferry. After crossing Binh Khanh ferry, the motorbike fee for the next ferry is 5,000 VND. Continue along Rung Sac road until you reach Can Gio.

To save time and ensure safety during transportation, you may consider booking a private car rental service with a driver in Ho Chi Minh City from VnCarRentals.com. With a professional driver, door-to-door service will make your journey to Can Gio the most convenient.

Note: The route to Can Gio has several police checkpoints, so it’s important to carry all necessary vehicle documents, identification, and wear a helmet.

It’s advisable to fill up your gas tank before embarking on a trip to Can Gio.

The article on VnCarRentals.com’s has shared with you the top 6 tourist destinations in Can Gio. It is hoped that with this information, your trip to Can Gio will be enjoyable.

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