Cat Vang Beach – A Beautiful Camping Spot in Da Nang You Must Visit

Where is Cat Vang Beach Located?

Cat Vang Beach is a small branch of the Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang. With its prime location, backed by mountains and facing the sea, this camping spot in Da Nang promises to offer you unforgettable experiences.

Cat Vang Beach is a popular destination for camping in Da Nang

What Makes This Camping Spot in Da Nang Attractive?

Visiting Bãi Cát Vàng, you not only get to stroll along the beach, swim, and watch the sunset, but you also get to enjoy a cool, smoke-free atmosphere. In addition to recreational activities, exploring the rich flora and fauna here is an experience you can’t miss.

Camping at Yen Retreat – Hoa Bac, Da Nang

Yen Retreat is a camping spot with a peaceful, gentle, and poetic beauty, located in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city. It is surrounded by majestic, overlapping mountain ranges. At Yen Retreat, you can participate in exciting activities such as boating on the river and exploring the beautiful scenery along the banks. In the evening, everyone can camp together, barbecue, chat through the night, and gaze at the starry sky.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is an ideal camping spot in Da Nang with its long, wide sandy beaches and diverse ecosystem that you shouldn’t miss during your trip. Here, you can comfortably swim, dive to see coral reefs, and explore the rare brown-shanked douc langurs. Especially, Son Tra Peninsula offers paragliding at a height of 600 meters, full of challenges for adventurous young people. Additionally, you can organize barbecues, and watch the sunrise and sunset on this peninsula.

Son Tra Peninsula with its beauty blessed by nature

Bai Bac Hai Van

Mentioning camping spots in Da Nang wouldn’t be complete without Bai Bac Hai Van. This spot is about 30 km from Da Nang city center and is famous for its majestic beauty and pristine coastal road. It has a fairly large open area, suitable for overnight camping activities. Furthermore, from Bai Bac Hai Van, you can also admire the beauty of Da Nang’s sky, river, and water.

The ancient beauty of Hai Van Bac always attracts young people

Camping at Ho Xanh (Green Lake Danang), Da Nang

Green Lake Danang is located about 10 km north of Da Nang city center. It is an ideal camping spot for families and couples on weekends. Green Lake Danang boasts fresh, cool air, clear water, and a poetic landscape that will captivate you. When you visit this place, be sure to take a stroll on the lush green lawns and enjoy the nature around you.

Gieng Troi/The Well of Heaven

This place is known as a vast primeval forest located in the west of the city. Gieng Troi features a vibrant natural landscape with waterfalls flowing year-round. Camping in Da Nang here, you can engage in adventurous Tarzan rope swinging, camping, or fishing by the stream. You can also admire the pristine, picturesque mountainous scenery.

The majestic natural scenery at The Well of Heaven in Da Nang captivates everyone

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is the boundary between Da Nang and Thua Thien Hue. It is known for having the most beautiful coastal pass road in the world, enchanting anyone who has traveled through it. You can camp overnight at the pass’s peak to view the entire city or descend to Van village at the mountain’s foot for further exploration. Remember to prepare food, tents, sleeping bags, and thermal mats for a perfect camping trip in Da Nang.

Hai Van pass

Ban Co Peak

Dinh Ban Co is located in Tho Son ward, Son Tra district, about 10 km from Da Nang city center. At over 700 meters above sea level, from this mountain peak, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Da Nang city. Many young people choose to camp overnight here to capture the sunrise and admire the sunset and the city’s sparkling beauty at night.

Ban Co Peak on Son Tra Peninsula in Danang

Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake is a camping spot in Da Nang located about 20 km from the city center. It is the second-largest artificial lake in Da Nang, notable for its vast open spaces and lush green grasslands. Ho Hoa Trung is considered an ideal location for teambuilding activities, camping, and outdoor recreation.

Bai Ran Nam O

Located about 15 km from Da Nang city center, Bai Ran Nam O is a popular camping spot. At this location, you can freely stroll, swim, and participate in various beach activities. Additionally, there are many seafood restaurants near Bai Ran Nam O where you can enjoy fresh seafood.

Bo Bo Pine Hill

This campsite is an excellent destination for travel enthusiasts. Thanks to its fresh air and lush green space, Bo Bo Pine Hill attracts many “Instagrammers” and photography enthusiasts.

Tien Sa Port

This famous tourist area in Da Nang features beautiful beaches and wide sandy areas where you can camp overnight. Tien Sa Port also offers many fun outdoor activities for you to explore. A big plus of this Da Nang camping spot is that you can rent tents and sleeping bags right at the port.

Mui Nghe Da Nang

Mui Nghe boasts a wild, mysterious beauty with many exciting activities. To reach this Da Nang camping spot, you must trek through forests and cross streams on a challenging journey. At Mui Nghe, don’t forget to check in with the lion’s head-shaped rock and watch the sunrise over the sea. Additionally, you should bring tents, go fishing, and organize a barbecue to enjoy a perfect vacation.


Canh Duong Beach Camp

Located about 50 km from Da Nang city, Canh Duong is one of the favorite camping spots for young people. Canh Duong is a pristine, tranquil beach that allows you to escape the bustling city life. At this campsite, you don’t need to bring anything as all essential services are available at very affordable prices.

Van Village

Another Da Nang camping spot that recommends is Van Village. This small village lies at the foot of Hai Van Pass. It was known as a refuge for leprosy patients in the 1980s. Later, as the disease became less severe, people returned to their normal lives, leaving the village abandoned. Over the years, Lang Van impresses visitors with its wild nature, long sandy beaches, and lush meadows. You can visit this place with your family for a weekend retreat.’s has just introduced the top camping spots in Da Nang that many people know. We hope that the travel guide’s suggestions have helped you choose a satisfactory camping site. The team wishes you a lucky, smooth, and safe trip to Da Nang. Don’t forget to use our private car rental service with a driver in Da Nang for the best travel experience.

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