Top 5 Ho Chi Minh City(Sai Gon) River dinner cruise

Ho Chi Minh City, the city of nightlife, the city that never sleeps. Where you can find all kinds of activities to eat, have fun. And what could be more fun and comfortable if the joy of being with friends is mixed with the fresh air from the river winds and delicious, beautiful dishes? Follow us through the Top 5 Ho Chi Minh River dinner cruises with full reviews and choose for yourself the most suitable stopover.

Indochina Cruise – Saigon River dinner cruise in cozy style

If you love the space imbued with time with wooden sailboats, float down the Saigon River like in the early years of the last century. Surely you will not be able to miss the dinner on the Indochina boat.

Modeled after ancient boats, Indochina Cruise is a Saigon River dinner cruise for nostalgic souls. With traditional Vietnamese-style dishes on wooden tables and chairs, along with folk music performances. Make sure your dinner is not only full of flavor but also rich and very special.


  • Wooden yacht, nostalgic space
  • There are ethnic dance performances while dining, suitable for foreigners
  • Diverse menu, many dishes
  • Large dining table, suitable for 4-6 people to eat together
  • The table is near the window, easy to enjoy the scenery while eating


  • The boat is not too wide
  • If you go in a large group, you can’t join a table
  • In some cases, if the train is too crowded, the service will take a while

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Indochina Queen – Saigon River buffet dinner cruise

Along with the Saigon River – Indochina dinner cruise, Indochina Queen specializes in buffet service, suitable for large groups, corporate parties or groups of friends. Eurasian dishes and typical Vietnamese dishes prepared by experienced chefs will surely give you a delicious evening.

While enjoying the special taste of each dish while watching the unique performances of ethnic music and dance from the artists in the Ethnic band, this will be the perfect choice to end a full night with Loved Ones.


  • This Saigon River dinner cruise has many dishes, feel free to choose
  • Cuisine of many countries, suitable for many different tastes
  • Spacious and clean tables and chairs
  • The ship is wide and majestic


  • Not every location can see the scenery
  • Dishes outside the buffet menu will be charged separately

Saigon Cruise – Saigon River  dinner cruise for friends

If you love the lively, close atmosphere when dining, Saigon train will be an extremely suitable choice. Because a meal full of color – flavor – taste will not only include eye-catching dishes but also a fun atmosphere with friends when dining.

And on board Saigon, you will enjoy dinner amidst the cool nature on the Saigon River. The open space, the cool river breezes and the scenery from the busy urban areas reflected on the calm water will be a wonderful and unforgettable memory for you and your family and friends.


  • Cozy and comfortable space
  • The train runs smoothly, does not cause seasickness
  • Food with many dishes, easy to choose


  • Seating position will depend on the menu
  • Because the train is a bit crowded, sometimes it will be a bit noisy

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Bonsai – Saigon River dinner cruise for formal parties

The first attraction of this Saigon River dinner cruise is its luxurious appearance. The white Bonsai hull with wooden details creates an antique tinted architecture. Mixed with that is the interior space is designed extremely delicately, bringing a feeling of cozy comfort.

The space of the Saigon River Bonsai dinner cruise has a very delicately designed interior

Saigon Bonsai dinner cruise has a menu of many Asian and European dishes, and especially delicious grilled dishes. Therefore, this will surely be a dinner that will satisfy the most discerning diners.

After the meal, you can also watch the boat go down the water, enjoy the magnificent scenery of the city at night with typical buildings of historical value or modern buildings shimmering with lights. . Along with that, there are art performances, helping you and your family enjoy moments of peaceful gathering.


  • Luxurious and cozy space
  • Buffet buffet with international menu, many quality dishes
  • Enjoy the city scenery at night along both sides of the Saigon River
  • Admire architectural works such as Nha Rong Wharf, Bitexco building and skyscrapers
  • Enjoy exciting live music performances


  • The cost is quite high
  • The train only moves after the meal is over

Saigon Princess – Luxury Saigon River dinner cruise for couples

Discover Saigon in a different light, brilliant at night with colorful skyscrapers. Let’s go on a cruise on the 5-star Saigon Princess river dinner cruise, luxurious and luxurious in European royal style, taking you down the water to explore the vivid city picture.

The most luxurious 5-star standard Saigon River dinner cruise in Saigon

With three floors, four separate dining rooms and a terrace, a spacious, classy but equally cozy space, stepping inside you will feel overwhelmed by the Western standard design architecture.

In addition to enjoying the cool air, admiring the scenery on both sides along the Saigon River, you can also enjoy a romantic dinner with quality and delicious dishes. With many set menus for you to choose from Asian dishes to European dishes depending on your taste and preferences.


  • Good food, nice presentation
  • Menu à La Carte, spoiled for choice of favorite dishes
  • Beautiful and luxurious yacht
  • Sky deck with 360 degree view
  • The boat moves smoothly and gently without causing seasickness


  • The price is quite high

Saigon has many yachts and Saigon River dinner cruise services, but above are the 5 most outstanding and worth going Saigon river dinner cruises. Hope you can choose the service that best suits you and have fun exploring the city.

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