The top famous caves in Ha Giang are must-visit destinations when you have the opportunity to explore this land. Let’s check out these caves with’s to plan your next trip in detail.

Characteristics of caves in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a region in the northeastern mountainous area of Vietnam. Here, the terrain is mainly rugged mountains and rocky cliffs. The formation of caves is a result of geological changes, creating cracks and fractures that gradually form natural caves.

The natural caves have become attractions for tourism in Ha Giang

The famous caves in Ha Giang are characterized by the absence of stalactites; they are all dry caves. Therefore, the interiors of these caves are cool, dry, and clean, giving a warm feeling. If you have visited Ha Long Bay before, you will notice that the caves in these two regions have completely contrasting features.

The caves in Ha Giang feature unique and colorful stalactites formations

Listing the top famous caves in Ha Giang

Lung Khuy Cave

When hearing about Lung Khuy Cave, most travelers are intrigued by its name: the first cave of Ha Giang. But if you’ve had the chance to set foot here, you’ll surely be impressed by its unique, pristine, and eerie beauty, understanding why it’s named so.

Located along National Highway 4C, in Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, Lung Khuy Cave was officially opened for tourism by the Quan Ba District People’s Committee in 2015. It has retained its pristine beauty since then.

This place has become a very popular destination attracting a large number of tourists

With an area of over 300 square meters, the cave impresses visitors as soon as they step in, with giant stalactite blocks. Each stalactite block has unique shapes, stimulating the imagination with various magical colors. Some resemble towers, while others resemble beautiful flowers. You can admire the beauty here and take impressive photos.

Na Luong Cave

Nà Luông Cave leaves a lasting impression on visitors as one of the most magnificent yet gentle caves in Ha Giang. Among the caves explored in Ha Giang, it is the largest and deepest, boasting unparalleled beauty.

Located about 25 kilometers from Yen Minh Town, close to Na Luong Village, the cave stretches from Mau Long Commune in Yên Minh District to Sung Trai Commune in Dong Van District. Na Luong is part of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark and was recognized as a national monument in 2014.

Na Luong Cave with its tranquil and gentle space

The unique feature of Na Luong Cave lies in its unique terrain and extremely diverse stalactite system, forming various unique shapes. Entering the cave, which is over 30 meters high, you’ll see many precious wood species covering hundreds of stalactite blocks of all shapes. Further inside, there are three deep lakes and a system of gigantic stalactites. It’s no wonder Nà Luông Cave is always among the top famous caves in Ha Giang.

En Cave

The more time travelers spend learning about Ha Giang, the more they realize how generously nature has bestowed many captivating landscapes here. En Cave in Ha Giang is one of them. It’s like a “hidden gem” with rugged terrain, located in Yên Minh District, Ha Giang Province. Inside, it’s home to thousands of small swallows.

En Cave not only holds scenic value but is also intertwined with the beliefs of the local people

Due to the challenging terrain, exploring En Cave is quite difficult. You’ll need to travel a considerable distance, about 60 kilometers from Hà Giang City. This route passes through many pine forests and Quan Ba Sky Gate before reaching En Cave. Despite the remote and rugged road, witnessing the pristine and majestic beauty here is worth it.

In addition to its scenic value, this cave is also a spiritual symbol for the locals. According to tradition, swallows are embodiments of deities and ancestors because they are small but extremely resilient and have the longest lifespan among bird species. Therefore, swallows are considered birds of survival, associated with the faith of many generations in Dong Van.

If you love the pristine beauty of this cave, you can bring a tent to camp overnight inside the cave. This will surely be an unforgettable experience with one of the top famous caves in Ha Giang, creating unforgettable memories.

Phuong Thien Cave

Exploring the top famous caves in Ha Giang would be incomplete without Phuong Thien Cave. It is one of the most famous caves in northern Vietnam, conveniently located just 7 kilometers south of Ha Giang City. Despite being opened for tourism, it retains its original pristine beauty.

The marvelous stalactite formations inside Phuong Thien Cave

Phuong Thien cave is known as a vast cave system including Doi Cave, Lang Co Cave, and Phuong Thien Cave. It impresses visitors with its simple, gentle, and poetic beauty. Inside and outside the cave, there are small streams flowing quietly day and night, providing a fresh and cool atmosphere. The unique shapes of stalactite blocks inside the cave also amaze visitors. So if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Giang, don’t miss out on this unique cave.

Tung Ba Cave

The last name on the list of top famous caves in Ha Giang is Tung Ba Cave. It leaves images of a poetic and romantic cave, captivating hearts. That’s why many travelers, after visiting here, don’t hesitate to call it the “precious gem of the Northwest sky”.

Tung Ba isn’t a single cave but a system of interconnected large and small caves, with a total length of nearly 900 meters. Inside the cave, there are many stalactite blocks, forming magical and magnificent shapes, showcasing the mysterious beauty of nature. The interconnected caves without apparent endpoints also leave visitors in awe of the majestic beauty of nature here.

Tung Ba Cave with its sparkling and enchanting space

To visit Tung Ba Cave, you need to find your way to Hong Tien Village, Tung Ba Commune, Vi Xuyen District, Ha Giang Province. The cave is nestled among the mountains, a unique location for cave formation. Looking from the outside, the cave mouth is quite large, resembling the mouth of a dragon, which is why it’s named Tung Ba Cave.

Above,’s has just gone through the top famous caves in Ha Giang with you. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss any of these destinations on your trip. Remember to use’s private car rental service with a driver from Hanoi to Ha Giang for the best travel experience!”

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