The most beautiful beaches of Hue

Hue beach is known as one of the most interesting vacation destinations that you should not miss when coming to the land of capital. The beauty of Hue beaches can be summed up in 3 words “falling in love”.

In addition to the famous mausoleum architecture, diverse cuisine, Hue beaches are also considered “specialties” of the ancient capital. With a wild, poetic and full of charm, the beaches in Hue make many tourists excited and unforgettable every time they visit. Travel to Hue and experience 7 super beautiful Hue beaches in the following article!


1. Thuan An Beach

About 20km east of the city center, Thuan An Hue beach owns a coastline stretching over 12km. The sea water here is clear all year round, the air is fresh and cool and especially not too crowded with tourists. Therefore, Hue beach is an extremely ideal destination for relaxation, entertainment and entertainment after stressful working days.

2. Hai Duong Beach

Hai Duong Beach Hue owns a peaceful and wild character because it has not developed much tourism here. The impressive point in this Hue beach is the two super unique check-in locations created by people to break the waves, named high beach and low beach.

The low beach is solid screw-shaped concrete blocks, tinged with moss. And the high beach is super-large 3-foot stone slabs, randomly overlapping, this promises to be a super cool check-in location, don’t miss it!

3. Vinh Thanh Beach

Distance from city center Hue is only about 30 minutes by car, Vinh Thanh is known as one of the cleanest beaches, with lots of seafood and the freshest air in the capital. Coming here, you will experience an extremely large sea scene, clear blue sky, sunny white clouds, and gentle breezes. The most interesting thing when coming to this Hue beach is to interact and experience the livelihood of the people of Vinh Thanh fishing village, they are extremely sincere, gentle and hospitable.

4. Lang Co Hue Beach

Lang Co Beach Hue is probably a name that is no longer strange to sea tourism enthusiasts. Located right at the foot of Hai Van Pass, this Hue beach is favored by nature for its poetic and charming beauty.

The best time to go to Lang Co beach is from April to July. Coming here, in addition to having fun and relaxing on the enchanting beautiful beach, you can also enjoy famous specialties such as: grilled oysters, crab cakes, crab noodle soup and a variety of fresh seafood.

5. Canh Duong Beach

Canh Duong is known as the most “artificial” beach in Hue with many super quality virtual check-in points, the weather is very pleasing to people. Coming to Canh Duong beach, you can not only admire the beautiful scenery, have fun and relax, but also organize your own BBQ by the beach or visit nearby restaurants to enjoy specialties. here. All that promises to bring you an extremely memorable trip.

6. Ham Rong Hue Beach

Possessing a wild and mysterious beauty, Ham Rong Hue beach is really an ideal destination for tourists who love to conquer, explore and experience. In Ham Rong beach, near the shore are large and small rocks covered with moss, in the distance are waves crashing on the shore, blending with the poetic quietness has created a picturesque scene. , making this Hue beach win the hearts of many visitors.

7. Tan Canh Duong Beach Hue

Leaving behind unfinished deadlines, leaving behind the chaos of busy life, there is nothing more wonderful than coming to Hue and enjoying the fresh and cool atmosphere of Tan Canh Duong beach.

Different from the wild and peaceful beauty of the above beaches, Tan Canh Duong brings with it the excitement and bustle of many bars, restaurants, and amusement parks for all ages, planned according to the standards of the city. green – clean – beautiful standards, meeting all the entertainment and relaxation needs of visitors.

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