Dam Sen Park is increasingly becoming a hot place, attracting a large number of tourists to enjoy and experience entertainment activities after hard working days. If you are planning to choose this as a relaxing weekend destination, let’s take a walk around with Vietnam Car Rental to see what this park has to offer!

Introduction to Dam Sen Park

Dubbed the “green oasis”, Lotus lagoon park with nearly 40 years of operation but this place is still one of the destinations that have never stopped being hot in Saigon. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the fresh atmosphere of poetic nature and be immersed in interesting entertainment games.

Dam Sen Park is a combination of two Asian and European styles to create a unique and separate relaxing space. Owning a spacious campus of up to 50ha, the whole park is divided into 2 main areas: Dam Sen Cultural Park (Dried Dam Sen) and Dam Sen Water Park. As one of the favorite entertainment places in Saigon, Halo is confident that Dam Sen Park will bring you many great experiences.

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How to get to Dam Sen Park 

Private Car vehicles

Ho Chi Minh Car Rental With Driver are a reasonable choice for those who want to be proactive about their time. Our drivers quickly pick you up at your desired time, save you time, and help you have a comfortable and safe trip.


Buses are also one of the means of transportation to Dam Sen Park that people choose to save money. Saigon owns a bus system with many bus routes running continuously. In which, bus routes passing through Dam Sen Park include bus 11, 15, 23, 38, 41, 64, 69, 144, 148. Most of each bus has a specific travel schedule but to be sure. For sure, you can ask the driver to get to the park!

Update the latest ticket price to visit Dam Sen Park 2024

To enter Dam Sen dry area, you can purchase tickets at the entrance gates. Below is the ticket price table for reference, updated by the VnCarRentals.com travel guide as of January 2024. The admission prices for Dam Sen dry area are subject to change depending on the date and during holidays, Tet (Vietnamese New Year). Therefore, you can follow the official website of Dam Sen Cultural Park to get the latest ticket prices as well as other interesting information.

FULL-DAY TICKET PRICES from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM: Daytime admission, includes games, excluding electric car services and the aquarium.

Object Dam Sen Cultural Park 2024 Gate Ticket Price Dam Sen Water Park 2024 Gate Ticket Price In-park Purchase Price
Adults (>1.4m) 280,000 VND/person 220,000 VND/person 150,000 VND/person
Children (<1.4m) 200,000 VND/person 150,000 VND/person 150,000 VND/person

DAYTIME ADMISSION PRICES: (excluding games and electric car services)

Purchase at the gate:

  • 140,000 VND/person taller than 1.4m
  • 100,000 VND/child from 1m to 1.4m

Purchase at the Water Park gate:

  • 80,000 VND/person taller than 1.4m
  • 50,000 VND/child from 1m to 1.4m

SILVER PACKAGE PRICES: Daytime admission, includes games, exclusive pathways, Aquarium, Fish Massage (excluding electric car services)

Purchase at the gate:

  • 380,000 VND/person taller than 1.4m
  • 240,000 VND/child from 1m to 1.4m

Purchase at the Water Park gate:

  • 340,000 VND/person taller than 1.4m
  • 220,000 VND/child from 1m to 1.4m

In-park purchase: 280,000 VND/person

What is the attraction of the dry lotus lagoon area?

Check-in virtual living at dry Dam Sen

Possessing a background with many beautiful virtual living corners, coming to the dry Dam Sen area, you will freely take pictures and bring back beautiful shimmering photos. Halo reveals to you some extremely hot check-in locations that everyone who comes to wants to save beautiful pictures such as: rainbow under the clouds, invisible bridge, 7 wonders square , Cloud road, …

In addition to the above virtual living places, Dam Sen cultural park also has beautiful flower gardens for you to enjoy: Flower springs at Nam Tu Thuong Nguyen, Southern flower road, forest orchid island, garden. cactus or sunflower garden?

Release stress with more than 40 exciting games

Visiting Dry Lotus Dam, you will be attracted with more than 40 exciting games. Some of the outstanding games include:

  • Kid playground
  • Seals crossing the waterfall
  • Flying Dinosaur
  • Jumping Frog
  • Animal world
  • Childhood circle
  • Explore why
  • Bull Arena
  • Space rotation
  • Super speed roller coaster
  • Tram hit a tornado
  • Fantasy flying car
  • Flying carpet
  • Animal circus

If you are passionate about thrills, don’t miss the horror castle, roller coaster, waterfall, virtual world, …

Note: For those who participate in few games, it is recommended to buy tickets in a single form. For those who want to explore all the games here, buying a package ticket will save the most money.

Visiting the zoo

The zoo in dry Dam Sen is also an extremely interesting place to visit for those who love the animal world. Currently, this zoo is nurturing more than 100 wild animals. Coming here, you will be able to see with your own eyes rare and precious animals that have only been seen on TV before such as: orangutans, sun bears, giraffes, hippos, long-tailed monkeys, Asian elephants and birds…

Explore the Aquarium

Located in Nam Tu Thuong Uyen garden, Dam Sen Aquarium is one of the unique works built to serve tourists to visit, study and research. With an area of ​​over 3000m2, this is home to more than 6000 aquatic creatures, more than 40 species of plants and 150 species of rare animals. Coming to the Aquarium, you will admire many unique, strange and rare species of fish from many different waters such as: Black fin shark, manta ray, Grouper Turmeric, Ho fish, etc.

Explore games at Dam Sen Park

After visiting the area of ​​​​dry lotus lagoon, you can buy tickets through Dam Sen Water to be cheaper and more economical! This place converges a lot of attractive games in which water games are the most popular. In the hot summer days, there is nothing better than going to Dam Sen water park to soak in the cool blue water and play hard with the games below.

Gentle relaxing game area

In this area, you can participate in a series of gentle relaxing games such as: Fountain Square, Lazy River, Water Jet Massage. The games here will give you a feeling of refreshment, dispel fatigue and create positive energy for the body after stressful working days.

Thrilling game area at Dam Sen Park 

If you are a  “thriller” then this area was born just for you. Some games are not to be missed such as: Swinging over the waterfall, Extreme double twist, Cyclone, Super speed, etc. Although these are adventurous and stimulating games, it will make your trip great. more fun and memorable. Try to experience that feeling once!

Floating game area

This area of ​​Dam Sen Park includes outstanding games such as: Wild River, Black Thunder Slide, triple float slide. These are the games most loved by groups of young people and couples. The feeling of exciting adventure mixed with a gentle relaxation will blow away the summer heat for you.

Body slide game area

The area of ​​the body slide game cluster is designed in a variety of eye-catching colors, offering challenges from easy to difficult with different types of slides with different structures such as: Multi-lane slide, Love Storm slide, chute Space Bowl slide, giant slide. With a modern slide system, you will be able to drop yourself from above with a strong flow of water, giving you a feeling of nothing better.

Pool area

The pool area is also extremely diverse including Solar Massage Pool, Activity Lake, Wave Pool, Children’s Lake… which is loved by many families with young children thanks to its cool, clear, and clean water. will and the accompanying smart utilities. Visitors can take the children for a walk at the wave pool with the artificial wave mode divided into many levels, from gentle to strong and intense.

Not only children, but adults also showed interest in the games inside Dam Sen Nuoc. That’s why every weekend, this is the top destination chosen by parents to spend time with their children and bond with extremely meaningful family feelings.

What to eat at Dam Sen Park?

Dam Sen Park allows bringing in food from outside. However, to ensure general hygiene, you should only bring dry food such as fruit, cakes, and water. If you want to eat comfortably, you can choose between the restaurants inside the amusement park.

  • Thuy Ta Restaurant: This is a restaurant specializing in serving Chinese – Vietnamese dishes. The food here is considered delicious, diverse and prepared by experienced chefs.
  • Restaurant 79: Designed in a natural style, surrounded by plants and flowers, it gives you a space to enjoy a cool, Western-style lunch.
  • Men cricket shop: Opposite the children’s play area and is a dining place serving a variety of different objects, especially food for children.

Some notes when going to Dam Sen water park

To have a fun but safe trip, you need to pay attention to some regulations of Dam Sen water park such as:

  • When participating in the slide games, you should dress neatly and do not wear cumbersome and hard accessories … because it is easy to get caught on the slide, which is very dangerous.
  • Pets, explosives, stimulants, and banned drugs are not allowed into the park.
  • Consciously protect the park’s assets
  • Park your car in the right place
  • Self-manage property when visiting
  • Responsible for the care of accompanying children

Above is the  latest updated Dam Sen Water Park experience that you should not miss. Take advantage of the weekends to experience it right away. Surely the games here will bring you unforgettable memories.

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