Ta Van Village – Most Detailed Travel Review from A to Z in 2024

Ta Van Village is a village where the lives of the locals are simple, peaceful, and not as bustling as in other villages. It is also one of the least populated villages in SaPa. If you want to captivate tourists for another visit, only the simple, quiet villages with a strong ethnic and picturesque natural identity can truly attract. One of these villages is Ta Van – one of the beautiful areas of the town of SaPa.

Therefore, many tourists wonder, where is Ta Van Village? What is special about Ta Van Village? Let’s explore and answer these questions with VnCarRentals.com’s in the following article!

Where is Ta Van Village?

Ta Van Village is located about 20km from the town of SaPa, in the administrative area of Ta Van commune, SaPa district, Lao Cai province. According to the ethnic language of the H’Mong people, Ta Van translates to a large arch. Throughout history, Ta Van Village has leaned against the foothills of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, with the winding Mường Hoa stream flowing in front of it.

The Nature of the Mountainous Forest in Ta Van

For a long time, Ta Van has been the home of the H’Mong ethnic group, although there are also residents from the Giay and Red Dao ethnic groups. If you want to admire the vibrant and colorful panorama of the Muong Hoa Valley, you must visit Ta Van Village to experience the simple and rustic beauty of the area.

How far is it from Sapa town to Ta Van Village?

From the center of SaPa town to Ta Van Village, it is quite a distance of about 20km. Follow the Cau May street, continue to Mường Hoa street, and go straight to the end of the town to the ticket checkpoint. From there, follow the Muong Hoa stream to reach Ta Van Village.

The Enchanting Beauty of the Land of Ta Van

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Ticket Prices for Ta Van Village in 2024

A few years ago, tourists visiting Ta Van Village for tourism purposes enjoyed free admission, and even the entrance gate was not strictly controlled. However, at present, most tourist attractions in SaPa charge an entrance fee, and Ta Van Village is no exception. The primary purpose of collecting admission fees for visiting Ta Van Village is to alleviate the difficulties of local residents and support the community. Additionally, the funds generated from ticket sales will be utilized for the construction and maintenance of the road leading to the village.

The ticket price to enter the gate of Ta Van Village is approximately 75,000 VND per person. However, the ticket control at the gate is not very strict, and on days with unfavorable weather conditions such as rain or during midday sun, there is usually no one checking tickets.

What’s Special About Ta Van Village, Sapa?

Terraced Rice Fields

Ta Van boasts many beautiful landscapes, and one not to be missed is undoubtedly the breathtaking scenery of the terraced rice fields. Crafted by the hands of the locals, these terraced fields gracefully meander around the mountainsides and hillsides, forming a picturesque scene. Below the vivid green terraced fields, the majestic panorama of the clustered mountain ranges creates a magnificent and dreamy landscape. When you visit Cat Cat Village, you’ll experience the serene and tranquil atmosphere of this pristine place.

The abundant terraced rice fields embellish the beauty of the entire Ta Van Village.

To appreciate the beauty of the terraced fields in Ta Van, you can visit at any time of the year. Just lift your camera, and you’ll capture timeless photos. If you visit Ta Van when the locals are irrigating the fields, you’ll witness a grandiose silver-white painting with the backdrop of majestic mountains, reflecting the entire sky. In December to February, the coldest months, you might encounter freezing snowfall. However, this period is also when cherry and peach blossoms bloom, transforming Ta Van into a poetic destination. Additionally, visiting in September to October, you’ll encounter shimmering golden terraced fields, adorned in a vibrant yellow attire, leaving you captivated.

Traditional Houses in Ta Van

The first impression upon seeing the ancient houses along the roads in Ta Van is their beauty, cleanliness, and spaciousness. You can choose some houses for virtual check-ins, such as the houses of Lo A Muc or Mr. Hoang Din. Lo A Muc’s house, built in 1934, is a characteristic wooden structure of the Giay ethnic group. Upon entering, you’ll encounter a Pơmu wood altar, designed in the traditional style of the local ethnic people. If you have a passion for travel and exploration, visiting here allows you to experience daily life, traditional customs, and indulge in local delicacies. Therefore, it’s recommended to come and enjoy a cozy fireside chat with corn wine, listening to ancient stories.

Nature in Ta Van Village

When exploring Ta Van, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking and simple masterpiece of nature in the Northwest mountainous region. You’ll admire the beauty of the streams flowing gracefully, accompanied by the melodious songs of birds echoing through the forest, creating a sense of peace and simplicity. Next to Ta Van is the majestic Muong Hoa stream.

Discovering the Local Life in Ta Van Village

If you’ve been to crowded and lively tourist destinations and want to find a tranquil place to connect with nature, Ta Van Village in Sapa is a must-visit. Take the time to observe the landscapes and people in this area. The daily life of the people in Ta Van proceeds normally; in the morning, they work in the fields, and in the evening, they may engage in weaving or fabricating textiles. The locals are friendly and hospitable, making you feel at home when staying in a homestay in Ta Van. You’ll be welcomed with local mountain specialties and provided with all the necessary accommodation facilities.

If you visit, you’ll likely encounter children selling beautiful handmade ethnic souvenirs along the way. Also, on the road to Ta Van, you’ll see Muong pigs with a bit of white on their heads, a distinctive feature of the locals. This journey will leave you with many unforgettable memories.

Check-In at Stunning View Homestays in Ta Van

After a day of exploring nature, you’ll need a place to rest and learn about the local life in Ta Van. Similar to Cat Cat Village, Ta Van also offers beautiful homestays to serve domestic and international tourists who come to visit and stay. The prices for these homestays range from 80,000 to 150,000 VND per night, making them quite affordable for a night in such a picturesque location. It’s advisable to call ahead and book a room about a week before arriving. Some homestays with beautiful views in Ta Van include Ta Van Homestay, Ta Van Family Homestay, or Dao Leaf Homestay.

The panoramic view of a homestay in Ta Van Village

Traditional Festivals in Ta Van Village

If you visit Ta Van in the winter, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the unique traditional festivals of the ethnic people. You’ll witness lively dances accompanied by the sound of traditional instruments like khèn (a kind of bamboo flute) meticulously crafted by local young men, showcasing the rich cultural identity of the ethnic groups. In the evening, bonfires will be lit, featuring traditional performances such as bamboo pole dancing, fan dancing, and other notable activities. This is a chance for you to experience something extraordinary.

Capture the Cloud Bridge at Ta Van Village

Many of you have likely heard of the Cloud Bridge, a bridge that has created a buzz on social media and attracted the attention of many domestic and international tourists. Built long ago to meet the transportation needs of the locals, the bridge is constructed with forest vines and thin wooden panels. Hence, it earned the name Cloud Bridge. However, due to its age, it is challenging to cross, so be cautious when taking photos here.

Experiences When Visiting Ta Van Village

The journey from Hanoi to SaPa and the surrounding tourist destinations in SaPa is quite long, so you’ll need good health for travel. Ta Van Village is situated at a high altitude with many mountains, so the temperature will differ from other places. Therefore, make sure to prepare suitable clothing and personal items. Before heading to the village, check the weather forecast to be well-prepared for your visit to Ta Van.

Book your accommodation in advance to avoid situations where all the good rooms are taken. Additionally, Ta Van Village is close to famous destinations like Lao Chai Village, Ta Phin Village, and Cat Cat Village, offering numerous sightseeing spots. Most importantly, prepare a cheerful mindset and recharge your energy for a journey to fully explore the beauty of this place.

Please recharge your energy and meticulously prepare for the trip with your family to explore a land of mystical and poetic beauty in Ta Van Village. Hopefully, the detailed information about Ta Van Village will help you have a wonderful discovery journey. If you are interested in a tour to Ta Van Village, contact VnCarRentals.com right away to get the best deals.

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