The experience of conquering the Sung La Valley is extremely fascinating

The experience of conquering the Sung La Valley is always sought after by many young people in search of adventure. When exploring Sung La Valley, what places should one visit, where to stay, what to eat? All will be shared in the article below. So why wait any longer? Let’s explore right away with!

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Introduction to the Sủng La Valley

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Where is the Sung La Valley located?

The Sung La Valley in Ha Giang is situated on the axis of National Highway 4C connecting Yen Minh town with the central plateau of rocky terrain and lies deep beneath the famous “cat’s ear” cliffs of Ha Giang. Located 20km from Dong Van town, Sủng La carries the charm of a fairy tale.

There is a lush and refreshing Sung La that leaves countless tourists longing for it

Upon arriving at Sung La Valley, you will be impressed by the quaint houses and picturesque flower fields. Despite the harsh nature, the flowers in Sủng La always thrive, creating a beautiful, gentle, and enchanting valley that mesmerizes countless visitors who have the opportunity to wander here. In addition to exploring nature, you also have the opportunity to learn about the culture and life of the local people.

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Transportation options here

After arriving at Sủng La, you can travel around by taxi, motorbike, or on foot. Most tourists visiting Ha Giang choose to rent motorbikes for self-exploration, offering flexibility and control throughout the journey. Below is the viewpoint from

Taxis are suitable for families and groups of friends. In Ha Giang, there are many taxi companies to choose from such as Mai Linh Taxi, Thanh Cong Taxi, Ha Giang Taxi, etc., at relatively affordable prices.

The routes leading up to the Sung La Valley have never been easy

Due to continuous mountainous terrain and sharp curves, according to’s experience in conquering the Sủng La Valley, motorbikes are the most popular choice. Motorcycle rental services in Ha Giang are diverse and easy to choose from, however, according to’s experience, you should carefully check the bike before riding and choose reputable rental locations. Some motorcycle rental points in Ha Giang that you can consider are Hong Dao Motorbike Rental, Hang Thuong Motorbike Rental, etc.

Furthermore, many tourists often depart from Hanoi and seek a safe and fast means of transportation to Ha Giang. provides private car rental services with drivers in Hanoi, with a professional team of drivers with many years of experience to ensure you have the most comfortable trip. Book your private car rental service from Hanoi to Ha Giang today.

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Is the road to Sung La Valley easy to travel?

The road to the Sung La Valley can be considered a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, travelers, and thrill-seekers. To admire the panoramic view of this valley, you need to go from Yen Minh towards Dong Van town, then you can stop at the intersection of Pho Bang town to admire the romantic natural beauty bestowed upon this land by the heavens.

Sủng La is memorable for its colorful natural landscape, such as the green of the trees, the purple hue of buckwheat flowers, or the golden yellow of mustard flower fields, amidst the simple houses of the local ethnic people. Continuing the journey to Sủng La, you need to pass through Pho Cao for about 2km more until you see a sign indicating a left turn to Pho Bang, but do not turn left, continue straight for another 2km to reach your desired destination.

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Discovering the beauty of the Sung La Valley

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – The peaceful beauty of the Sung La Valley in Ha Giang

According to the experience of many in conquering the Sung La Valley, springtime is when the natural scenery is most beautiful, so don’t miss the opportunity to travel during this time. Spring in Sung La is also the most beautiful season, with flowers blooming in abundance, and everything bursting with life, making the natural scenery in the Sung La Valley even more beautiful. Especially, you can indulge in taking photos amidst fields of golden mustard flowers or lush green cornfields stretching along the roads.

The Sung La Valley is beautiful in every season

Not only impressive for its natural beauty, Sung La also leaves a positive impression on both domestic and international tourists due to the warmth, friendliness, and hospitality of the ethnic people living here.

Fresh highlights in the magnificent natural picture of Ha Giang

If you have traveled to Sung La, you will easily encounter the beautiful images of nature, resembling a painting. This charming picture is especially adorned by the images of H’Mong ethnic girls weaving fabric by the window, carrying younger siblings on their backs to school, or simply returning to childhood with images of innocent children playing at the doorstep. An indispensable feature is the vibrant Lô Lô sisters with their colorful scarves or the graceful H’Mong people in traditional costumes that stand out unmistakably.

The majestic mountains and hills add to the charm of the adorable children of Ha Giang, making them even more captivating!

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to the Sung La Valley

Experience conquering the Sung La Valley – Must-visit Lui Pho Bang Market

Lui Pho Bang Market is known as a small market, not too bustling like other markets in Ha Giang. According to tradition, this market gathers once a week, located right at the intersection leading to Sung La. Another experience in conquering the Sung La Valley for you is that the market only operates in the morning, so try to arrange your schedule to visit here, engage in trading, and learn more about the life and culture of the local people. Especially, this market is also an opportunity for young men and women to meet and socialize.

Experience in conquering the Sung La Valley is that you must definitely visit the Lui Pho Bang market at least once

Visit Lung Cam

One of the experiences in conquering the Sung La Valley is not to forget to visit Lung Cam, which is the home to 60 households of different ethnic groups such as Lo Lo, Mong, Han… and it’s also the setting for the movie “The Story of Pao”.

The cultural tourism village of Lung Cam carries the characteristic beauty of the highlands with the romantic image of centuries-old traditional houses, colorful flower gardens, or simply the lush green cornfields. When visiting Lung Cam, don’t forget to participate in the traditional festivals in this area.

Check-in at Pao’s House

Pao’s House is a famous ancient house after the movie “The Story of Pao” with a history of over 100 years. With its rustic and ancient features, Pao’s House is always a stopping point for many tourists when visiting Ha Giang, especially when traveling to Sung La. This house has been an inspiration for many artists in various fields. Pao’s House stands out with its unique architecture, divided into 3 sections in a U-shaped design. In the middle is a small courtyard paved with weathered stone slabs. The house has a main hall divided into several rooms, a living room, bedrooms, a warehouse, a kitchen, and a stable for raising livestock and poultry.

Pao’s House features an incredibly peaceful and romantic setting

Experience in conquering the Sung La Valley – Some notes when visiting the Sung La Valley

To make your journey exploring the Sung La Valley more complete, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can visit the Sung La Valley in Ha Giang at any time of the year, but particularly suggests that spring offers more interesting discoveries.
  • You should also bring warm clothes to avoid feeling cold in the high mountains.
  • If you want to experience and live like a local, you can choose to stay at a local’s house instead of renting a homestay. The local people here are very friendly and generous, so they may offer you free accommodation.
  • Before you go, you may want to bring some candy or fruits to share with the local children.

These are the experiences in conquering the Sung La Valley that’s has summarized. Hopefully, this information will be helpful for you in exploring the nature, culture, and people of Ha Giang. If you are planning a trip to the northernmost region of Vietnam, don’t miss out on this wonderful destination!

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