Starlight Bridge Saigon – Singapore in miniature in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon Starlight Bridge is a very famous dating and entertainment address for people in Ho Chi Minh City. Discover the fanciful, brilliant beauty of the bridge as well as enjoy the fresh and relaxed air in the bustling bustling Saigon.

Referring to the ideal place to hang out in Saigon, many people will immediately remember the Saigon Starlight Bridge . As one of the most beautiful bridges in the city, Anh Sao Bridge is increasingly showing its attraction with its sophisticated and modern beauty and many accompanying sightseeing, entertainment and dining services.

The meaning of the name Starlight Bridge

Referring to the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention the Saigon Starlight Bridge. This is not only a place for walking and sightseeing, but also a romantic dating place for young people. Starlight Bridge was built in 2009 with a length of 170m, a width of 8.3m with an impressive design. Kenh Dao area with square designed to simulate the moon, Crescent Lake area to simulate the sun. The two sides of the bridge are installed with a seven-color LED system.

The reason is called “Starlight Bridge” because the bridge design uses a system of multi-colored LED lights, creating a scene as brilliant as the starry sky. From a distance, the Starlight Bridge becomes prominent by its sparkling rays like seven rainbow colors, beautiful and poetic. This place not only creates a very unique beauty for Saigon but is also a witness to love stories of couples.

With its brilliant beauty, in 2013, the Starlight Bridge in Saigon received the Arthur G. Hayden Medal of the International Bridge and Road Conference (IBC). At the same time, also in this year, Anh Sao Bridge entered the top 100 interesting things of the city voted by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Where is Saigon Starlight Bridge? Go how?

Address of Saigon Starlight Bridge: Phu My Hung Urban Area, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Means of transportation to Saigon Starlight Bridge: There are 2 ways of transportation for you to choose from

  • Bus: Currently, there are two buses passing through Saigon Starlight Bridge, bus routes 68 and 139. You get on the bus and ask the driver to stop at the station closest to Anh Sao Bridge and then walk a few hundred meters to arrive. . With this way of moving, you need to preview the operating time of the bus to avoid missing the bus or not being able to catch the last bus.
  • Motorbike/car: With this way, you can look up google maps to find the shortest route. However, with this method, you need to pay attention to find a safe parking lot to avoid being “hacked”.

Parking lot: Where to park the car at Anh Sao Bridge so as not to be “hacked” is a question many visitors wonder. You can refer to some of these parking spots.

  • Parking for Anh Sao Saigon Bridge: Located next to Tran Van Tra Street, opposite CTIM College.
  • Parking lot for Crescent Mall supermarket: Parking here is very reassuring and does not worry about cutting, but you have to walk quite a distance.
  • Parking in CTIM College: If the above parking lots are not available, you can park your car here.

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What does Saigon Starlight Bridge have? 5 experiences not to be missed

Magical shimmering color system

When walking on the Saigon Starlight Bridge , visitors will see a system of LED lights on both sides of the bridge that continuously change colors, creating a very shimmering and fanciful scene. In the afternoon, this place is also suitable for watching the romantic sunset in the middle of Saigon.

Walking around Crescent Lake enjoy the feeling of peace

On windy afternoons, there is nothing more wonderful than walking around Crescent Lake. You can go for a run, exercise to improve your health or simply go for a walk with your lover holding hands, telling happy everyday stories.

Crescent Lake in the windy afternoon

Relaxing and enjoying the wind in the square on both sides of the bridge

If your feet feel tired, you can stop and rest on the lawns or benches to admire the surrounding scenery and the flow of people, which is also very peaceful and relaxing.

See the water spray scene at Saigon Starlight Bridge

If you want to see the Starlight Bridge shimmering in bright lights and the water spray scene on the bridge, you should come after 5pm from Thursday onwards. At this time, the number of visitors walking on the bridge is quite crowded, the management will turn on all lights and sprinklers.

You should come on the weekend to see the shimmering beauty of Starlight Bridge (Source: Collectibles)

Lose yourself in a green park with green grass

The park at Anh Sao Bridge is very elaborately designed. You can sit and enjoy the scenery on the smooth green grass, or take a walk under the shady trees. Just enjoying the wind, enjoying the snacks, it feels really interesting.

Smooth green grass at Anh Sao Bridge area

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Saigon Starlight Bridge has a very special beauty. This place not only has lakes, trees, and smooth grass, but also urban buildings with modern Western architecture. Just an afternoon of walking, you can bring back hundreds of extremely shimmering “virtual” live photos.

Quite a lot of tourists wonder if it costs money to play at the Starlight Bridge in Saigon ? Or how much is the ticket price of the Saigon Starlight Bridge, the answer is “no”. You can go to the promenade on any day without paying an entrance fee. If you want to enjoy food in this area, you need to prepare a little bit of money because there are many attractive dishes.

Cuisine by Saigon Starlight Bridge – special snacks

What to eat at Anh Sao Bridge? Visit the Starlight Bridge, don’t forget to enjoy the delicious snacks here. The dishes are prepared quickly, with a typical Saigon flavor that everyone loves such as dried squid with soy sauce, mixed rice paper, duck eggs, French fries … spoiled for you to choose.

You can stop to enjoy it at the restaurant or bring it to a spacious area, open a small party with friends right at the Saigon Starlight Bridge. The price of these dishes is also very reasonable, only from 60,000 – 200,000 VND only.

Experience when exploring Saigon Starlight Bridge

  • Starlight Bridge will spray water from Thursday to Sunday every week. So if you want to see the fountain, you should come on these days.
  • Led lights will only open on weekends, after 5pm. You can come to this place at that time, watch the sunset, and admire the shimmering scenery of Starlight Bridge when the lights are on.



Although Ho Chi Minh City has no shortage of interesting places to play, the Saigon Starlight Bridge still carries great spiritual value to city residents as well as tourists. The bridge not only wears the shimmering, brilliant beauty of the lights at night, but also is a place where visitors feel the peace, relaxation and comfort next to the hustle and bustle of the city.


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