Nguyen Van Troi Bridge – Top Check-in points in Da Nang

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is an old bridge, associated with many years of brilliant development of Da Nang city. Up to now, the bridge has put on a different look, fresh and full of life. This is also a place to gather and admire the Han River of Da Thanh youth as well as many tourists. Let ‘s explore with Vn Car Rentals’s what is so special about this bridge

About Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge was built in 1960 with the task of connecting traffic between the two banks of the Han River to serve war purposes. Later, when Da Nang grew more and more developed, the bridge could no longer meet the development of commerce, transportation, tourism and services of the city. In 2013, the bridge officially stopped traffic and turned into a pedestrian bridge for people to travel and admire.

Over half a century associated with generations of Da Nang people, this bridge has witnessed the city’s rise to become the leading modern and dynamic tourist destination in the country. Coming here, you can enjoy the beauty of famous bridges in Da Nang and drop your soul into the peaceful and poetic beauty of the Han River.

Directions to Nguyen Van Troi Bridge

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is also located in Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District , right in the city center, so moving here is also very easy. Going from Da Nang International Airport, you go straight to Duy Tan Street. To Tran Thi Ly, you continue to go straight for about 15 minutes to reach the bridge. You can combine visiting Nguyen Van Troi Bridge with other famous tourist attractions such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, etc.

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What is interesting about Nguyen Van Troi Bridge?

Although Da Nang has more and more new and modern bridges, Nguyen Van Troi bridge still has its own charm. With a peaceful and poetic look, this place is still the top attraction of many tourists.

Unique architecture

Associated with the image of the city, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is considered a souvenir of Da Nang. The bridge underwent two restorations in 1978 and 1996 to reinforce the reinforced concrete on the face. The bridge is more than 500m long, about 8.5m wide, designed with 14 spans.

The arch architecture of Poni steel truss combined with eye-catching yellow paint makes the bridge even more prominent in the bustling and dynamic young city. The bridge is also equipped with a lighting system that makes the scene shimmering and fanciful at night. Thanks to its unique and creative structure, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge has contributed greatly to the development of tourism in Da Nang city.

Check-in points “genuine”

With new architecture, shimmering and romantic scenery, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge gradually becomes a favorite shooting spot for many photographers and young people who love “virtual living”. The bridge is beautiful in the rustic, familiar, bringing something nostalgic about the old Da Nang, making the photo more artistic.

Standing on the bridge, you can get the Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, the sun wheel in your photo. The wind from the river blows through the hair, combined with the striking yellow color, and the blue sky in the distance will definitely give you a set of super pretty photos. If shooting at night, you should choose the angle at 2/3 of the bridge to see the whole Tran Thi Ly bridge shimmering colors on the side.

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The gathering place of many young people in Da Thanh

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is the ideal place to fully enjoy the dreamy and lyrical features of the city worth living. Standing on the bridge, watching the quiet river surface, the two banks are bustling streets, crowded with vehicles will definitely be an interesting experience. Not only that, this is also a place to gather, sing, and enjoy the hearts of many young people.

At the lawn area at the bridgehead and on both sides of the road, young people often sit back and bring some favorite snacks to sip and talk together. If you like, you can take a walk along the bridge to admire the outstanding works of the city such as the Da Nang Administrative Center building, parallel bridges, the sun wheel, etc.

Note when going to Nguyen Van Troi Bridge Da Nang

If you intend to come to Nguyen Van Troi bridge, you must definitely save the following experiences:

  • Before going to the bridge, you should check the weather forecast, on sunny days, there will be a cool breeze at night at the bridge, convenient for walking and playing.
  • If shooting at the bridge at night, you should avoid choosing dark clothes. The light on the bridge is gentle, not too bright, so the dark outfit color will make you less prominent.
  • From 11 p.m., the lights on the bridge will turn off, so you need to prepare more light devices if you want to eat snacks with your close friends here.
  • Nguyen Van Troi Bridge does not have a parking space, so you need to ask about the accommodation or people around before coming to avoid wasting time.

Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is more than 60 years old, but the beauty is still not inferior to other modern bridges. The peaceful and poetic feature is the difference that makes the bridge between the city center. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, you must definitely come here to visit. And don’t forget to follow Vietnam Car Rental for more useful travel information.


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