How many kilometers is it from Nha Trang to Da Lat? What are the most popular ways to travel?

How many kilometers is it from Nha Trang to Da Lat? What are the transportation options from Nha Trang to Da Lat? What should you consider when traveling from Nha Trang to Da Lat? The following article from’s will help you answer these questions.

The distance from Nha Trang to Da Lat or the time it takes to travel from Nha Trang to Da Lat are questions that many tourists are interested in when they want to travel between these two destinations. Based on the travel experience from Nha Trang to Da Lat, you should carefully research the distance and transportation methods to plan your itinerary accordingly.

How many kilometers is it from Nha Trang to Da Lat, and how many hours does it take?

Nha Trang and Da Lat are two of the most famous tourist destinations in Central Vietnam. These two places are not too far apart, so tourists can easily travel back and forth using various means of transportation. So, how many kilometers is it from Nha Trang to Da Lat?

The travel route from Nha Trang to Da Lat

The distance from Nha Trang to Da Lat depends on factors such as the starting point, destination, and the route taken. Based on a search on Google Maps, the results will suggest two driving routes:

  • Route via National Highway 27C: This route is approximately 134 kilometers long and takes around 3 hours to travel.
  • Route via National Highway 1C and National Highway 27B: This route is approximately 178 kilometers long and takes nearly 4 hours to travel.

Guide to Traveling from Nha Trang to Da Lat.

In addition to finding out how far it is from Nha Trang to Da Lat or how many kilometers from Nha Trang to Da Lat, many tourists are also interested in the ways of transportation between these two destinations. The transportation network from Nha Trang to Da Lat is quite developed, so you can use various types of vehicles as follows:

Motorbike, Car – Experience the Beautiful Pass Route.

When traveling by personal vehicles such as motorbikes or cars, tourists will fully enjoy the magnificent natural scenery along both sides of the road, while also having control over travel time and breaks. To travel from Nha Trang to Da Lat, you can take either of the two routes: QL27C or QL27B.

Traveling via QL27C Route.

QL27C is a stunning pass route, known as the “connection between the sea and the flowers” in Vietnam. Although this route is quite challenging due to its curves and steep slopes, it offers an extremely exciting journey that adventurous travelers aspire to conquer.

Khanh Le Pass – The Stunning Nha Trang to Da Lat Adventure Route

While traveling on this route, tourists will pass through several beautiful mountain passes. So, which passes will you encounter when traveling from Nha Trang to Da Lat via QL27C? Some of the passes you will encounter on the QL27C route include Ca Pass, Omega Pass, Khanh Le Pass, and more.

Traveling via QL27B Route.

If you take the QL27B route, the distance from Nha Trang to Da Lat will be longer compared to the QL27C route. However, this route is easier and safer to travel. So, if you travel via the QL27B route, how many kilometers from Nha Trang to Da Lat? Compared to QL27C, the distance will be about 40 kilometers longer, taking approximately 3 to 4 hours by car. Depending on your schedule, you can choose either the QL27C or QL27B route.

Bus from Nha Trang to Da Lat.

If traveling in a group, especially with elderly or young passengers, it’s recommended to use buses. During the journey, tourists can take breaks, rest, and prepare energy to explore famous landmarks in Da Lat.

Currently, there are about 60 bus trips available daily from Nha Trang to Da Lat and vice versa, ready to serve tourists. The bus routes are diverse, including 9-seat Limousine buses and sleeper buses with flexible schedules and stops.

Bus companies allow you to book tickets online through their websites or hotlines. Additionally, you can also visit the Northern and Southern bus stations in Nha Trang to purchase tickets. Ticket prices range from 200,000 to 400,000 VND per person per trip.

Below are some reputable and quality bus companies serving the Nha Trang – Da Lat route that you can refer to:

The name of the garage

Contact Info

Range of vehicle

Ticket price for reference

Home Car


9-seat VIP Limousine

200,000 VND

Minh Tri Limousine


9-seat VIP Limousine

170,000 VND

Vietnam – Japan


29-seat car

120,000 VND

The Sinh tourist (Sinh cafe)


Car seats 29 – 45 seats

119,000 VND

Happy coffee



110,000 VND

Renting a Private Travel Car with Driver.

Renting a private car with a driver is a suitable option for international tourists, especially when language communication might be a challenge when using public transportation or taxis. This option is particularly suitable for families, groups, seniors, and children, providing a comfortable and safe means of travel.

Private car rental is a suitable choice for a comfortable and time-saving journey.’s is a leading provider of private car rental services with professional drivers in Nha Trang. With years of experience serving international customers, we ensure a safe and comfortable journey from Nha Trang to Da Lat. The driver will pick you up at your Nha Trang hotel and take you to Da Lat. Book your Rent car with driver from Nha Trang to Da Lat today to have an amazing and hassle-free experience.

Renting a Taxi from Nha Trang to Da Lat.

Renting a taxi is an ideal option if you’re unsure about the distance from Nha Trang to Da Lat. Taxi fares vary from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 VND, depending on factors such as the taxi company, vehicle type, distance, and travel time. It’s recommended to use services from reputable taxi companies like Mai Linh, Vinasun Taxi, etc., for a smooth and convenient journey.

here are some taxi companies in Nha Trang along with their phone numbers:

  • Mai Linh Taxi – Phone: 0258 3838383
  • Vinasun Taxi – Phone: 0258 3888888
  • Nha Trang Taxi – Phone: 0258 3818181
  • Taxi Ba Sao – Phone: 0258 3747474
  • Taxi Group – Phone: 0258 3838383
  • Taxi Sao Thang – Phone: 0258 3515151
  • Taxi Da Nang Nha Trang – Phone: 0258 3555555
  • Taxi Emasco – Phone: 0258 3883993
  • Taxi ABC – Phone: 0258 3535353
  • Taxi Song Nha Trang – Phone: 0258 3551551

Tips for Traveling from Nha Trang to Da Lat by Motorbike.

The memorable journey of exploring from Nha Trang to Da Lat, how many kilometers it is, will be truly remarkable if you travel by motorbike. However, you need to take note of the following issues to ensure safety:

  • Ensure your vehicle is in the best condition. Check the brake system, tires, fuel, etc., before hitting the road.
  • Thoroughly research the routes you will pass through and choose a suitable itinerary.
  • Check the weather forecast before departure and carry protective gear such as raincoats, windbreakers, gloves, sunglasses, etc., to promptly deal with weather conditions.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, reduce speed when approaching curves and uphill roads.
  • Ensure you are in good health before starting the journey.

Above are detailed pieces of information to address the question of how many kilometers it is from Nha Trang to Da Lat and the transportation options you can choose for this exciting trip. Additionally, with the suggested 3-day 2-night itinerary from Nha Trang to Da Lat mentioned above,’s hopes you will discover enjoyable dining and entertainment spots, creating numerous memorable experiences.

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