Ho Tay Water Park Hanoi: Fun Experience and Latest Ticket Prices

Not only Hanoi but also Vietnamese people are no stranger to the Ho Tay Water Park (West Lake Water Park). This is a spacious, modern amusement park with many attractive promotional programs. Let’s explore Ho Tay Water Park together with VnCarRentals.com’s and experience the top-notch entertainment space, promising memorable moments with family!

Introducing Ho Tay Water Park

  • Address: 614 Lac Long Quan Street, Nhat Tan Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 9:00 AM – 7:30 PM daily
  • Fanpage: www.facebook.com/hotaypark.fanpage
  • Website: www.congvienhotay.vn

Ho Tay Water Park covers an area of over 8 hectares, operating since May 19, 2000, and is known as one of the most modern and unique tourist destinations in Hanoi.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and games imported from Spain, ensuring high durability and absolute safety, the park offers a unique entertainment experience. The regular water quality checks and filtration system will give you peace of mind regarding health while participating in underwater activities.

Ho Tay Water Park is located right on the charming shores of West Lake

After stressful working or studying hours, you will surely enjoy moments of relaxation immersing yourself in the cool water of the park, participating in a variety of games from gentle to adventurous, all providing the best experience for everyone.

Ho Tay Water Park not only offers diverse entertainment areas but also provides many other services such as dining, accommodation, event organization, and tours for students to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Getting to Ho Tay Water Park

  • Bus routes directly to the amusement park at Ho Tay Water Park (13, 60, E09).
    • Operating hours: 5:05 AM – 9:05 PM
    • Frequency: Every 10-15 minutes
    • Ticket price: 7000 VND/one-way.
  • Personal vehicles: You don’t need to worry about parking as there is a spacious parking lot inside the park. The route to the park runs along Ho Tay, and if you take Lac Long Quan Street, you will arrive at the park gate.
You can travel to West Lake by motorbike or private car to have control over your time and schedule
  • Private car with driver: With the private car service and drivers in Hanoi provided by VnCarRentals.com, it’s suitable for large family groups or international tourists seeking a quick and convenient trip with cost-saving benefits. A private trip will make your journey the most comfortable.
  • Taxis and ride-sharing services are also popular choices due to their safety, speed, convenience, and the good navigation skills of the drivers.

You can explore many other interesting destinations in the area after enjoying Ho Tay Water Park, such as Ho Tay Flower Valley, Van Nien Pagoda, Tay Ho Palace, and many other attractions.

Ticket prices for Ho Tay Water Park in 2024

Ho Tay Water Park and New Sun Park each have their own ticket prices for Ho Tay Water Park, as well as combined prices for both parks, depending on the time and height of the players.

Combined ticket prices for Ho Tay Water Park

Time / Height

Guests over 1m35

Guests between 0.9m – 1m35

Guests under 0.9m


Weekends (Sat, Sun)


Weekends (Sat, Sun)

Before 5:00 PM 170.000 VND 190.000 VND 145.000 VND 160.000 VND
After 5:00 PM 100,000 VND/person for everyone

Ticket Prices Attention:

  • Passengers aged 65 and over (ID card/CCCD): 100,000 VND.
  • People with disabilities (local confirmation document): 100,000 VND.
  • Pregnant women over 5 months (prenatal examination certificate): 100,000 VND.

Ticket prices for Ho Tay Water Park exclusively for students and students

Student Group Monday – Friday (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) Saturday, Sunday & Holidays
Elementary School 115,000 VND 125,000 VND
Middle School + High School 125,000 VND 135,000 VND
College Students 135,000 VND 145,000 VND

Ticket purchasing options at Ho Tay Water Park

VnCarRentals.com’s suggests some convenient and quick options for you to purchase tickets to the park:

  • If you prefer to buy tickets directly at the park, visit the ticket counter at the entrance gate. However, it’s advisable to avoid purchasing tickets during peak hours to minimize waiting time.
  • You can also purchase tickets online through the park’s official website at congvienhotay.vn. Visit the “Online Booking – QRCODE” section to make your purchase.
  • Additionally, you can buy tickets through hotels or travel agencies.

Conquering Exciting Games at Ho Tay Water Park

When you come to this amusement and entertainment area, you will experience a variety of exciting and unique games. Underwater entertainment activities are designed to suit all ages, from gentle games like swimming in the wave pool, floating on lazy rivers, to thrilling experiences like high-speed water slides and bungee jumping.

Aquarium Pool

The aquarium pool is the largest at Ho Tay Water Park, attracting both children and adults. Here, you will have an enjoyable experience immersing yourself in cool water and having fun.

Summer with a multitude of exciting games with family and friends at West Lake Water Park

Castle Pool

The castle pool offers more exciting games than the aquarium pool with water sprays, slides, and shallow water, making it suitable for young children.

Massage Pool

The massage pool has a spacious and airy space, with shallow water, providing favorable conditions for playing and relaxing with friends and family.

Lazy River

The gentle Lazy River allows you to sit on a floating raft and drift along the water, providing a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

Enjoy moments of relaxation as you drift along the Lazy River

Mat Slide

The mat slide brings excitement and exhilaration as you slide down at high speed, requiring caution and endurance.

High-Speed Slide

The high-speed slide takes you through winding and thrilling twists and turns, demanding careful preparation and adherence to safety rules.

Push your limits through the bungee jumping game at West Lake Water Park

Jumping Pool

The jumping pool is a daring game that requires courage to jump from a height and follow safety instructions.

Action Pool

The action pool game requires skill and flexibility as you swing over the water on monkey bars from one end to the other.

Travelers are excited about the swinging rope game at the Action Pool of the park

Wave Pool

The wave pool with its depth and undulating waves resembling the sea requires preparation and the use of swimming aids for safety during play.

Useful Tips When Visiting Ho Tay Water Park

To have a fantastic experience and fully explore Ho Tay Water Park, VnCarRentals.com suggests some important tips below.

Ideal Time to Visit Ho Tay Water Park

The best time to visit Ho Tay Water Park is from May to August, during the summer season. This is the busiest time of the year when many tourists, including students, college students, locals, and international visitors, flock to enjoy the cool atmosphere and unique entertainment activities. The summer weather is also an ideal choice for experiencing the exciting features that the park offers.

If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy cooler weather, September is the most suitable time. Every October, the park usually closes for maintenance and prepares for the next year’s visitor season.

Dining Experience at Ho Tay Water Park

With an area of over 8 hectares, Ho Tay Water Park not only offers a variety of games but also provides many dining options. Famous restaurants near the park like Sen Tay Ho buffet are ideal places for exquisite meals.

Delicious dishes at Sen Tay Ho Buffet Restaurant

However, Ho Tay Water Park does not allow outside food and drinks in the swimming area according to park regulations to ensure environmental hygiene and safety for everyone. If needed, you can leave your food in the personal locker and enjoy meals outside the park area.

Park Regulations

  • Customers must purchase the correct and sufficient tickets as required.
  • For safety reasons, customers are not allowed to bring: knives, scissors, sharp objects, fragile items, stimulants, explosive materials, items prohibited by the park.
  • To ensure environmental hygiene and food safety, customers are kindly requested not to bring food or drinks into the park (if customers accidentally bring them, please deposit them free of charge at the park’s reception area).
  • Gambling is strictly prohibited in the park in any form.
  • Please be conscious of protecting property and the landscape in the park. Any damage must be compensated for.
  • Customers must strictly follow all instructions given by park staff.

Ho Tay Water Park promises to be the ideal destination in Hanoi for you to relieve stress and fatigue after a week of work and study. Don’t forget to share these exciting experiences with VnCarRentals.com!

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