Sapa always stands out with the romantic beauty of the Northwest mountains, featuring pristine white mist and cool, refreshing air beneath the clear, high sky. Visitors not only get to admire the scenery but also experience the unique cultures of the highland people. One of the peaceful regions that captivates tourists the most is Y Linh Ho Village. Let’s take a stroll with’s to see what makes this place special!

Where is Y Linh Ho Village located?

Y Linh Ho Village is surrounded by the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, situated in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa town, Lao Cai. Along the Muong Hoa valley, travelers can reach it by heading towards Lao Chai village from Sapa town. From there, you can see the small Lao Chai San 2 Bridge on the left side below. This bridge spans the gap between Lao Chai and Y Linh Ho. Pedestrians will cross this bridge to reach Y Linh Ho.

Y Linh Ho Village in Sapa boasts a radiant beauty, especially during the seasons of ripe rice

However, if you are traveling by motorcycle, it is advisable not to cross the bridge, as the road connecting the bridge to Y Linh Ho is in poor condition and not suitable for motorcycles. About 3 km below the slope from Lao Chai village, tourists will catch a glimpse of the primitive Y Linh Ho village, where you can witness the most breathtaking terraced fields. This is an excellent walking destination for tourists and a perfect check-in spot.

Guide on How to Get to Y Linh Ho Village in Sapa

Means of Transportation to Y Linh Ho Village

Due to the winding and challenging nature of the route to this village, there are two options for reaching here:

Motorbike: You can rent a motorbike to get here, which takes about 15 minutes. However, the road can be challenging, requiring good riding skills and experience in navigating mountainous terrain for safety.

Trekking: This is a popular choice among many tourists and tour groups due to the unique experience it offers. You will immerse yourself in the landscape of the village, enjoying picturesque scenes of rice fields and encounters with locals along the way.

Experience the journey on the dirt roads surrounded by lush green rice fields

Route to Y Linh Ho Village, Sapa

If you start from Sapa, head towards Lao Chai village. After passing through Lao Chai, continue for about 3km to reach Y Linh Ho village. Y Linh Ho will unfold before you with its charming bamboo houses and stunning terraced fields.

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The History of Y Linh Ho Village

Legend has it that from ancient times, this was a village inhabited by the Dao people, led by a man named “Ly Linh Ho” who played a significant role in exploration. Over time, the Dao people moved elsewhere, and the Hmong people settled in the area, retaining the name and phonetic transcription as Y Linh Ho, perhaps to honor the memory of their predecessors. Located quite far from the main road, the entrance to the village involves winding and sloping paths, making it distinct from other villages in Sa Pa. Unlike the bustling noise of traffic found in other Sa Pa villages, Y Linh Ho exudes a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

San Sa Ho is a commune situated near the famous tourist town of Sa Pa (Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province). However, life for the local ethnic communities here remains challenging. Sung A Co, earnestly invited me to Y Linh Ho to gain a better understanding of the hardships faced by the villagers. The journey from the commune’s People’s Committee to the village spans nearly ten kilometers, involving climbing hills and crossing streams, taking almost two hours to reach the destination.

The environment and people in this village of 270 households create a stark contrast to the bustling town not far away, resembling two entirely different worlds. Despite the national electricity grid having reached the village a year ago, many houses, particularly those in remote areas, still lack the “light.” Sung A Co explained, “While having electricity makes people happy, they are hesitant to use it extensively as they cannot afford the cost.

What does Y Linh Ho Village offer?

Y Linh Ho is a village of the Black H’mong people in Sapa, and the atmosphere in the village is very peaceful, without the hustle and bustle of tourist spots within the town of Sapa. Upon entering the village, visitors will be enchanted by the modest beauty of the H’mong girls in their distinctive traditional costumes and the innocent highland children.

Admire the unique and vibrant beauty of traditional ethnic costumes

Here, you can immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of the pristine countryside, with lush green terraced fields, the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range standing tall like a colossal wall, and the meandering Muong Hoa stream. The homes of the villagers are simple stilt houses nestled in the mountains, characteristic of the mountainous ethnic communities.

The winding roads, surrounded by terraced fields, create a familiar and picturesque scene in Y Linh Ho Village, Sapa

The locals are extremely warm, honest, and hospitable. Consequently, visitors always feel the warmth and genuine hospitality of the local people. In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, tourists can savor the local mountainous delicacies prepared by the villagers. They can also purchase beautiful traditional handicrafts as gifts for friends and family.

The locals are incredibly friendly, enthusiastic, and ready to help if you need assistance

Tourist attractions around Y Linh Ho Village

After a full day of relaxation and cultural exploration in the highland ethnic community, tourists can visit many famous destinations in Sapa, such as:

  • Cat Cat Village: Explore the charm of Cat Cat Village, known for its traditional H’mong culture, handicrafts, and picturesque landscapes. Engage with the local artisans and witness their unique way of life.
The picturesque and poetic beauty of Cat Cat Village
  • Ta Phin Village: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Ta Phin Village, where you can encounter the Red Dao ethnic group. Marvel at their distinctive clothing, traditional practices, and partake in community activities.

  • Sapa Sky Gate: Ascend to Sapa Sky Gate for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The vantage point offers a stunning perspective of the natural beauty that characterizes the region.
  • Lao Chai Village: Discover the authenticity of Lao Chai Village, another H’mong community with terraced fields, rustic homes, and a unique cultural identity. Engage with locals and gain a deeper understanding of their daily lives.
  • O Quy Ho Pass: Embark on a scenic journey through O Quy Ho Pass, a mountainous route offering spectacular views of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The winding roads and lush landscapes make it a memorable experience.
  • Ha Khau Sapa: Ha Khau Sapa offers a glimpse into the border region, where you can appreciate the cultural diversity influenced by proximity to neighboring countries. Explore the markets and interact with locals engaged in cross-border trade.
  • Sapa Stone Church: Visit the iconic Sapa Stone Church, a cultural and architectural landmark. Learn about the historical significance of this church and enjoy its serene surroundings.
  • Ham Rong Mountain: Hike to the summit of Ham Rong Mountain for panoramic views of Sapa town and the surrounding valleys. The floral gardens along the way add a touch of natural beauty to the trek.
  • Muong Hoa Valley: Wander through the enchanting Muong Hoa Valley, famous for its terraced rice fields and traditional villages. The valley provides a picturesque backdrop for cultural exploration and photography.
  • Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac Sapa): Admire the majestic Silver Waterfall, cascading down from the heights of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The cool mist and lush greenery create a serene atmosphere.
  • Fansipan Peak: Conclude your Sapa adventure with a visit to Fansipan Peak, the “Roof of Indochina.” Whether you embark on a challenging trek or take the cable car, reaching the summit rewards you with unparalleled views and a sense of accomplishment.

Experience Tips for Traveling to Y Linh Ho Village

Here are some handy tips to ensure you have a smooth and memorable trip to Y Linh Ho Village:

  • Wear comfortable athletic shoes instead of high heels, as there is quite a bit of walking, including uphill sections.
  • Choose clothing with vibrant colors for better photo opportunities.
  • Respect the cultural customs of the local highland people.
  • Carry personal identification documents for hotel check-ins, homestays, and motorcycle rentals.
  • Ensure you have an adequate amount of cash and both credit/debit cards.
  • Especially, don’t forget your camera gear. Prepare either a high-quality camera or a smartphone with excellent photo capabilities to capture the beautiful moments in this picturesque location.

Y Linh Ho Village is simple yet possesses a beauty that is anything but ordinary. I encourage you to visit and use your eyes and heart to perceive the beauty that emanates simplicity and warmth from the amiable people of the H’mong and Dao ethnic groups in this village. Moreover, within this vibrant space, filled with the beauty of labor and energy, you’ll find an inspiring image that motivates you to strive for improvement and become even more beautiful with each passing day.

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