Explore Tham Ma Pass – an impressive mountain pass route in Ha Giang, Vietnam

A magnificent painting of the northernmost region of Vietnam, Ha Giang, is undoubtedly Tham Ma Pass. As a true adventurer, you surely cannot miss the opportunity to embark on a thrilling journey along the winding mountain pass and immerse yourself in the majestic landscapes of hills and mountains. Let Vn Car Rentals’s take you to explore the enchanting beauty of Tham Ma Pass!

An Overview of Some Basic Features of Tham Ma Pass

To fully plan your exploration of Tham Ma Pass, you also need to know the location and the route to get here.

Geographical Location

Tham Ma Pass is a mountain pass situated right on National Highway 4C, connecting the city of Ha Giang and Meo Vac District. It’s known as one of the most dangerous mountain passes in the northern region. This is precisely why young adventurers love to conquer Tham Ma Pass.

The panoramic view of Tham Ma Pass, winding dangerously

The pass consists of 9 winding bends that offer a beautiful view. However, conquering it is a significant challenge for travelers, especially those experiencing such routes for the first time. The well-deserved reward for those who conquer Tham Ma Pass is the Dong Van Karst Plateau with breathtaking scenery. Some prominent landmarks include Pho Cao, Dong Van Old Quarter, Vuong Family Mansion, Sung La, Lung Cu Flagpole, Dong Van Karst Plateau, and the northernmost milestone.

Getting to Tham Ma Pass

When traveling to the city of Ha Giang, to reach Tham Ma Pass, you should follow National Highway 4C. This pass is part of the route that takes you from Ha Giang to Quan Ba, Yen Minh, and then to Dong Van.

According to the experiences shared by many travelers in Ha Giang, along this route, you’ll pass through famous landmarks like the Twin Mountain of Quan Ba, Quyet Tien Market, Ma Pi Leng Pass, the Happiness Road, and many other tourist spots.

You will pass through various different locations on the road leading to Tham Ma Pass

If you want to explore the beauty of the Dong Van Karst Plateau, you will undoubtedly have to conquer this challenging and winding pass.

Most travelers typically depart from Hanoi to reach Tham Ma Pass, Ha Giang. Therefore, getting to Ha Giang is the first step, and you have various options such as buses or motorbikes. However, Ha Giang is quite far for a motorbike journey, and finding buses can be challenging, especially for international travelers, who may also face inflated prices. To address these concerns, VnCarRentals.com offers a car rental service with drivers in Hanoi. This service includes door-to-door transportation, transparent pricing on their website, and the flexibility to make stops along the way for rest or sightseeing. Book your car rental service from Hanoi to Ha Giang today to have your travel itinerary arranged in detail.

The Ideal Time to Conquer Tham Ma Pass

Each season, Tham Ma Pass adorns itself with a new, mesmerizing natural landscape that captivates everyone. If you choose to embark on a motorbike journey to Ha Giang and Tham Ma Pass, the ideal time to do so is around September and October. During this period, you’ll witness the enchanting beauty of ripe golden rice fields spread amidst the northwestern mountains and forests.

Countless flowers display their vibrant colors around Tham Ma Pass

As you approach late October and into November, the region dons a new garment woven with the seductive colors of purple, white, and pink from the buckwheat flower fields. Especially in November and December, when the buckwheat flowers are nearing the end of their season, the yellow mustard flowers start to bloom, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors. Additionally, it’s essential to check the weather forecast in advance to avoid traveling on rainy days, as it can be quite dangerous when conquering the pass.

The Reasons Why Tham Ma Pass Captivates Many

If you’re exploring Ha Giang, you’ll know there are numerous mountain pass routes, and many of them attract tourists. Tham Ma Pass is just one of the famous mountain passes in the far north. However, according to travel experiences shared in Ha Giang, this pass possesses an oddly captivating charm. Here are two main reasons why:

Stunning Scenery

The natural beauty surrounding Tham Ma Pass is what draws travelers to Ha Giang. Conquering this pass provides a clear sense of the height and grandeur of the Ha Giang highland karst landscape. On one side, there’s an invisible abyss, and on the other, towering mountains that appear ready to descend.

The natural scenery is breathtaking and irresistible

Yet, along this route, you’ll find open spaces where you can witness local farmers’ cultivated fields. After conquering the pass, you can stand and admire the path you’ve traversed, taking in the panoramic landscape. The image of the winding road softly hugging the mountain walls like a long silk ribbon creates a sense of grandeur and allure for Tham Ma Pass.

By looking at the virtual images shared by young travelers who have been here, you’ll understand the intense attraction of this pass.


Although Tham Ma Pass is not incredibly high, the winding curves and steep sections can send shivers down your spine. Particularly, this pass is the gateway to various renowned tourist destinations in the northernmost region of Vietnam.

It’s enough to challenge yourself in terms of mountain pass riding abilities

As mentioned earlier, to fully explore Ha Giang, you’ll have to conquer this route. At first glance, you might find it daunting and a bit intimidating. However, once you start traveling on this route, you’ll feel incredibly excited with a novel sense of adventure. Especially, when you successfully conquer the pass, you’ll experience immense joy and satisfaction.

Famous Tourist Destinations Near Tham Ma Pass You Should Visit

To make your journey of conquering Tham Ma Pass complete and filled with beautiful memories, VnCarRentals.com suggests a few places near the pass that you should visit.

  • Quan Ba: When you visit Quan Ba, you can stop by the check-in point at Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate, the Twin Mountain of Co Tien, Bac Sum Pass, Quyet Tien Market, and more to explore the pristine beauty of the mountains and forests and learn about the customs and practices of the local ethnic minorities.
  • Yen Minh: The next destination is Yen Minh. In Yen Minh, you can visit places like the Yen Minh pine forest, the town of Yen Minh, and Du Gia.
Astonished by the magnificent mountain ranges in Yen Minh
  • Dong Van Karst Plateau: Tham Ma Pass is the main road that leads you to the humble and lovely Pho Cao village. Here, you can also explore other places like Ma Pi Leng, Sung La, Pho Bang, Meo King’s Palace, Lung Cu Flagpole. Depending on your available time, you can choose specific spots to visit and explore.

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What to Eat When Conquering Tham Ma Pass?

Indulging in local specialties at the places you pass through is essential. It’s a way to fully appreciate the perfection of each destination. When conquering Tham Ma Pass, you’ll have the opportunity to savor a wide array of local delicacies prepared by the people of this region. The distinctive characteristics of highland cuisine are sure to captivate your taste buds. While many dishes are crafted from mountain or field produce, it’s the unique preparation and combination of spices that make them stand out and be enticing.

The triangle-shaped buckwheat cakes are incredibly enticing

On the journey to Tham Ma Pass, you can savor Trang Kim pho, a renowned dish from Trang Kim Village, Quyet Tien, and Quan Ba. You can enjoy this dish at the Quyet Tien market. With its sweet, not overly fatty broth and tender chicken meat, you’ll surely remember this pho.

In addition to Trang Kim pho, you also have the chance to taste the famous highland ethnic dishes, including thang co (a type of hotpot), corn wine, triangle-shaped buckwheat cakes, kitchen hanging meat (a traditional meat preservation method), five-color sticky rice, thang den (a traditional dish), au tau rice porridge, and many more. There are various dishes for you to choose from and savor.

Some Tips for Conquering Tham Ma Pass

  • If you choose to go on a motorbike adventure to Tham Ma Pass, make sure to service your bike before the trip.
  • Install proper rearview mirrors, wear a full-face helmet, or at least a secure half-face helmet to ensure safety throughout your journey.
  • Carry all necessary personal documents, such as your ID card, citizen card, driver’s license, and valid vehicle insurance, in case of emergencies.
  • Don’t forget to bring a power bank to comfortably capture photos and enjoy social media during the day.
  • Check the weather forecast before your trip to avoid traveling on rainy or windy days, as the winding and steep road can be very dangerous under such conditions.

Above is what VnCarRentals.com’s has compiled to help you better understand the majestic beauty of Tham Ma Pass. It doesn’t require extravagant or picturesque beauty like many other tourist destinations. It’s the challenges, the ruggedness, and the simplicity that make Tham Ma Pass in Ha Giang so appealing. Surely, you, like many others, will find conquering this route an exciting adventure.

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