Experiencing a boat ride with lanterns in Hoi An will surely be a breath of fresh air, making your Hoi An trip unforgettable. Let’s start this exciting journey with VnCarRentals.com!

Why should you visit Hoi An by boat?

It’s no coincidence that boat rides on the Hoai River in Hoi An attract the attention of many tourists. The reason for this allure is the method of hand-rowed boating in Hoi An. This allows tourists to fully immerse themselves in the tranquil river space and get lost in their own world.

Boating in Hoi An offers you the best experience.

Boating in Hoi An at night is even more wonderful. At this time, tourists will feel mesmerized as the ancient town begins to light up with millions of lanterns. On full moon days, the Hoai River becomes even more romantic. As the lanterns glow beneath the water combine with the full moon’s light, they paint a memorable and enchanting scene for many tourists.

What’s even more interesting is that you’ll get to admire the scenery and listen to stories about the lives of ancient people. These are stories about the history of the ancient town, the daily lives of its people, and even fairy tales. Though seemingly simple, they help you understand more about Hoi An and its people.

Another wonderful thing is that you can release floating lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An when night falls.

What is the best month to cruise on the Hoai River?

The best time to cruise on the Hoai River is from January to April. During this period, the weather is excellent here, with plenty of sunshine and no rain. At night, you can wear light clothing and relax on the boat to enjoy the cool breeze from the river.

Every January, there is a lantern releasing activity held here. Therefore, you will see the river illuminated with sparkling lights while boating. All of these elements combine to create an incredibly beautiful and sacred scene that will leave you deeply moved.

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Enjoy the romantic beauty of Boat riding with lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An

The Hoai River is one of the attractive tourist spots in Hoi An’s ancient town. There are many interesting experiences you can have here such as boat riding, releasing floating lanterns at night, cycling along the riverbank, or strolling with loved ones.

Boat riding with lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An

A special feature is the hand-rowed boats on the Hoai River in Hoi An, so the boats move very slowly. You can choose to ride the boat on the Hoai River in the early morning or in the evening. Because these are the best times of the day to fully appreciate the romantic beauty of the dreamy ancient town.

Boat riding with lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An

If you choose to cruise the Hoai River in the morning, you will admire the simple ancient houses, temples, and pagodas along the riverbank. Explore the beauty of traditional craft villages. Watch the sunrise slowly rise and breathe in the fresh, cool air. You can completely feel a peaceful, poetic Hoi An in the early morning mist.

Many tourists visiting Hoi An choose to cruise the Hoai River in the evening. When the sunlight fades giving way to the descending night, the entire ancient town shines brightly reflecting on the river, creating a mysterious yet romantic scene. There’s no place as beautiful as sitting in the middle of the river admiring a stunning city.

Releasing floating lanterns

Releasing floating lanterns is a characteristic cultural feature of the people of Hoi An, often on the 14th and 15th lunar days every month. This is a unique and romantic activity, allowing tourists to enjoy the beauty of the Hoai River at night. You can buy floating lanterns for a price ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 VND and release them along with your wishes and prayers. It is believed that these wishes will flow away with the current and become reality. Amidst the peaceful town, the bright floating lanterns resemble blooming flowers on the water’s surface, gently drifting along the current.

Releasing floating lanterns

Releasing floating lanterns and cruising the Hoai River bring different emotions to tourists, from excitement and joy when releasing the lanterns into the river, to relaxation and tranquility while watching the lanterns drift. Anyone who comes here will never forget the unexpectedly bright and romantic image of floating lanterns.

Admiring the sparkling lights on both sides of the ancient town

It must be admitted that Hoi An always looks amazing at night. Many tourists, after strolling around the ancient town, eagerly look forward to experiencing a boat ride in Hoi An. When the lanterns light up the streets of Hoi An, there’s nowhere more beautiful than this land.

Admiring the sparkling lights on both sides of the ancient town

Sitting on the boat, you can gaze into the distance and admire the panoramic view of this stunning city. If you happen to visit on a full moon night, the river becomes even more romantic and poetic. The moonlight reflecting on the river creates a scene that leaves everyone in awe.

Capturing moments full of romance

Every corner of Hoi An is beautiful. That’s why many tourists love this place. For those who enjoy romantic and sweet moments, taking a boat ride in Hoi An is definitely a great option.

Capturing moments full of romance

No need to pose too much, simply sitting on the boat and gazing into the distance is enough to capture stunning photos. If you want a more vintage look, don’t forget to prepare your ao dai and conical hat!

Guide to Taking a Boat Ride with Lanterns in Hoi An and Releasing Lanterns

Boat rowing activities for tourists on the Hoài River take place along the route of Bạch Đằng and Chu Văn An. You can park your vehicle outside the ancient town area and then walk a short distance to the Hội An Bridge. This is the area where most boats gather to take tourists on tours.

The rental price for a lantern boat in Hoi An will range from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND per person. If you’re in a group of 4 people, you can rent a boat for 200,000 VND. Typically, each ride lasts about 20-30 minutes. However, prices may vary depending on peak or off-peak seasons, or during holidays and festivals. Additionally, you can also book a half-day boat tour on the Hoài River through travel companies, with prices around 500,000 VND per person, including meals, sightseeing tickets, and tour guides.

Notes for Taking a Lantern Boat Ride on the Hoai River in Hoi An

  • If you want to capture beautiful and conceptually fitting photos, consider wearing an elegant Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress). You can rent or purchase áo dài right in the Hoi An ancient town area.
  • The ideal location for stunning photos during your boat ride on the Hoai River is along Bach Dang Street, where there are many rows of ancient houses or in front of the Temple Pagoda.
  • Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before planning your boat ride on the Hoai River. Avoid rainy days as they may affect your sightseeing journey.
  • The best time to enjoy a boat ride on the Hoai River is on the full moon day of the lunar month. This is when the Hoài River is most beautiful, and the streets are illuminated with lanterns instead of electric lights. You will experience the enchanting beauty of the ancient town. Additionally, the sale of lanterns is more common during this time.

Boat riding with lanterns on the Hoai River in Hoi An and releasing floating lanterns on the river is one of the most interesting and unique activities in Hoi An. You will experience the romantic and peaceful beauty of the Hoai River, along with the feeling of relaxation and comfort while admiring the night sky. Let’s experience a river cruise on the Hoai River and release floating lanterns to enjoy memorable moments in your journey.


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