Established and inaugurated at the beginning of 2022, APEC Park  has quickly become a “hot hit” destination attracting both tourists and local residents of Da Nang, especially the young generation. With its unique architecture, APEC Park offers green amenities such as grassy lawns, pedestrian pathways, winding staircases, cool green gardens, allowing visitors to enjoy check-ins, play, and entertainment to their heart’s content. So what makes this place so special and attractive? Let’s explore it right away with’s!

Introduction to APEC Park

APEC Park promises to be an extremely attractive tourist destination in the near future. Here are some basic details about APEC Park that people may find interesting.

When was APEC Park constructed?

Construction of this project began on October 15, 2020, and after approximately 14 months of expedited construction, the location was officially inaugurated in early 2022. With a total investment of up to 700 billion VND, this project was managed by the Infrastructure Investment and Urban Development Project Management Board of Da Nang and covers a total area of 8,668 square meters.

This project commenced construction on October 15, 2020

With its spacious area, APEC Park consists of 3 levels: Level 1 is an underground public parking and technical rooms; Level 2 is a resting area, souvenir shops, restroom facilities, etc.; and finally, Level 3 is the main hall area, the primary attraction and recreational space for tourists.


APEC Park is situated right in the city center, next to the Han River, between the Dragon Bridge and Tran Thi Ly Bridge, in Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. The project is strategically located, bordered by major roads on three sides. Specifically, it is adjacent to Bạch Đằng Street to the east, 2/9 Street to the west, and Bình Minh Street to the south.

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Explanation of the Significance of APEC Park’s Canopy

Many first-time visitors to APEC Park often express their admiration for the gently curved canopy design, which resembles a giant net, but they may not be aware of its significance. According to the information we have gathered, the iconic canopy of APEC Park symbolizes a “giant kite” that can soar high in the sky.

The Significance of the Canopy at APEC Park

In simple terms, this architectural design represents the desire to elevate Da Nang to greater heights, to become a dynamic, friendly, and peaceful city. Particularly, the image of the canopy can be likened to Da Nang – a leading bird’s wing, capable of driving economic development throughout the Central region. Moreover, this idea won the first prize in the “Expanded APEC Sculpture Garden” competition, bringing pride to the people of Da Nang.

Interesting Points About APEC Park

APEC Park is not just a place for entertainment and attracting tourists; it is also chosen to host various cultural events and festivals in the city of Da Nang in the near future.

The completion of this project also contributes to the city’s green coverage with a carefully designed and well-maintained system of greenery. It is certain that this will be a must-visit tourist destination for many travelers when they come to Da Nang.

Interesting Points About APEC Park

Moreover, APEC Park has a prime location, situated right in the city center and close to popular entertainment spots in Da Nang. Therefore, you can conveniently explore other places such as the Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, Cham Sculpture Museum, and don’t forget to capture some stylish check-in photos here.

The Ideal Check-In Times at APEC Park

If you want to visit and explore APEC Park, there are two ideal times for your visit. First is in the early morning, around 7 AM to 8 AM when the weather in Da Nang is relatively cool, fresh, and the sunlight is not too harsh. This is a suitable time to capture beautiful photos with the best lighting conditions. During this time, you can visit APEC Park for a leisurely stroll, take selfies, or capture check-in photos.

The Best Check-In Times at APEC Park

The second ideal time is in the late afternoon, from around 4:30 PM to 6 PM. During this time, the park tends to attract many young people and interesting recreational activities take place. You can enjoy street food in Da Nang, join in dancing with others, or try your hand at various couple’s challenges organized here in the evenings.

Nearby Attractions to APEC Park in Da Nang

When you come to visit APEC Park, you can explore the following places for fun and entertainment to enhance your experience in this city:

Asia Park – Asi Park

Asia Park in Da Nang is an exciting entertainment destination that combines unique and world-famous amusement rides from around the globe. The most prominent attraction here is the Sun Wheel, currently the tallest Ferris wheel in Southeast Asia and even a Guinness World Records holder. It ranks among the top 10 highest Ferris wheels globally.

The park is located at 01 Phan Đăng Lưu, Hoà Cường Bắc Ward, Hải Châu District, Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is an iconic symbol of Da Nang, and it’s the only dragon-shaped bridge in Vietnam. APEC Park in Da Nang is just 1 kilometer away from this bridge. You can even walk to it. The Dragon Bridge is situated on Nguyễn Văn Linh Street, Phước Ninh Ward, Hải Châu District, Da Nang. When you visit, you can enjoy the spectacular Dragon Bridge fire and water show, which takes place at 9 PM on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and holidays, delighting the local residents and tourists.

Love Bridge

This is also a place that attracts many tourists, especially couples in love. The Love Bridge is a place where couples come to symbolize their love by attaching padlocks to the bridge. These padlocks are heart-shaped and come in various colorful options. Couples engrave their names on the locks, lock them to the bridge, and then toss the keys away as a symbol of enduring, unbreakable love.

Chicken Church

Not far from APEC Park, there is a charming church painted in a light pastel pink color that captures the hearts of many for its sweetness. Known as the Chicken Church or the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, it features unique and exquisite European Gothic-style architecture. The church’s intricate details, soaring arches, and pastel pink hue make it a picturesque location for both worship and photography. You can find it at 156 Trần Phú Street, Hải Châu District, Da Nang.

The church photos recorded by young people are extremely impressive

What to Consider When Visiting APEC Park in Da Nang

APEC Park is a public park, so when visiting, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You can visit APEC Park at any time of the year, any day, as it’s an outdoor public park, and you can come here whenever you like.
  • If you plan to take photos and explore, it’s better to visit on sunny days to make it easier to enjoy and take in the sights.
  • You don’t need to bring too many belongings with you. Carrying too much can be cumbersome during your visit, so bring only essential items like a camera, phone, and wallet.
  • While exploring, remember to maintain public cleanliness. Please dispose of your trash properly in designated areas to preserve the park’s beauty and cleanliness.
  • If you want to take great photos for social media or capture beautiful moments, consider visiting in the morning, around 7 AM to 8 AM. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the sun is not too harsh, making it easier for you to strike poses and take stunning shots.
  • Another good time for photography is in the late afternoon, from around 4 PM to 6 PM. This is when many young people gather, and there are interesting activities to experience with others.

APEC Park in Da Nang is indeed a uniquely designed and innovative destination. Visitors are sure to find it fascinating, especially photography enthusiasts. This is a promising hotspot that should not be missed when visiting Da Nang.

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