4 Great things to do when Traveling to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet

Mui Ne is famous for its long white sand beaches, blue sea and soaring coconut trees. When traveling to Mui Ne you should not miss 4 great things when traveling to Mui Ne, Vietnam Car Rental will give you 4 suggestions to have a great trip when coming to Mui Ne.

Watch sunrise and sunset in Mui Ne fishing village

The sea is calm, the waves are gentle, the fishing village of Mui Ne is a suitable place to visit in the early morning and late afternoon. If the morning of the fishing village is busy with images of boats docking, fishermen are busy transferring each basket of fish to the shore, the sunset will return to an extremely quiet space with hundreds of colorful fishing boats moored. on the water.

Traveling to Mui Ne to the fishing village, you can walk along the shore covered with seashells, watch the fishermen sort their catch, take super beautiful photos as a souvenir or enjoy fresh seafood and Bought as a gift for loved ones.

Discover Hoa Lai architecture – Poshanu Cham Tower

Retaining many quintessence of architectural techniques and decorative arts of the Cham people, Poshanu Cham towers are a group of remnants of Cham temples and towers of the ancient Champa kingdom. Here you will have the opportunity to learn and admire the majestic and mysterious Hoa Lai architecture. Do not forget to bring appropriate clothes to “live virtual” to relax.

Barefoot on the Bay Sand Dunes


One of the famous sights of Mui Ne tourism that makes many tourists fascinated is the Bay Sand Dunes. This place is ready to seduce anyone with its large space, the “variability” of both the shape and color of the sand. In addition to having fun and entertainment with sports activities such as sand skiing, kite flying, motorcycling on the sand, etc., try walking barefoot on the iridescent sand dunes. You will feel like you are lost in the middle of the desert. And especially when taking pictures here, you will have vivid photos, not afraid of overlapping in the color and shape of the sand dunes.

Go up Ta Cu mountain to hear the birds singing

Ta Cu Mountain is currently the most attractive tourist area in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet because of the extremely fresh air, beautiful natural scenery with old green trees, red blooming dong flowers and the sound of birds singing. merrily. On the top of the mountain, there are 2 famous pagodas, Linh Son Truong Thi and Long Doan pagoda with the largest Buddha statue in Southeast Asia, Duc Thich Ca. Traveling to Mui Ne, you can burn incense to pray to Buddha and explore the To Cave with the legend of the enlightened man who purified the land here. Believe that, if you have troubles, you will forget them all.

Driving around Mui Ne

The city has pretty heavy traffic; therefore by opting to Mui Ne Car Rental With Driver is always a smart and wise way to move around the city in a rented car. The drivers speak English. There will be no problems in terms of communication and you can plan your root together so that the things you are going to see are visited in the most convenient order.

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