Top 8 Things To Do In Hoi An, Vietnam 2022

Hoi An is known to many people as a peaceful and poetic old town on the Thu Bon River. This place is increasingly attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to visit and relax. If you are planning to travel to Hoi An, you can refer to this article of Toplist. In this article, Toplist will introduce you to entertainment activities worth experiencing in Hoi An, let’s follow the article.

1. Release the lanterns and watch the old town at night

Many people say that Hoi An is most beautiful at night. When the bright lanterns are lit, it adds to the beauty of Hoi An at night.

If you come here, you will experience the release of lanterns on the Thu Bon River. Sitting on a small wooden boat, going to the middle of the river, releasing lanterns carrying prayers. It was really enjoyable experience. Especially if you come to Hoi An on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, the Thu Bon River becomes bright with pictures of lanterns.

Find the most ancient pagodas in Hoi An

In the 16th – 17th centuries, Hoi An became a trading port where flowers from many cultures were delivered from Asia to Europe. So in Hoi An, there are many temples and lamps built in different styles. The famous temples here can be mentioned as Ba Pagoda, Ong Pagoda, Chuc Thanh Pagoda, Phuoc Lam Pagoda, Van Duc Pagoda, Hai Tang Pagoda.

But the place that impresses many visitors the most is the Covered Bridge, famous for its fancy architecture forming a symbol of Hoi An temples. Covered Bridge, also known as Japanese pagoda, is delicately and elaborately carved across the creek that empties into the Thu Bon River. There is a wooden statue of Bac De Tran Vo worshiping here, as expressing the aspirations for joy, happiness and peace of the people in the ancient land.

Play free at Vinpearland Nam Hoi An

If the ancient town of Hoi An brings you too many memories, if you want to change your mood, you can go to Vinpearland Nam Hoi An, you can freely play here.

Opened from the end of April 2018, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An offers visitors extremely new experiences. Coming to Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An, you have many tourist attractions, places to visit, amusement parks to satisfy you. Visitors can also experience the modern world with thrilling games – rare in the world such as the drop of the century from the record 85m drop, the whirlwind tourbillon, or the modern water music stage. Vinpearl Safari is an open zoo for tourism.

Bathing in An Bang beach

Not only the famous Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach is like a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Quang Nam. Especially in 2011, this beach was voted by the prestigious travel website CNN GO as one of the 50 most beautiful beaches in the world.

If you try once to come here, surely the wild but very peaceful beauty of An Bang will captivate you. Imagine you are relaxing on a chair under a hut, enjoying a glass of cool coconut water, looking out at the green beach and listening to the soothing sound of the waves. What could be more wonderful than the moment of letting go of all worries to enjoy precious moments of relaxation like that?

Take a cyclo to see the old town

If you are afraid of walking or cycling, you should choose cyclo as a means of transportation to explore Hoi An ancient town. Cyclo has become a famous “brand”, known by many tourists, not forgotten like other places.

Sitting on a cyclo driven by the locals themselves, they will show you the history and culture here. The enthusiastic, warm people will welcome you with the most sincere feelings. This will be quite an interesting experience for you.

Enjoy the world’s best banh mi in Hoi An

Hoi An bread was commented by David Farley – a BBC reporter specializing in travel and cuisine as “the best sandwich in the world”. Slices of fragrant grilled pork, pate, cucumber and vegetables and typical meat sauce make Hoi An bread extremely delicious and attractive.

In the old town, there are two very famous noodle shops, Phuong bread (on Phan Chau Trinh street) and Madam Khanh bread (Tran Cao Van street). If you come to Hoi An, you must definitely enjoy banh mi here, otherwise you will regret it.

Strolling the night market in the old town

With more than 40 stalls, stretching on a street about 300 meters long, Hoi An night market is a place where visitors enjoy shopping, with all kinds of goods, from traditional lanterns to all colors. Designs, to the pretty trays, handicrafts, Thanh Ha pottery, fabrics, silk… and also the famous dishes of Hoi An such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, black sesame tea …

Hoi An night market is open from 5pm to 11pm. Many tourists often walk here at night. The most famous address of Hoi An night market that you should visit is Nguyen Hoang night market opposite Chua Cau.

Play Bai Choi guild

Another interesting experience when coming to Hoi An is participating in the Bai Choi festival. This is a familiar playground for locals and tourists. In the evenings, after taking a walk, you should return to the courtyard by the Hoai River bridge to enjoy the ancient melodies of the bowl of huts.

Bai Choi has also become an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, so you must visit the Bai Choi festival once to feel the culture of Vietnam.

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