Traditional craft villages reappear at Hanoi Tourism Festival 2022

Bamboo and rattan products, conical hats, horn combs… attract the attention of many tourists participating in the 2022 Hanoi Tourism Festival.

Various products from bamboo and rattan and conical hats are available at this festival. In the past, bamboo and rattan products were mainly used for daily life such as baskets, baskets, gradually, sieves, bags, boxes…

Up to now, with many years of mutual development, this material has been created into many products such as rattan plates, rattan baskets, decorations, lampshades, curtains, portrait paintings, landscapes, ….

Conical hats of various sizes and colors are displayed in front of the Ly Thai To monument area. Through the hands of artisans, conical hats preserve the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people.

Visitors take pictures with products made from bamboo and rattan.


Horn combs used to be indispensable items for most people in the northern provinces.

From rough horns, but through skillful hands and creative imaginations, the craftsmen have produced a series of sophisticated products such as picture frames, art photos, dragon phoenixes, spoon lips. …

Lacquer lacquer products, from traditional groups such as parallelogram diaphragms, Buddha statues, etc., meet the tastes and needs of domestic and foreign customers such as bowls, plates, flowerpots, trays, paintings, and mosaics. …

Rubber sandals are typical evidence for the personality and a arduous process of Vietnamese soldiers. Up to now, rubber sandals have been designed in more modern designs, more convenient to approach young people and international friends.

The Hanoi Tourism Festival 2022 is chaired and organized by the Hanoi Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion (HPA) in collaboration with departments, sectors and businesses with the desire to introduce tourist destinations. Hanoi calendar with attractive products and services to friends from other countries. Participating in this festival, Vietnam Airlines’ booth offers combos with promotions including flight tickets, hotels, taxes and fees.

Hanoi Tourism Festival 2022 will take place from May 13 to 15 on the occasion of the 31st SEA Games. This is a golden opportunity to introduce Hanoi tourist destination and attractive tourism products and services to friends. countries.

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