9 experiences in Sapa recommended by foreigners

Tyler Wildeck, a Canadian reporter, suggests that tourists should visit Tram Ton, admire the scenery on the top of Fansipan, go to the local market…

With a view down to the deep valleys, O Quy Ho Pass (Tram Ton Heaven Gate) is a recommended place for Western tourists who want to go backpacking. There are many scenic spots here, famous for being the Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge or Sapa Heaven Gate. O Quy Ho Pass is nearly 50 km long, located on Highway 4D, starting from Sapa with a third on the Lao Cai side, the remaining two thirds in Lai Chau, ending at Tam Duong junction. The pass is also called Hoang Lien Son because it crosses the Hoang Lien range; or May Pass because it is covered by clouds all year round, even in summer. Photo: @travelingwithsmile/Instagram

Climbing Fansipan peak – the roof of Indochina, is a must-try experience for tourists who love to conquer. The best time is from February to April when the azaleas are in full bloom. The Travel believes that, wandering along the trails, visitors can see the mountain slopes, sea of ​​clouds, mountains and forests dotted with azaleas… Photo: Unsplash

The cable car system to the top of Fansipan in Sa Pa holds the world record for the difference between departure and arrival stations (1,410 m). Each cabin can accommodate 30-25 guests, large glass windows make it easy for visitors to enjoy the scenery, film, and take photos. This is a simpler experience for those who cannot climb Fansipan on their own. Photo: Unsplash

The rattan bridge in Giang Ta Chai village crosses the green stream, each wooden stick is about 20 cm apart. Crossing this bridge is a “floating in the clouds” experience as it can be a bit wobbly, and the view into the water below is nerve-wracking, unforgettable. Photo: @natashanma/Instagram

Muong Hoa valley is one of the most check-in places in Sapa. From here, visitors can see the terraced fields – typical of Sapa and the northern mountains. You should stay here for one night to experience the life and learn the cultural identity of the H’Mong, Dao and Tay people. Photo: @shawn_liew/Instagram

Visiting Sapa market is the easiest way to experience the local culture and cuisine. Located next to the bus station, the market is very busy. A memorable experience is interacting with locals, “bidding” the items you intend to buy. The specialty to try is Thang Co and the easy-to-find souvenir is brocade. Photo: @eco_palmshouse/Instagram

Cat Cat village is one of the oldest villages of Sa Pa, now it has been touristized, has many beautiful check-in points and has many restaurants. You can easily catch sight of small streams, women weaving colorful brocade cloths and recreating other traditional customs and practices. Photo: Trung Nghia

With an altitude of more than 1,800 m, at Ham Rong peak, visitors can enjoy the panoramic beauty of Sapa town. In the evening, this place is suitable for visitors who like the art of light in the moment when the street lights up, the whole town is engulfed in clouds. To go up Ham Rong mountain, visitors have to go to the central square, walk behind the church and climb the steps. Photo: Bui Xuan Viet

Wandering around the Stone Church area is a familiar experience for visitors every time Sapa lights up. In front of this Gothic-style church is a small square, always filled with a festive atmosphere. Here, tourists can choose to wear traditional costumes and participate in unique cultural activities. However, the best time to visit the church is in the early morning because visitors can observe the giant cross shining as the sun rises over the horizon. Photo: Ngan Duong
Walking around the square is a familiar experience for visitors every time Sapa lights up. The small square is always full of festive atmosphere. Here, tourists can choose to wear traditional costumes and participate in unique cultural activities. The best time to visit the church is early in the morning, when the sun rises, illuminating the giant cross

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